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  1. "Your honor, May I begin questioning?" (( @Urshankov ))
  2. "Your honor the witness is the source of the 911 call, its completely relevant." (( @Urshankov @Wright ))
  3. "The prosecution wishes to set the bail amount for $6,250 and for his license to be suspended until a verdict has been reached." "Your honor the Prosecution would like to call Norman K. Keeler (( @Shanks )) to the stand. (( @Urshankov @Wright ))
  4. OwlGaming Game Night #3 - Date & Game Poll Hello, Me and Yannick are organising a game night for the community. We've added a poll to the post so the community can decide between the three games and the three dates to when this will be held. Please use the poll feature on the post to vote.
  5. Unitts

    Tankyani Akhperutyun

    Good luck
  6. 👌😂👌😂👌😂👌😂👌😂👌😂
  7. EPix 👏 the 👏 MTA 👏 bug 👏 tester
  8. He meant can, we changed it so admin+ (not trials) can pick up CCWP weapons
  9. "Your Honor, The Prosecution would like to review Exhibit 1 again. within this Exhibit you can see that Mr. Walker's vehicle is lane splitting, speeding and attempted to overtaking Mr. Nikolaou's. This constitutes Felony Public Endangerment. In the case The People V. Huw Edwards Justin Ross determined that Felony Public Endangerment required an acute risk such as the defendant driving dangerously around other vehicles. Dale Walker's actions qualify as Felony Public Endangerment utilising this precedents. Furthermore the Prosecution doesn't see a statement from Mr. Nikolaou being feasible because Mr. Nikolaou's rights against self incrimination. Why would Mr. Nikolaou plead guilty to premeditated Felony Street Competition..? Because thats what happened." (( @Urshankov ))
  10. In future please use the script suggestion format but I agree with the points made by EDR and Croozerdog this isn't really important and doesn't stop you roleplaying rolled cigarettes.
  11. Unitts

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