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  1. Fixed. Example: https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/108856-security-officer-permit-sdasdasd/
  2. Done @DrJoseEviI it'll go to a new section. https://forums.owlgaming.net/forms/123-cpql-security-officer-permit-application-ic-v/
  3. @Chaos there we go mate, custom int uploads please ta
  4. cathedral city cheese is the greatest cheese in the world, it goes well with crackers or even a cheese and pickle sarnie.

    1. DxRK


      heard you use your beard as a ghillie suit 

  5. You're all overcomplicating it, we just need a thing like Pizza Stacks in V honestly open all the time with a stocked NPC
  6. dunno what the obsession of modified cars are seen about 30 people now moaning about mechanics. This will probably be a thing one day tho
  7. Looking good keep this up
  8. Example of this is Pizza Stacks in MTA, everyone would hang out there but when a player ran place opened everyone went off to them :)
  9. Honestly you can suck my arse any day of the week just get me a happy meal

    1. DxRK


      three wings and chips boss man

  10. Yeah this is a decent suggestion
  11. If you name is ThatGuy you're a confirmed nonce

  12. if you have an anime profile picture you're a nonce

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    2. Script


      things you dont hear every day

    3. PriestlyWays
    4. DxRK


      Get rid of the mongs

  13. okay, as long as government doesn't time travel back to 1933 then sounds good to me.
  14. This ^ I don't feel this topic needs to be further discussed, this thread should be locked imo.
  15. that wont revive MTA but ok, banned players are banned because they don't care and break rules hence why they're banned.
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