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  1. Next Event

    Toxic Gas would be dope
  2. There is a reason why owl is limited to just Imgur, maybe a scripter can share some insight
  3. The Bike Den

  4. Vostok Corp vs Martin Shelby

    (( @Urshankov ))
  5. [YouTube] Charlotte Charpentier - Loco

    Name: Benjamin Comment @Nicholas Pratt (( @JohnM ))
  6. Freshly Local

    nice stuff
  7. Vostok Corp vs Logan Smoke

    *Zachary Stepanov raises his hand, showing himself present.* "Zachary Stepanov present your honor, representing the plaintiff." (( @Urshankov @Zebulon @BremboBG ))

  9. Be cool to have a socket for glovebox and Center console
  10. Vostok Corp vs Logan Smoke

    *Zachary Stepanov walks into the courtroom, taking a seat at the plaintiff's desk.*
  11. Vostok Corp vs Logan Smoke

    SUPERIOR COURT OF SAN ANDREAS Civil Petition Court of San Andreas, District of Los Santos Vostok Corp Versus Logan Smoke Subpart 1. Accusation. In the matter of this civil petition, Vostok Corp on the April 13th, 2018, accuses Logan Smoke of: Breach of Contract Fraud Subpart 2. Demands. The plaintiff, Vostok Corp demands the following: $25,000.00 USD in legal fees. Two (2) “Armored Mercedes Benz Cash-in trucks” or Monetary Value Equivalent One (1) 2018 Ford Raptor or Monetary Value Equivalent Subpart 3. Narrative. On Monday, April 9th, 2018, Logan Smoke, on behalf of ‘VIP Security” engaged in a contract of sale whereby “VIP Security” and all of it’s assets (as listed in Exhibit A by Mr. Smoke), and employees were to come under the control of the Vostok Corporation. On the 12th of April, Mr. Zinvor Razmik, COO of Vostok Corporation, noticed an advertisement, indicating the sale of one of those assets publicly, which had yet to be transferred to Vostok Corporation’s control. This raised the suspicion of Mr. Razmik who contacted Leon Carter, the would-be seller, and was informed that the property was not Mr. Smoke’s to initially sign over under VIP Security. At this time, Mr. Razmik became suspicious of the previously agreed transfers being made and contact the Los Santos Police Department. Officer Woods responded and assisted in brokering a deal whereby Mr. Carter sold the property to Mr. Smoke, who in turn handed it over to Vostok Corporation. Despite this, Mr. Smoke has refused to offer any evidence to conclude that the other assets of VIP security including two armored cars exist. Vostok Corporation is seeking to attain either the vehicular assets owed by Mr. Smoke, or monetary equivalent. Subpart 4. Evidence. Exhibit A Exhibit B - Contract of Sale Exhibit C - Emails Exchanged. Subpart 6. Ancillary Information. Defendant Legal Representation: N/A Plaintiff Legal Representation: Vostok Law Services Contact Information: 455578 Presiding Judge: X Subpart 7. Declaration. I, Zachary Stepanov, affirm that the foregoing is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge and belief. (( @Zebulon @BremboBG ))

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