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  1. Demon1

    Tribute to X...

    i hope harambe bites x's dick off
  2. Demon1

    Tribute to X...

  3. Demon1

    Second /Status?

    No I do not want to go bowling cousin!
  4. Demon1

    Car - 2004 Mazdaspeed Miata [SOLD]

    how much is .000?
  5. Demon1

    Happy Eid

    Happy New Year to you too buddy!
  6. No rp being knocked out when ur low HP or /do when dead but u won't see anything but /do's
  7. Demon1

    Skin issues.

    I mean if u create or someone creates u a skin that's id 193 u can wear it but u cannot wear purchased ones
  8. Demon1

    [Items] - /call [contact name]

    Well it is realistic because these new phones with siri and samsung's voice, u can just say " Siri Call [name] " without going through the whole contacts but the phones get names wrong because technology +1
  9. Name: monica Bid: 40000
  10. Name: super nice Bid: 30.000

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