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    2. Vubstersmurf


      How did you get onto the internet?!?!?! Didn't know they had it in the care home

    3. Urshankov


      Got my butler to put it up for me

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      I'm ringing his union.

  2. Happy birthday! ????? 

  3. "Very well, since the Defence has shown no intention of issuing a closing statement, I shall now pass judgement"
  4. "Yes, it shall be allowed." (( @Zebulon @Ryoichi ))
  5. "Very well, the Prosecution may state their closing argument followed by that of the Defendant." (( @Zebulon @Ryoichi ))
  6. "I shall allow Mr. Anderson to withdraw on the basis that refusing to acknowledge or interact on a client-attorney basis with State provided legal aid, as offered within the Miranda Rights, is comparable to waiving such rights. Such shall apply in all further hearings, unless overruled by a higher court with greater jurisdiction or the Chief Justice or if there is evidence of moral or ethical objections, for example, if the Attorney had some evidential prejudice towards the Defendant - of course the burden of proof lies on the Defendant unless an Attorney voluntarily withdraws when such claims
  7. "That is correct, Mr. Cooper. It would be nonsensical to charge the entire Department for an offence that you, as an individual, allegedly committed - within both Traffic and Criminal Court proceedings, a Law Enforcement or Peace Officer are generally held to higher standards than the average civilian by virtue of position, it is expected that you as an actively serving LEO have a degree of professional legal knowledge. For example, if a Taxi driver were to commit an offence, the Corporation could not be held responsible unless they acted in a grossly negligent manner by hiring the individual
  8. **Moss briefly looks down to the Clerk of the Court as she'd hand him some papers that he'd scan through quickly** "I am inclined to agree with the Prosecution. As per the ruling of Miranda v. Arizona, the usage of testimonial evidence in the context of a Criminal Investigation, 6 rules must be applied, they are, as I quote: Evidence must have been gathered. The evidence must be testimonial. The evidence must have been obtained while the suspect was in custody. The evidence must have been the product of interrogation. The interrogation mu
  9. "What part of the contact between yourself, the Undersheriff and the Prosecution do you deem, or believe, to be unlawful?" (( @Ryoichi ))
  10. "Mr. Cooper, are you trying to tell the courthouse that you lied to both the District Attorney and the Undersheriff on the basis that you didn't feel obligated to tell the truth since he had not announced his position?" (( @Ryoichi @Zebulon @JameZ ))
  11. "The question holds bearing on the charges that have been raised, in addition to the recently questioned charges of contempt or perjury. Within the Affidavit it is stated that you claimed to have not been in the area at the times in question, this is your chance to raise a defence to the charges brought against you and is a vital part of cross-examination. You could have refused to take to the stand but opted not to. Objection overruled." (( @Ryoichi @JameZ @Zebulon ))
  12. **William Moss bashes his gavel against the block, bringing the Courtroom to a controlled silence** "There shall be no outbursts in my Courtroom." **Moss then proceeds to glance towards Mike** "I shall like to remind you that Mr. Anderson, your assigned Public Defender, has served the State for a number of years and has yet to receive a complaint, to my knowledge on the basis of moral or ethical reasoning and such accusation comes as a surprise. As per judicial precedent in other US District Courts, since no ruling is such present within the State of San And
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