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  1. I've been part of this community for coming on 6 years at this point, i've been here since we hit 200+ players daily on the MTA server and i had great great fun. I've been here in the big DDoS scandal when Chaos took over from Maxime and he went off and got a real life. When I first joined i was a younger fellow for sure, i defo did cringy shit, but i think the main thing is a lot of the people i used to play with are gone now, and thats why i never really joined OwlV, i have left RP in it's entirety at this point. I played a lot with @Dolt and @Piney back in the day, and then the countless people in JGC i had the pleasure of roleplaying with, notably @Exciter TBattle and @QueenC - it was a blast, but a lot of the people i used to play with, a lot of people who i spent hundreds of hours with on MTA, a decade old game at that point either dont play here, or dont play RP games at all. Adulting does get in the way occasionally. OwlV has a good script, but from a basic business perspective, the supply is met with a rival product, GTA:W and the demand is low for something new. The way to grow something in a contested market is to do something bold, do something new, or something far better than the competition, i am hopeful that OwlV will get some wind behind its sails, because aside from the trolls which ruined the experience a bit at the end of MTAs lifecycle i can quite honestly say it was a blast. This is probably one of the last times i'll use this forums account, unless somehow i become far less busy and come back to roleplay, University and real life have taken a toll for sure. I simply dont have the time that i used to. Nostalgia is a crippling thing, but im sure if i went back to my old PC back 6 years ago i wouldnt have near as much fun as i do now when i do get a bit of downtime, 144fps on raytraced titles is far more fun than 8fps on an MTA server. Im sure my name at this point has been forgotten, as people have left, people forget, but to put it simply, i lagged, a lot. Rubberbanding was great fun. See you around, Katie Conkerway, or what i prefer to go by these days, George.
  2. Joined what must’ve been 5 years ago now, met a good friend @Piney when we both had shit PCs and all the time in the world to just have a laugh, met some other friends such as @Dolt and @Daveosfutur More than just those have come and gone along the way, because 2 years later I joined @Exciter’s faction and met some of the best RPers I’ve had the pleasure of playing with such as @Tidemo @Officerbattle @Gazzeh @BusterAces and can’t forget @QueenC. The people in JGC were all amazing RPers and I’m glad to have spent 2 long years playing with them. Moving on from MTA early last year, I’m now completing a degree in Business and Management due to my fondness of it after meeting @Exciter and seeing how fun it actually is. Will never forget my time here. Farewell, MTA.
  3. On behalf of JGC and my fellow shareholders @Exciter @TeddyTactical And @UnittsI can indeed confirm FMT has had a bigger influence. @Heaton has come to me with concerns and open arms for support that we may or may not need. Definitely a positive improvement.
  4. GT-MP is wank though, crashes a lot and very buggy, but if you have have work arounds I don’t see why not. GTA:W is a prime example of the desync and bugs
  5. SURE, why not? Lemme save you for my new PC first.

    1. Law


      disclaimer claimed, cat is offended

  7. http://www.conwaycorporation.net/conway

    BOI! @Exciter is gud at making the backend look modern


  8. @OhhPixelz - Placed tons of items and corrected their positioning, a very tedious job but he was fantastic @Shanks - Nice guy, enough said @Swanker - Straight to the point and a funny guy when he's not on duty @Chaos - Meme King, And a awesome community owner @Skully - Funny guy In my opinion GAT and SUP are two amazing teams who take away from their own RP to help others learn and develop and a big thanks to the whole of UAT for choosing such a friendly and professional team! Keep up the awesome work everyone! You're what makes Owl fabulous
  9. #InMaximeWeTrustInMaximeWeMust

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      I spent 15 minutes doing this. :(

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      Reminds me of http://www.planetdan.net/pics/misc/georgie.htm xD old days

  10. All my friends from oG are leaving, this is fantastic!

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