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  1. Name: Thundercat Bid: 32,000$
  2. Name: Thundercat Bid: 82,500$
  3. Thundercat

    Car - 1994 Supra Toyota [ENDS: 29/04/2018]

    Name: Thundercat Bid: 22,000$
  4. Name: Thundercat Bid: 77,500$
  5. Thundercat

    A.R.D.A - Stand up to RICERS!

    I am a good mechanic cant build classics for you tho, can do 1990+ cars
  6. Thundercat

    [SOLD] Car - 2017 Nissan GTR [ENDS: 7-5-2018]

    Name: Thundercat Bid: 83,000$
  7. Thundercat

    Application - Celia_Marina

    Name: Celia Marina Phone Number: 601071 Age: 32 Education & Degrees: University of Los Santos - Automotive Engineering. The position you want to apply for (multiple can be selected): LSMA (Los Santos Motorsport Association) Event Marshall (no previous experience needed) What makes you more suitable for this task than others?: I am a lady of my words. I am very careful when working with others and I give a lot of time to my responsibilities so they can be fulfilled in no time. I am a person who can take anything bad and turn it into good with my knowledge. I have decent amount of knowledge about LSMA and about the position I am applying for. I take my task very seriously so that it's perfect when it ends. Do you have any previous experience in motorsport and the position you are applying for?: Yes, I have been an Event Marshall in SACMA before, still got that badge. I have a lot of technical knowledge about cars (( can provide logs if the Technical Marshall position is open. )) I am applying for the position "Event Marshall". ((OOC INFORMATION)) In-Game Username: Celia Marina Forum Username: FazzyFaizan HoursPlayed (Account total): 746 hours Timezone: GMT +4, United Arab Emirates.
  8. Thundercat

    Other - Car Parts [ENDS: 08/04/2018]

    Name: Thundercat Bid: Starting.
  9. Thundercat

    Car - 2013 Mercedes Benz SL63 AMG [ENDS: 8th of April, 2018.]

    The C63 AMG has been sold and now, only the SL63 AMG is remaining. Place your BID now!
  10. Thundercat

    Car - 2013 Mercedes Benz SL63 AMG [ENDS: 8th of April, 2018.]

    Won. Sent you a text to claim it.

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