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  1. man you did the right thing 😘

  2. EL GATO LOCO Day 1st April 2019, Gustavo was robbing some puta at RS Haul. Her friend trucker was around and it all seemed very suspicious. El Gato knew that they're friends, but he does not give fucks. He proceeded to rob the young lady, while her friend called the policia uphill. He shot the poor woman in the leg and began searching her when a white sedan pulled up with police lights. Gustavo shot at him, then climbed over a wall and domed the poor detective. El Gato then drove off to safety. He lost 9 bullets and earned no dollars.
  3. Name: Terrormachine Comment: Ariana Grande is a filthy kabbalist jewess and anyone who listens to her mind and soul corrupting excuse for music deserves to die painfully shredded to pieces with a pressure cooker bomb. We are with you on this, brother.
  4. A security company ran by a 17 years old lesbian convict
  5. Name: Joe Comment: How much of our tax money you gonna hand to Israel?
  6. Username: Sally Ticket number (1-25): 15
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