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  1. This ^ I don't feel this topic needs to be further discussed, this thread should be locked imo.
  2. that wont revive MTA but ok, banned players are banned because they don't care and break rules hence why they're banned.
  3. I don't think the parking is an issue as such I think it's just certain areas of the map has poor parking, I've not ran into any issues yet myself with vehicles despawning due to parking
  4. Unitts

    Vehicles IRL?

    God isn't real please behave I drive a 2002 four door clio dont have any photos on my phone right this second but il post some up soon
  5. Behave Behave Looking forward to the Q&A hopefully it's a good turn out and gets peoples questions answered!
  6. My honest opinion is time will tell, as others have said it's still early days. As discovered in the era of MTA the flashy features are like waving candy in front of a child. You can roleplay on the current script fine it's just sadly its features that make people interested, once features roll out they'll be some improvements.
  7. Hey mate instructions are on our website https://owlgaming.net
  8. Anyone wanna start a Minecraft RP server with me

    1. Script
    2. DetectedStorm


      UnittsRP - The Only Minecraft Text-Based Roleplay

  9. here we go this threads gonna turn into a 3 page discussion now
  10. Today I had a potnoodle

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Unitts



    3. Lewis


      Banging mate. Don't add any water, tastes better.

    4. Unitts


      love the powder taste

  11. I still stand against this, I wouldn't mind NPC dogs for immersion but I don't think players should be RPing them.
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