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  1. Hello, I'll be handling this appeal. I'm gonna take a read through and I'll reply in a bit.
  2. ๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. This shouldn't be an issue, looked into making it splittable recently.
  4. Unitts

    [YouTube] Message to Max Brookes!

    name: HeyBro Comment: you wont do shit
  5. Unitts

    [YouTube] Message to Max Brookes!

    Name: HeyBro Comment: Youโ€™re a fat mong ahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha
  6. This. I believe it should toggle when there are at least 3 admins on duty and enough PD on duty.
  7. Unitts

    [Items] - /call [contact name]

    If the phone system supports only one contact name then this would work like others said. @Destroyed that could also be done, I think messages currently delete over time anyway though but don't quote me on that.
  8. Unitts

    Public Enemy No. 1

    Video of something we did
  9. Unitts

    Dinoco Ltd Press Release (13/28)

    name: Billy Mercado comment: fuck off scab
  10. The issue with removing RSHaul is a resource depend on it, for example, shops. if anything we should change it so it's like a faction and you get a wage + small bonus if you're under 15 hours per hour of doing it, that way we can remove money per drop (keep the points for driver promotions) and also promote other jobs such as Taxi, Bus Driver, etc.
  11. Unitts

    Newsletter - End of June 2018

    Great Stuff
  12. Unitts

    SAN Subforum

    No worries, enjoy.

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