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  1. JayZawack

    Robocops vs Robocriminals

    Robbing or shooting at people as either a cop or a criminal, CKs, headshots >> Gay passive RP, boring development, relationships, emotions, car RP, VMing for hours for 10k
  2. JayZawack

    Rollin' Twenties Neighbourhood

    This is literally the best gang ever, this will be the next big thing. Can't wait to get unbanned in a week so I can join, by that time my 17 years old character in prison for 21 years for murder should be out. Save me a Tec or something. Don't listen to these RP elitists, IRL they're some pale boys who live in some middle-class neighborhoods and never saw a black person in their 15 years of existence. They read one article on Wikipedia and now they know everything about black ghettos, so they ask dumb questions like why you guys picked purple and they get to decide what's gangster and what's not. They think negro RP is about vibrant clothes, sipping lean and 2018 cars, big fucking robohoovers, can you imagine?
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      MLG memes in late 2018 now Im really sure youre autistic



      god i watched it again and thats fucking cringe

      LOOL what the fuck is that, remixed minecraft videos jfc dude

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      straight outta 2013

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      @QueenC hes bullying me

  3. kek got banned


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      tbf i think you came close to hitting me at some point x

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      lul i wasnt shooting, u lucky that cunt disarmed us ;d

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  5. JayZawack

    [SCREENSHOTS] братва востока

    Čedomir "Cheda" Aksentijević is a fresh off the boat immigrant from Serbia. Very little is known about this man, other than he fought in the wars in the 90s in Yugoslavia, and that he is a distant cousin of an infamous Serbian criminal, Gvozden "Zver" Mitrović. There are rumors that he is a hitman for hire who worked for a notorious criminal clan from Belgrade, but unlike the other members of the said organization he has never been convicted for the murders, nor the war crimes he possibly committed. He is now making friends in Little Moscow and doing what he was trained to do in the war. The arrival New home First contact Making friends
  6. JayZawack

    [SCREENSHOTS] братва востока

    RIP Mirko Vukomanović 1992-2018 After being released from protection out of town, Mirko got himself involved in a vendetta against some Asian kids for shooting at his friend's cousin. Having the most balls in the group, he took initiative and shot at them first, killing two before being killed by the third one, while his partners were aiming at the ceiling and running in a circle for some reason. (credits to my friend collector and his nice gang) The last thing some gook kids saw in their short lives (see u again soon)
  7. JayZawack

    Los Diablos Del Rato

    bye guys haha we will return when we be more active jk we merged with the cartel you fucked now
  8. 12* CKs I said wait for the new topic man also that last female ex cop we murked had like 400h or something so bye go be a robocop we need more people to kill anyway on topic Lucky and Teddy were shot at that day while fleeing, before they could reach for their guns. Lochlainn was gunned down from behind, and despite having high chances of survival, a police officer was aware who he was going against so he executed him at point blank range in fear of his own life. The two men were buried on Rodeo Cemetery, nobody attended except for the priest who gave them their last rites, that is because everyone close to Lochlainn is a wanted fugitive or in prison.
  9. LUCKY RAN OUTTA LUCK On 20th October 2018, Lochlainn Foley ran out of his Irish luck and met his ultimate demise. The bottom of the Leprechaun gold pot was seen that day. He relaxed too much, and despite Teddy's warnings he remained too calm while a police officer approached, contrary to his usually aggressive nature. However, the police officer realized who the notorious killers were and called a backup unit. Lucky and Ted were then killed in an attempt to escape and murder the officers. Their names shall never be forgotten. In the standoff, Lochlainn couldn't take any lives with his own into the void, because he couldn't run, and that is because Theodore shot him in the foot earlier that morning because he stole his clothes. However, the same day, they didn't leave out any crime either. Lucky and Teddy died as sinners - repeated murderers, thieves, kidnappers and the worst scum you can think of. Sorrowful Eref Mahjoub shot at the police that day, but turns out it was only a dream and that the gods wouldn't allow that. Even though recordings don't exist, straight away after the death of this infamous criminal, a rumor began spreading that his last words were "I will be back." He muttered them as he dropped his breath. "DEFEAT NEVER, VICTORY FOREVER. YOU CAN KILL A REVOLUTIONARY BUT YOU CAN NEVER KILL THE REVOLUTION" Lucky's and Teddy's lives ended, but the legacy of the Shotgun Rebel Mafia lives on. They have martyred for the idea. There is a word that two unknown recruits joined this organized crime group the same day and that they've committed many atrocities. The cousins have been without a doubt avenged. (Later that day) SHOTGUN REBEL MAFIA 2.0 (new character topic and faction topic coming soon, friends)
  10. NEW SCREENSHOTS Evening of 19/11/2018 This evening, Teddy and Lucky went out to do crime. Not long after, they spotted an ambulance going downhill. They stopped and Teddy pretended to have an epileptic seizure. The firefighter was baited, then abducted at gunpoint, before being taken into the woods. He was robbed and then tortured by being drowned in muddy water. This was the first aggression of the Shotgun Rebel Mafia against an on-duty public worker. Sit down for me Torture At one point, an insolent individual in a low sports car somehow made his way into the woods and thought it was a good idea to witness the crimes of the Shotgun Rebel Mafia. Lucky shot at the vehicle to disable it, but after chugging on booze the entire day his aim wasn't too good and he missed a few shots, so the man escaped with a riddled vehicle. A piece of collection
  11. I do. Voided because the victims stalled and got a warning lool
  12. TOTOTO WOWOWOOO NEW SCREENSHOTS Afternoon of 19/11/2018 On this day, Shotgun Rebel Mafia went out to rob more people. They called a person from an ad who was selling a car, to steal a car because they like cars. When they arrived, the man got scared and said no deal, he drove off. They pursued him and after he refused to stop, Teddy 37 shot him in the dome. Meet yo maker Headshot After this, the mafia ran into a female RS hauler, a thing that Lochlainn hates a lot. They abducted her and took her money, then smacked her. Flexing Persian-Russian-Irish friendship
  13. To you, it's San Andreas. To him, it's New Ireland 2. Don't let him hear you.
  14. Lochlainn 'Lucky' Foley in Ireland c. 2016 Lochlainn Foley in Angel Pine, 2018 Name: Lochlainn Foley III Alias: Lucky, Lucky 870, L-870, the Irish junkie bastard Occupation: Irish revolutionary, professional robber, trucker killer Affiliation: Irish Republican Army of San Andreas, Shotgun Rebel Mafia K/A/D: 17/3/1 Weapon of choice: Remington 870 Origin: Serbian and Irish PoB: Dublin, Eireland Interpersonal relations: Ivan Dankovsky (Evan Dankovich) - One of the first partners in crime, deceased. Stigr Bjarke (Styx, Viking) - Partner in crime, they committed robberies and shootings together. Chris Edwards - Partner in crime, welcomed Lucky when he got out of prison. Brian O'Neill - Fellow Irishman, Lucky treated his wounds after a negro shot him. Robbie Garth (Supplier) - Lucky's first supplier of guns and a good personal friend. He treated Lucky's wounds after the Irishman was shot. Robbie lied in Lucky's favor on the court. Garland Abermurly - Helped Lucky get the people who robbed him once, deceased. Alfred McCutcheon - Helped Lucky with the robbers. Jessica Gage - Unfortunate female, mother to Lochlainn's bastard son. Paz Dewitt - Partner in crime, Lucky gave him his pistol once at Stacks for free. Clarence Dewitt - Lucky thinks he's a swish, he stole his medicine once. Sjon Hulzinger - Sold a revolver to Lucky, unknown whereabouts. Raven Nick Sezon - Original creator of Lucky's war cry. Darko Mitrašinović - Lucky's distant cousin, partner in crime. Eref Mahjoub (E-Dog, Eref 500) - Partner in crime, SRM gang mate. They killed many people together. Theodore Woodman (Teddy 37) - Partner in crime, SRM gang mate. They met in the woods years ago, after Kir was hiding after stabbing a black person to death in Idlewood. He is now back in town and killing people again with Lucky. Goku 43 - SRM gang mate. Ivan 23 - SRM gang mate. STORY Lochlainn "Lucky" Foley was born in Ireland long ago in a gypsy family. He is partially a Serb from his mother's side. He began consuming cigarettes at young age, which led to his teeth decaying. He is also an alcoholic. His political views are national-anarchist, he hates anything British and likes violence. He is a Catholic and loves Saint Patrick. He character-killed 11 people, robbed and kidnapped many more. More story in the screenshots. SCREENSHOTS 19/12/2017, first crime and first CK Early hours of 21/12/2017, hatred towards RS Haul grows, second CK, bare knuckle brawl Early hours of 22/12/2017, third CK Afternoon of 22/12/2017, fourth and fifth CKs Misc crime, 23/12/2017 24/12/2017, sixth CK Evening of 24/12/2017, Lucky was robbed 25/12/2017, seventh CK 26/12/2017, Lucky conceives a child 27/12/2017, eight and ninth CK, Lucky acquires an AR-15 The next day, Lucky is arrested 26/06/2018, Lucky is out of jail and celebrating 13/10/2018, Lucky acquires a new gun, he meets new friends 18/10/2018, Lucky returns to crime and robbing RS Haulers 06/11/2018, Lucky kills some insolent yokels at Stacks 15/11/2018, crime spree, tenth CK 16/11/2018, robbery 17/11/2018, crime spree eleventh CK Afternoon of 19/11/2018, robbery, murder, kidnapping Evening of 19/11/2018, kidnapping a DPS firefighter ABOUT SHOTGUN REBEL MAFIA To join this group there are two conditions: Your character has a shotgun (if you don't have we can give you one) Your character is a rebel If you want to join, you can PM on forums JayZawack, me. Code names in this group are formed the following way: Usually, the shotgun you would carry would be certain model with a number. First, you put your character's scary nickname, then that number. For example, Lochlainn's nickname is Lucky and he carries a Remington 870, so he's Lucky 870. Automatic weapons are not allowed in this faction. (Only in special cases, for example AK47s for the revolution, but the code name remains with the shotgun number)

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