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  1. *Auctioneer has disabled comments.* (( Do not comment further. ))
  2. There is more in the works from my side, I just don’t wanna share it in this post as it’s in a really early stage 🙊
  3. Yeah deleting speedcameras you need to be in the gas station my dude
  4. MTA Development Blog #1 Introduction Hello and welcome to the first Development Update/Blog post for the Multi Theft Auto server. These development updates will work similar to the V updates where I will showcase features, improvements and some behind the screens stuffs the scripting team are working on for the Multi Theft Auto server. Let’s begin this update with showing off some upcoming features! ANPR System Recently @SjoerdPSV began working on a automatic number plate recognition system. The system adds ANPR checkers at each toll booth and also adds an ‘ANPR’ item which can be placed inside of LSPD cruisers. The ANPR system also adds a new section within the MDC where LSPD Officers can now add plates to which the ANPR scanners will look out for. Here is a screenshot of what the tolls triggering ANPR looks like: Vehicle Library Improvements A few months ago I began working on Improvements for the vehicle library due to the way it grabs the data and sends it to the client. The vehicle library has now been improved and also now has a search feature! Below are some screenshots of the improvement! Election Improvements As of recent there has been some backend improvements to the way the election script works, sadly these isn’t a flashy feature or anything but the new improvements allow the election system to be managed without Scripting Team involvement. There hasn’t been many public interface changes to elections but here's a screenshot of the manager GUI! Wearables The original idea came from Portside to have wearables in OwlGaming. After the split between Portside and the Scripting Team, Yannick decided to pick up the idea. Here’s his story: “After the split, I decided to pick it up. I had to start with clearing all the unnecessary functions and code that was in first. And yes, this was a pain in the ass. After I managed to get some clear sight on the script, I started with new features and upgrades to the code. As I had a lot of other things besides Owl, I didn’t really had the time to do it quick. After I managed to patch everything up, I decided to submit it for review. As I was at that time busy with my university, I didn’t really had the time to look into it. After looking into our Gitlab, I noticed I had over 40 discussions on the script. These were mainly code issues, but bugs as well. As I didn’t have a lot of time, these took ages to solve. Then I started working on it in between my lessons. As I didn’t had bug testers, I got help from DrJoseEvil. He was the guy that helped me out finding bugs and making new wearables, shoutout to him for that! So yeah, we’ve had this up’s and down’s with wearables. Let's say this script took us a year, while it could be done way quicker. Anyway, I hope this can be released soon. It needs a bit more code review before it can be dropped. In the meantime, enjoy the screenshots.” Changes to shops In the background I’ve been working on changes to the way shop system works, this includes how custom shops charge the store owner and also a new feature which allows players to add their own shop NPC’s based on the NPC limitation rule. Custom shops will be changing so you don’t have to pay them an hourly rate, instead they will take a percentage of the item on sale but will also require a minimum number of items within the store. Custom shop NPC’s will also cost a fee to install, this will be handled via the shop manager that I’ve created, I’ve attached a video & screenshots below that showcases this. There will be more media for this to come, there isn’t any new UI changes to the actual custom shop windows as of yet. (Maybe in a future dev update ) Bug fixes While we’ve not been working on features some of us have been working on bug fixes for various bugs found in the server. If you do find a bug on OwlGaming please report it at https://bugs.owlgaming.net OR use the Bug Reporter tab in F1. Looking to contribute? The scripting team is always looking for new talent, if you have a decent understanding of MTASA Lua & MySQL please complete the Scripter Qualification Test and Forum PM it to @Chaos . Final Notes Thanks to @Chaos, @Yannick, @Eloquent and @SjoerdPSV for all contributing to help the continuing development of OwlGaming MTA. Just as a side note the Script Update will be following this soon. Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team

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  7. Los Santos Auction House - Business Property Type: Business Address: Fall Street, Angel Pine Description: Basic lockup garage, has CCTV & Alarm systems installed. Exterior Images: Interior Images: Starting Bid: $10,000 Minimum Increase: $200 Buyout: $25,000 Auction ends: 18th of May Contact Information: 323 096
  8. "Your honor, The prosecution would like to request if the defense could provide further evidence to back the reasoning behind their motion for the Witness Statement. " (( @Zebulon ))
  9. "You honor, on the 21st of April, 2019 Master Trooper Bruce Richards was patrolling on Pasadena boulevard when a white 2018 BMW F90 M5 was spotted overtaking another vehicle at high rates of speed before passing Trooper Richard's cruiser. Richards immediately made u-turn and engaged his lights and sirens in an attempt to chase the vehicle, but the driver, David Whitefield, increased his speed even more after noticing the cruiser. In an attempt to lose the Trooper, the driver took a northbound turn onto Giggles street while still traveling at high rates of speed which led the vehicle to collide with the sidewalk and a pole. rooper Richards quickly arrived following the crash and requested fire and medical for the driver and passenger. Whitefield was taken to the hospital for recovery where the staff were instructed to keep him there until he was discharged by Trooper Richards. In addition, the suspect was released from SEMC by an LSPD Sergeant the day following, despite having zero involvement in the investigation. David Whitefield was later apprehended." (( @Zebulon @Wright ))
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