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  1. love how i open the forums to someone taking my username lol, grow up you fucking sap

  2. Age: 24 (22nd of August 1996) Height: 178cm Weight: 60kg Young Life Growing up Logan was living in the deprived area of La Puerta, he was surrounded by poverty, drugs and violence. The start of Logan's school life was decent for him, however this was shortly to change. Through Logan's high school years he began running with the wrong crowd and he began to take and deal marijuana to other teens in the neighborhood. Moving into adulthood Logan continued to deal drugs around the La Puetra area, working small time to support himself and his family. *I know the character story is short but I'm planning to add to this as I roleplay in-game.*
  3. Books were pretty good though in MTA not just for RP sake but from an administrative standpoint. Example on my Cartel character I owned a heavy duty safe which had a ton of information that needed to be in the interior notes however due to the word limit all the information couldn't go in the admin note so all the information was put into a book which was stored outside of the interior walls so admins could check the interior note, see that there was a book and then go check the book. Also from an RP perspective books were good for jotting down notes ICly
  4. heard u got a dog that true

    1. JohnM


      your mates not giving you attention or wha


    2. tornstatue



    3. JohnM


      username change 

  5. Congrats donator of month xxx

  6. Anyone seen dylanw

    1. dylzion


      Nah, last I heard got kidnapped by the New Mexican Cartel. @Unitts

    2. tornstatue
    3. Script
  7. you still banned? lol

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