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  1. [STATE] The People v. Nick Deimous

    *A document would be passed into the courtroom and placed on the defendant's desk.* *Nicolas stands up from the defendant's desk as he begins to speak.* "Your honor, I have received the recording I requested. As you can hear in the recording there were two calls regarding the situation in Sun Street, this can explain why Mr. Demious responded in his duty car and not a coroner unit, he wanted to examine the situation before other units arrived, as you can tell by the recording listed as Exhibit 2 the van was also on its way as Mr.Demious tried to examine the body." *Nicolas sits back down into his seat.* (( @ThatGuy @Brett ))
  2. [STATE] The People v. Nick Deimous

    (( Nothing currently, I'll PM it directly to the people instead.))
  3. [General] - vehicle malfunction script

    No, If people want to roleplay vehicle break downs then they can already.
  4. [STATE] The People v. Nick Deimous

    "Thank you." SUPERIOR COURT OF SAN ANDREAS Subpoena Duces Tectum ORDER TO ATTEND COURT OR PROVIDE DOCUMENTS Court of San Andreas, District of Los Santos Subpart 1. Summary. Dear Los Santos Fire Department, This is a formal notification of request to attend, provide information to, or perform actions pertaining to an ongoing criminal or civil investigation. You are asked to perform the items checked below in an expedient and effective manner. ☒ - Attend the hearing. ☒ - Attend the hearing and bring all items checked in below. ☑ - Provide a copy of these items to court. Subpart 2. Listed Items. Dispatch Recording The dispatch recording on the date September 14, 2017, including incoming 911's within the time frame of 20 minutes before Mr. Deimous arrived on scene. Item 2. N/A, Subpart 3. Magistrate Signature. Katherine Vanderbilt You are asked to complete this request within seventy-two (72) hours. Please be reminded, failure to properly respond to subpoena will result in being held in contempt of court. (( @Franco @Urshankov - Admin might need to get logs, idk ))
  5. [STATE] The People v. Nick Deimous

    "Your honor, the evidence provided already does not show anything regarding any sort of call to the emmergancy service line. My client says he was responding to a 911 call before any sort of contact made by the Los Santos Police Department." (( @ThatGuy @Brett ))
  6. [STATE] The People v. Nick Deimous

    "Your honor the reason why I want the dispatch recording is to prove that my client was responding to multiple calls regarding an injured suspect on Sun Street, this subpoena can prove he was responding to multiple calls." (( @Brett @ThatGuy ))
  7. [STATE] The People v. Nick Deimous

    *Calls over a guard as he gives the document to the guard before instructing him to give it to the judge.* "Your honor, I would like to file this Subpoena."
  8. Wah Ching

    Good luck
  9. [General] Fishing System

    Sure, send me a message on discord Unitts#0967
  10. [STATE] The People v. Rebecca Zicardi

    "Your Honor, my client wishes to plead not guilty to all charges against her." (( @ThatGuy @Zebby ))
  11. [STATE] The People v. Nick Deimous

    "Defense is present, your honor" (( @ThatGuy @Brett ))
  12. [General] Fishing System

    Owl already has this, you click the rod item in your inventory
  13. [General] Fishing System

    Owl has a resource called artifacts for placing the fishing rod in the hand, just taking a look at it you can check if they're wearing the artifact using 'exports.artifacts:isPlayerWearingArtifact(thePlayer, "rod")' I think, not too sure though as never played around with this directly.

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