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  1. I still stand against this, I wouldn't mind NPC dogs for immersion but I don't think players should be RPing them.
  2. I feel this would be a good idea but it requires a few things in my opinion like others have mentioned. I feel we'd need a way to disable the link incase a senario happens where a player steals a car and RP's finding and disconnecting the device. If this was included with the feature that would be neat. I completely agree with DX's comment here, I think maybe we should make the actual package an item that companies can install to vehicles instead of just giving everycar the ability to have a locator on it. This way it creates roleplay for all parties. I like the idea and think it should be a thing just my opinion on it.
  3. I feel the best solution would be to create a settings for the notification alert so the player can choose where the alert should show. My idea gives the player the choice of how they want their notifications to show :).
  4. This would be cool but as already mentioned For now this could be done, however I'd like to see this in the near feature because like you said in RP situations its faster
  5. If this was to be a thing I don't think it should just give gamecoins out, it should work more on an interest based system so people who have already got GCs then that would be a cool idea. Quite an irrelevant comment but in my expirence i've recently seen Chaos offer gamecoins out to people who've produced content for Owl aka videos.
  6. Would be cool ngl, could even create roleplay of people trapped at sea :P
  7. No there is a one way ticket to let weebs do what they want
  8. Yeah why not, we have it on MTA
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