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  1. Oh behave I'm not sitting on mta doing fuck all just to be there on the off chance of a report, if an admin is able to get in-game then they most probably will if you ask
  2. This thread is just gonna turn into a snowball of toxicity. If people are just generally acting out or breaking rules then just report them, admins will deal with it accordingly. Locked.
  3. shouldn't have sold ur pc spacko
  4. right you twats if you want scripted things forum PM me your ideas cheers joe
  5. Fixed. Example: https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/108856-security-officer-permit-sdasdasd/
  6. Done @DrJoseEviI it'll go to a new section. https://forums.owlgaming.net/forms/123-cpql-security-officer-permit-application-ic-v/
  7. @Chaos there we go mate, custom int uploads please ta
  8. cathedral city cheese is the greatest cheese in the world, it goes well with crackers or even a cheese and pickle sarnie.

    1. DxRK


      heard you use your beard as a ghillie suit 

  9. You're all overcomplicating it, we just need a thing like Pizza Stacks in V honestly open all the time with a stocked NPC
  10. dunno what the obsession of modified cars are seen about 30 people now moaning about mechanics. This will probably be a thing one day tho
  11. Looking good keep this up
  12. Example of this is Pizza Stacks in MTA, everyone would hang out there but when a player ran place opened everyone went off to them :)
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