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  1. ZeroW

    Desperado Construction - Smith's Corporation

    ** UPDATE ** Hello lads, Desperado Construction is out with new huge announcment! It's been quite quiet here for a while, there's a new update of our new project that we ended few days ago! Project no. Sunset Boulevard, 2 We decided to buy an house from middle of the town, in Vinewood's district. Our mission with team was to re-create new water and isolation solutions to our projected house. That's what we got, a middle sized house in Temple. House before the renovation was in pretty bad condition since we decided to start with concrete filling onto the floor. Whole floor was filled with new concrete which has now multifunctional Uponor PE-X PIPE in the concrete. Uponor PE-X Pipe solution makes floor heating way easier with new SMATRIX design. Inner lining of the walls are filled fully with PAROC's wool. As well every type of water solutions would be sponsored by Uponor and Pipelife. Water fittings sponsored by General Fittings. We want to thank our glad customer Torey Toutorix (@vesipea) Pictures of our project Everything with soul C.E.O of Desperado Construction Signed - Andrei Rivera
  2. ZeroW

    Price's Specialties

    Glad to see so much great feedback!
  3. ZeroW

    Desperado Construction - Smith's Corporation

    Desperado Construction offers them clients high quality and complementary solutions for both internal and external decoration. Desperado Construction is interested in providing all kinds of finishing works, from the renovation of apartments to the finishing works in offices and warehouses. We do the works quickly and efficiently. In case you have problems – just contact us and together we will find a solution! Services: -Construction management -General construction -Facade works -Tiling -Laying and replacement of floors and repair of common flooring problems -Capital repairs of all kinds of washrooms and bathrooms -Other.. Contact information C.E.O - Andrei Rivera - 760008 C.O.O - Vassili Artjuhhin - 676791 Expert - Kent Wilson - 685897
  4. ZeroW

    Desperado Construction - Smith's Corporation

    Another huge announcement! From now on you can plan a meeting with us in Los Santos! Desperado Construction now has office in Los Santos and Montogomery!
  5. ZeroW

    Desperado Construction - Smith's Corporation

    ** UPDATE ** We're here for you with huge load of support We, Desperado Construction have big announcment to speak about. It's been quite quiet here at thread section but in reality we've been working hardly to improve ourselves to many. From now on, Desperado Construction is officially working under Smith's Corporation. Dear C.O.O Ethan Thompson (Smith's Corporation), Desperado Construction is glad for this opportunity to join a huge corporation like this. It's been quite rough lately to come up with any ideas to get structure in place. But from now on Desperado Construction is ready to take every job that we're getting. Many new good news coming up in this thread! C.E.O of D.C Andrei Rivera & C.O.O of Smith's Corporation Ethan Thompson shaking hands at D.C HeadQuarter Picture taken by - Mahmoud Bourega What's new? As well Desperado Construction thanks gladly JGC/Dinoco LTD for selling us two heavy machines to make our job easier! From now on we can balance every type of ground mostly. Heavy trucks like this make constructing always better! C.E.O of D.C Andrei Rivera & C.O.O of Smith's Corporation Ethan Thompson (with his heavytruck) starting trip from JGC's HQ Heading safely to D.C's HQ with our new machines Desperado Construction wants to thank everyone who's been with us! As well we want to improve our work to Smith's Corporation who took us under his large helping hand! Desperado Construction is now here with heavier power than we ever been!
  6. ZeroW

    Car - 2017 Model X P100D Tesla [ENDED]

    AUCTION HAS ENDED! Congratz to Bager ((@BremboBG)) Sending information via private message.
  7. ZeroW

    Where are you from?!

    Estonia - a country which is losing few millions to Latvia every second due alcohol price. Even finns are travelling now to Latvia for cheaper alcohol.
  8. ZeroW

    Car - 2017 Model X P100D Tesla [ENDED]

    Seems ok. STARTING BID STARTING FROM 90 grands. Currently leading - Private (( @karezta13 ))
  9. ZeroW

    Car - 2017 Model X P100D Tesla [ENDED]

    Being honest with people compared to someone.
  10. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 2017 Vehicle brand: Model X P100D Vehicle make: Tesla VIN: N/A Mileage: N/A Description: Selling a great car which has good performance. Tops around 190 KM/H, a good car for wealthy family/man. Reason for selling - literally staying in the garage without any movement. Images Starting bid: $95,000 Minimum increase: $1,500 Buyout: $120,000 Auction end date: 18/07/2018 Contact details: **WOULD BE GIVEN TO WINNER**
  11. ZeroW

    Roleplay Recognition Thread

    @tutsmeister - Been really good in practical BMW slavic movements. A good russian man knows how to roleplay as Slavic. @Kuupood1 -Most know this dude by his massive vehicle modifications since 2015-2017. @Maxime - A man who we can’t forget. Thank you for your attention!
  12. ZeroW

    Desperado Construction - Smith's Corporation

    There would be few pictures of our works ( Updating by the time )
  13. ZeroW

    Desperado Construction - Smith's Corporation

    ** FIRST UPDATE ** The Beginning You've propably seen many construction companies starting their thing and then disappear to no-where. That's why I, Andrei Rivera want to keep my customers and partners updated of our doings. Desperado Construction is company who's engaged and interested in helping clients realize their vision and ambition. We believe in well-built, high-performance, functional buildings that are able to reveal their spirit and character through deliberate, affirmative design. Architectural design is the practice of managing competing interests: finding balance between program and cost, performance and appearance, feasibility and schedule, ambition and pragmatism. Helping clients navigate dynamic, complex choices – between mindful efficiency and inspired creativity – leads to the creation of award-winning buildings and adjacent public spaces. That's basically a thing that we're working on right now, we've got alot feedback from our partners who're supporting our doings. We want to change the enviroment of Los Santos in a good way. We haven't forgot our true clients who we've given our hand. We're still working on your projects as well. It just takes a bit time to get everything done. We will announce our ''big project'' in few days if we get everything done in time. We want to promise you that we're not going to leave you and your needs! C.E.O Of Desperado Construction Andrei Rivera

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