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  1. Name: CF Comment: Good luck to your campaign, if the support for businesses are there you have my vote for sure!
  2. Happy Birthday baby 

    1. EPICxNUTS


      gunna make me squidge 

  3. I've cleaned up the thread, wise up @ToyYoda
  4. (( @EvilScotsman the outcome of a ticket might change a lot of the evidence in this case. I'm going to read through the outcome and work out where to continue from as some parts of the evidence have been voided.))
  5. https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/103498-fisher-security-special-security-offer/
  6. Here at Fisher Security, we offer many services such as: Wired CCTV Installation Wireless CCTV Installation Remote Monitoring Installation Metal Detector Installation Inspection and action plan for new installs Maintenance and repairs Fisher Security is offering a ONE TIME offer, all orders till the 1st April will be 25% OFF! To get your free quote email [email protected] (( Unitts on the Forums ))
  7. Inventory Updated, If you're interested in any of our current stock please email [email protected] (( Forum PM me ))
  8. Poll has been closed. Saturday the 23rd is the winner, I'll post an announcement thread nearer the time.
  9. This ^ Also poll will close slightly earlier so we have enough time to announce the date. Poll will close on the 14th now.
  10. @ResidentPeach your bulldozer antics lmfaooooo
  11. Chaos updated the forum plugin so this should be fixed @Theory I know quite a few people have mentioned since the plugin update it works again for them.
  12. As our planned changes to custom stores should help with these concerns at this time we will deny this script suggestion. Eloquents replies are pretty much the main reason for this.
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