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  1. Joined what must’ve been 5 years ago now, met a good friend @Piney when we both had shit PCs and all the time in the world to just have a laugh, met some other friends such as @Dolt and @Daveosfutur More than just those have come and gone along the way, because 2 years later I joined @Exciter’s faction and met some of the best RPers I’ve had the pleasure of playing with such as @Tidemo @Officerbattle @Gazzeh @BusterAces and can’t forget @QueenC. The people in JGC were all amazing RPers and I’m glad to have spent 2 long years playing with them. Moving on from MTA early last year, I’m now completing a degree in Business and Management due to my fondness of it after meeting @Exciter and seeing how fun it actually is. Will never forget my time here. Farewell, MTA.
  2. COD Ground War and/or Garrys Mod (any gamemode, theyre all amusing)
  3. Name: Private Comment: @VeX this was the vehicle you sold to me? As per auction webmasters request, contact me to get the vehicle back. [email protected] ((Forum PM me)) or Number: 323832
  4. Just because something works does not mean it cannot be improved.
  5. Believe I won that then @Dylanjeter1 - the two above me were late bids
  6. On behalf of JGC and my fellow shareholders @Exciter @TeddyTactical And @UnittsI can indeed confirm FMT has had a bigger influence. @Heaton has come to me with concerns and open arms for support that we may or may not need. Definitely a positive improvement.
  7. (( also dude, it’s against forum rules to accept buyout prices other than originally stated, keep that in mind ))
  8. Conkers

    Team WolfCub

    Name: Private Comment: How does one get in contact to sponsor said channel.
  9. Conway Can we get some performance specification on this vehicle before I bid?
  10. Name: Conway Bid: £46,969 Meant $^
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