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  1. Looking forward contacting an experienced lawyer

    *Forwards the advert to Gavin Martinez* @GamerX27
  2. I present to you, the carrying script...

    Ah, thats probably why it was disabled then
  3. I present to you, the carrying script...

    Saw this in the Owl Leak a little while ago, looks a really cool feature so don't see why its noted out.
  4. [Inertia 30 on modified vehicles] - Remove

    Lol you need to grow up, the rule is fine and nobody abuses vehicle stats. Dunno why you’ve turned this into a discussion of UAT, PD or VT abusing, either way makes you look sad so sort it out.
  5. Los Malvados X3

    Dam, didn't know people took this sorta RP to that level
  6. Hello

    the number of people on here pretending to be super nice smh... anyhow welcome.
  7. Public Enemy No. 1

    Yeah lemme RP the one arm transgender that has body pillows of anime girls
  8. Los Malvados X3

  9. Crimstone Hoover Mafia

    @Tidemo You look good tied up and in a trunk
  10. GAT Update - January 24th, 2018

    congrats tho @Script
  11. 8, Palin Street

    Name: Gogglebox Comment: Grow up, in this world people buy and sell things to make profit
  12. Show yourself!


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