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  1. Grind is on soon on my end boys
  2. @zoezoegigantic this looks great btw, take this far as I can defo see CCTV being a thing people RP in the coming months now we have furniture
  3. Hey @Cameron It appears the enable clientside c# file isn't being found, we have section on this on our docs which can be found here: http://docs.owlgaming.net/tutorials/troubleshooting_joining_v.html#enable-clientside-cs If you've done this already and still not working lemme know
  4. happy birthday then

    1. Chaos


      Cheers mate, you're the first one in the world

  5. Idk /supervise was kinda pointless as everyone just used /disappear. I'd prefer /disappear over /supervise.
  6. This would be a cool addition.
  7. Cool feature but dont think it's urgently needed in my opinion.
  8. Done @ResidentPeach
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