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  1. man you did the right thing ?

  2. This character pisses on people I kidnap.
  3. (song credit Eref 500 Majhoub) After hard times have struck his other family, the Crimstone Hoover Mafia, young Terrance Mackey was lonely on the street with nobody but his cousin Theodore. Repping CHM At one point in his teenage years, young Mack accompanied his cousin Theodore when he shot a person in the neck for failing to give his vehicle up in time. The police were quick to respond. Cousins got into a chase, and Mackey's fresh driving skills helped him elude them until crashing in Idlewood. While cousin Theodore made his way out on his own, young
    1. JayZawack


      MLG memes in late 2018 now Im really sure youre autistic



      god i watched it again and thats fucking cringe

      LOOL what the fuck is that, remixed minecraft videos jfc dude

    2. VeX


      straight outta 2013

    3. VeX

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    2. Theory


      tbf i think you came close to hitting me at some point x

    3. JayZawack


      lul i wasnt shooting, u lucky that cunt disarmed us ;d

    4. Theory
  5. Čedomir "Cheda" Aksentijević is a fresh off the boat immigrant from Serbia. Very little is known about this man, other than he fought in the wars in the 90s in Yugoslavia, and that he is a distant cousin of an infamous Serbian criminal, Gvozden "Zver" Mitrović. There are rumors that he is a hitman for hire who worked for a notorious criminal clan from Belgrade, but unlike the other members of the said organization he has never been convicted for the murders, nor the war crimes he possibly committed. He is now making friends in Little Moscow and doing what he was trained to do in the war.
  6. RIP Mirko Vukomanović 1992-2018 After being released from protection out of town, Mirko got himself involved in a vendetta against some Asian kids for shooting at his friend's cousin. Having the most balls in the group, he took initiative and shot at them first, killing two before being killed by the third one, while his partners were aiming at the ceiling and running in a circle for some reason. (credits to my friend collector and his nice gang) The last thing some gook kids saw in their short lives
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