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  1. NPC Dealerships should stay because it would be unfair as fuck to make new characters wait till the 1st or the 15th to get a car just so they can move about (because as we know public transport jobs are barely used). Not going to go into details regarding the whole VT stuff because ya
  2. Before I was Trial Scripter I did some changes to fishing system that made fishes an item. The original plan I had was to allow you to fish from shore but issue is it was either A. use colshapes or B. try somehow test if you was near water. The testing if you was near water kinda worked but had some faults in someparts of the map and colshapes is a whole different story. Defo do-able just requires finding the best method.
  3. Wouldn't be the greatest idea, would require us to create somesort of login for each character and allow a external site to access the database for the bank values/faction values which I feel isn't a good idea. You can already see your bank values via the UCP anyway, if you need to transfer funds it doesn't take long to pop ingame and do it.
  4. Loving the new picture mate really brings out your inner self.


    Hope you have a good christmas this year.


    Love Junitt

    1. JohnM


      shut the fuck up

  5. hello I'm hosting a PJ day with niece and nephew in the coming weeks are you able to attend? Lady PJ will be there

    1. Mogs


      yes of crouse

    2. Unitts


      Okay well shes coming over at 10 so hurry up

  6. Happy Birthday benard carter

  7. "Your honor, Surely someone under such a high dosage of medication wouldn't have even been a fit state to give a witness statement. The prosecution feels its relevant to mention that the witness was a passenger of the Mr Whitefield's vehicle and openly admitted in witness statements "I wanted to see how fast it went, so I kinda..  Told him to hit it..". The prosecution feels this is a clear indication that Mr Saitou is withdrawing his statement to benefit Mr. Whitefield. Due to the circumstances your honor the prosecution feels the witness statement should stick." (( @Zebulon @Wright @TheNeonGuy ))
  8. About a month late but heres some screenshots!
  9. Unitts


    Hiya, Need someone to tick the box that allows MTA Lead Developers to post here: https://forums.owlgaming.net/forum/1602-grand-theft-auto-san-andreas/ so joe unit can do some more dev blogs
  10. username: frazz comment: big up the boys
  11. cannot confirm or deny same here pal, with you there
  12. defo know you and @Mogs are ticking the gay box
  13. So I've been looking over the execution of the character kill and I do have some questions. @DrJoseEviI it was nighttime right, what initialised you to go over to the bush? Because I've recieved some screenshots that shows you was well up on the road when @DarkGlasses was hiding behind/in the bush. Can you comment more about this? Also do you happen to have a video of the situation so I can see the entire execution of it? Regarding the CK reasoning I'm still looking into the details. I'm sorry for the delay @DarkGlasses but been reading over everything and discussing with administrators.
  14. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 1973 Vehicle brand: Chevrolet Vehicle make: El Camino VIN: 21457 Mileage: 114747 Description: Chevrolet El Camino in lovely condition Images Starting bid: $5,000 Minimum increase: $1,250 Buyout: $20,000 Auction end date: 31/05/2019 Contact details: Will message auction winner!
  15. you're an absolute shitebag p.s you smell
  16. Hello, I'll be handling this appeal. I'll reply shortly after I’ve reviewed everything.
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