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  1. Joined what must’ve been 5 years ago now, met a good friend @Piney when we both had shit PCs and all the time in the world to just have a laugh, met some other friends such as @Dolt and @Daveosfutur More than just those have come and gone along the way, because 2 years later I joined @Exciter’s faction and met some of the best RPers I’ve had the pleasure of playing with such as @Tidemo @Officerbattle @Gazzeh @BusterAces and can’t forget @QueenC. The people in JGC were all amazing RPers and I’m glad to have spent 2 long years playing with them. Moving on from MTA early las
  2. COD Ground War and/or Garrys Mod (any gamemode, theyre all amusing)
  3. Name: Private Comment: @VeX this was the vehicle you sold to me? As per auction webmasters request, contact me to get the vehicle back. [email protected] ((Forum PM me)) or Number: 323832
  4. Just because something works does not mean it cannot be improved.
  5. Believe I won that then @Dylanjeter1 - the two above me were late bids
  6. On behalf of JGC and my fellow shareholders @Exciter @TeddyTactical And @UnittsI can indeed confirm FMT has had a bigger influence. @Heaton has come to me with concerns and open arms for support that we may or may not need. Definitely a positive improvement.
  7. (( also dude, it’s against forum rules to accept buyout prices other than originally stated, keep that in mind ))
  8. Conway Can we get some performance specification on this vehicle before I bid?
  9. Name: Conway Bid: £46,969 Meant $^
  10. Never had to on my current character as I joined a faction ya nibba
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