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  1. To start off, I'd like to thank each and everyone on Owl Gaming for making my stay memorable. Howdy ya'll, it's Faizan_Takashi here. I've joined the community on May 16th, 2015. My first character was Javier Lopez who was CK'ed in a High-Speed-Unit evade back in 2015. I then registered Celia Marina, and been roleplaying on it since. I've come across great people on this server, the admin team is just phenomenally good. My stay here for almost 4 years has been awesome. However, I've gotten banned 9 times and over 20 ajails but yet I was given chances. I felt bored of GTA:SA so I had to quit it. My character used to roleplay around cars mainly, hence was a part of the racing faction that I've forgotten the name off. Later on, she moved to SACMA, then LSIA and so many more. My experience here was truly a blast, and my last login was JULY 31, 2018. I might return to the server at some point if needed. This post is just a THANK YOU to WHOEVER has been my friend, all the admins and the rest of the staff. If you do remember me by any chance, please comment or quote me with a memory of us two. Love you all.
  2. Name: Speedismypassion Comment: 2slow4umate
  3. Name: Thundercat Comment: https://www.mbusa.com/mercedes/vehicles/model/class-G/model-G65W4 Bruh this shit 222k online, why scammin? Idiot ass, try something else.
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