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  1. Finally done with Wilson, gg no re. 

    1. Urshankov


      It only took... THREE MONTHS

  2. "Very well, I shall now pass judgement, do take note of the precedents established in the summary." (( @Restrepo @Zebulon ))
  3. George Steuben To be updated shortly
  4. "Very well, the prosecution may make their closing statement." (( @Zebulon @Restrepo ))
  5. (( The case will proceed with the current logs/statements/evidence that have been agreed upon by Chaos in relation to the speed and the judgement will be made upon those unless evidence can be provided to the contrary ))
  6. I agree, of course there would have been a lot of developments, and there's sensitive information within every single Staff team that exists and the standard is that when there's a leak, the hole is plugged and the person is punished appropriately. You could argue that some of the information could be used to MG, but that is the same with all of the faction threads which are open to the public regardless. It all falls back to the same point, don't let people in if you cannot trust them. Punishments are exactly the same, except players would be risking bans rather than just infractions, that is a far greater deterrent. There was tonnes of Systems, SOPs and VMs way back when we were in it (trust me, I sat around in skype whilst @ResidentPeach and @BusterAces wrote most of em) that could have been abused if they were put in the wrong hands and I do honestly find it difficult to see what changes could be so groundbreaking to completely blow that out of the water. Its cyclical, without properly managed and supervised illegal RP, that sector begins to die, when that sector dies then it creates a deficit for the LEO RPers, and then when theres a deficit of LEO players it WILL result in either an over or unsaturated legal sector which causes the playerbase to fall. The launch of V is the golden opportunity that the server so desperately needs to take a grasp of it, and leaving it to launch could potentially be too late to manage it properly. When the Community feels as if there's vast separation between the staff and their suggestions/advice, that's when troubles start to ensue.
  7. Still never getting in a Helicopter with him... But does anyone remember what I did to Flint Tolls?
  8. Leaks only happen if you accept people who cannot or shouldn't be trusted*, and that should not be used as an excuse to restrict those willing to dedicate their time to help. *Citation: The 8 month period I was in FMT where only 3 of the 11 members of the team were Admins and no leaks occurred.
  9. Throughout 2016 there was a period of roughly 4/5 months where we had no intake at all due to the team functioning so well - call it a 'friendcircle' if you want, but it got stuff done and surely people working alongside each other should be on friendly terms anyway (shrug). The vast majority of the team were non admins and even the supervisors/FMT leader at the time didn't have to be an admin. It was more autonomous and the only issues were when we would be unable to spawn drugs/money/weapons, but those permissions were limited to UAT at the time rather than seniors (which I believe it is now) and so those issues wouldn't have persisted if the playerbase was as stable as it was back then. I agree with you - if they're expecting a high playerbase for GTA V then this is something they certainly need to look into since I imagine those capable of meeting the requirements would already be heavily overwhelmed with other in game reports and wouldn't be able to do FT reports and the heavy forum work that comes with it too, could lead to burnout and stress, neither of which is healthy for those doing it.
  10. "I shall allow the Prosecution's motion so that the court can hear all legal facts and make a fair judgement upon such." (( @Zebulon @Restrepo ))
  11. "Following review of the United States v. Allmon, it is important to note the distinction is that said Defendant was subject to a plea agreement with the Government and so was tied to testify since he had waived his rights by agreeing to the terminology of the plea, and to my knowledge, Mr Wilson has made no much agreement to testify, unless the Prosecution is able to provide such? I am somewhat in agreement with Chief Justice Vanderbilt, however, since the case has not concluded, I am unable to use such as proper judicial precedent. However, for the purposes of discovering all legal facts, and following outbursts made by the Defendant earlier in the case I am sworn by precedent to allow the motion that the Court shall declare Mr. Wilson a hostile witness, which in legal terms means that the Defendant may be asked leading questions. And unless evidence or further caselaw is shown by the Prosecution, the fifth amendment is still applicable." (( @Zebulon @Restrepo ))
  12. "Very well, the defence may take to the stand." (( @Zebulon @Restrepo ))
  13. "The Court shall now be moving to the Closing Statements as I believe the time allotted has been sufficient enough to present all legal facts - the Prosectuion may begin with theirs." (( @Zebulon @Restrepo ))
  14. As some have mentioned, this previously was a standalone faction under the name of SADCR in 2015/16. Even when the playerbase was a constant 120+ an evening, it was still challenging to gather enough people who were interested and I rarely witnessed more than 10 people participating at it at once (though, it may have been more during the NA hours). In the event that the playerbase picks up on either V or MTA, then sure, however, its best to cross that bridge when it comes to it since theres no true way of knowing how popular this would be within the community.
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