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  1. Name: Daniel Comment: Looks a good car, good read as well
  2. Yea, i passed the project to @SjoerdPSV as I'm busy with working on maintaining the MTA code base. Sjoerd is currently on holiday tho x
  3. you alright

    1. ResidentPeach


      scranning a thai sweet chilli naked noodle and i'm full on boking 🤢

    2. ResidentPeach
    3. EvilScotsman
  4. name: eamon comment: think i'll buy one of these with my next winnings
  5. Welcome back sexy
  6. what you doing lads
  7. This was done. Moving to Implemented.
  8. Next update pal staged The idea of the thread was more guided towards non suggested suggestions, but I know what you're like so no clue why i'm giving you the attention. I'll be working on accepted suggestions as well.
  9. Quick fix for this one, I can do it now.
  10. We tried this in the past but never got good ideas for how to do the effects. If you have further ideas for each drug effect please PM me! hmm defo
  11. Not really what I was asking for, if you have an idea then suggest it if not then don't
  12. Hiya. I'm looking to work on features for MTA that will impact roleplay and gameplay positively, what would you wanna see? You can link previous script suggestions or suggest new ideas below! Features that are accepted I'll post updates on this thread of progress with them!
  13. Name: JimBob Comment: Odds on these being off back of lorry, dirty thief
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