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  1. heard u got a dog that true

    1. JohnM


      your mates not giving you attention or wha


  2. Lifes in ruins, cats dead
  3. whos active then

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    2. Unitts
    3. Heaton


      Hope its soon plus try joining b4 peak time usually you'll not find a slot in the server

    4. Unitts




      Hello please stop being TOXIC about my favorite gaming community im an OwlGAMER

  4. Congrats donator of month xxx

  5. Anyone seen dylanw

    1. dylzion


      Nah, last I heard got kidnapped by the New Mexican Cartel. @Unitts

    2. Unitts
    3. Script
  6. you still banned? lol

  7. I reckon you'll get admin now dylan, give it ago mate
  8. If any of the old pals fancy a catchup hmu on the new discord arite Unitts#1234

    1. Script


      hey pal. good to see you alive and well

  9. Any good songs going

  10. This guy is the same guy who filled my email with merge request comments
  11. hope ur well

    1. EPICxNUTS


      joe unitt

  12. Hope everyones well lol

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    2. Unitts


      @Krakkfaen tesco city where I LIVE 

    3. Krakkfaen


      yeah think i saw you there next summer you know with the nice hat and ber alcoholic beverage

    4. Unitts


      @Krakkfaen i'm already out enjoying the cold bevvies 

  13. Happy to be back at OWL GAMING one last time to be apart of such an amazing team xxxx Really made my wish EDIT: we're the original non cringe gaming clan, best thing since Optic and FaZe clAn
  14. Some screenshots I've collected from the final day of Owl MTA:
  15. Good times won't be forgotten! Some screenshots/media I have floating about imgur of my time on Owl MTA!
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