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  1. EL GATO LOCO Day 1st April 2019, Gustavo was robbing some puta at RS Haul. Her friend trucker was around and it all seemed very suspicious. El Gato knew that they're friends, but he does not give fucks. He proceeded to rob the young lady, while her friend called the policia uphill. He shot the poor woman in the leg and began searching her when a white sedan pulled up with police lights. Gustavo shot at him, then climbed over a wall and domed the poor detective. El Gato then drove off to safety. He lost 9 bullets and earned no dollars.
  2. Name: Terrormachine Comment: Ariana Grande is a filthy kabbalist jewess and anyone who listens to her mind and soul corrupting excuse for music deserves to die painfully shredded to pieces with a pressure cooker bomb. We are with you on this, brother.
  3. A security company ran by a 17 years old lesbian convict
  4. Name: Joe Comment: atta goy
  5. Name: Joe Comment: How much of our tax money you gonna hand to Israel?
  6. Username: Sally Ticket number (1-25): 15
  7. The problem is the kidnapped dude won't even log in to RP for those 3 days, then he has to be magically let go without any consequences Plus why would someone lose memory only because they were kidnapped lmao what the fuck, just wear a mask all the time or cover his head if you don't have a CK app lol
  8. No, people will e-RP inside, sorry.
  9. no, he's busy in real life
  10. This character pisses on people I kidnap.
  12. Nice character. Too bad the robocops hurried to arrest him the first day after a small brawl in the ghetto.
  13. (song credit Eref 500 Majhoub) After hard times have struck his other family, the Crimstone Hoover Mafia, young Terrance Mackey was lonely on the street with nobody but his cousin Theodore. Repping CHM At one point in his teenage years, young Mack accompanied his cousin Theodore when he shot a person in the neck for failing to give his vehicle up in time. The police were quick to respond. Cousins got into a chase, and Mackey's fresh driving skills helped him elude them until crashing in Idlewood. While cousin Theodore made his way out on his own, young Mackey was surrounded by the police, but he found refuge in a closet in Idlewood motel. Once the crowd cleared, he sneaked out through the window and ran away. He has never been caught for this crime. Closeted negro Terrance got involved with some rich white crooks. After shooting at a person for disrespecting, he got into another pursuit from which his partner didn't come out alive. Young Terrance was arrested and put into juvenile detention for the rest of his teenage years after he missed a police officer's head with his freshly acquired gun. Day I After years have passed, now young adult Terrance Mackey has gotten out of juvie. He texts his negro Jermaine to pick him up and haul his ass to town. Running some fool's pockets Wrongfully accused upstanding citizen Day II Less than twenty-four hours after his release, young Mack-10 is back on with his old lifestyle While out on the street, Mackey noticed young negro Jermaine Young who he well remembers from their past altercations. Namely, long time ago, when Mackey was a teen, he and his cousin Deand bullied the said person, who in return pulled his weapon and shot at the duo, striking Mack's cousin in the calf. Years later, Mackey still hasn't forgiven him and waited for the right time to strike ruthlessly. Lurking Splitting wigs
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