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  1. Name: Private Comment: @VeX this was the vehicle you sold to me? As per auction webmasters request, contact me to get the vehicle back. [email protected] ((Forum PM me)) or Number: 323832
  2. Just because something works does not mean it cannot be improved.
  3. Update 1 JGC HQ has been purchased by Conway Holdings Limited following its merger with Dinoco Limited and rebranded for CHL. It is expected for renovations to occur
  4. About Us Conway Holdings Ltd is a San Andreas based corporation consisting of several businesses within different sectors. The holding company provides administrative services to all its subsidiaries, and provides consulting and business services to both external clients and internal employees.. Our Companies Currently the only company confirmed under Conway Holdings is Club Oceana, which is a underground nightclub based in Rodeo and a ode to the Nightclub ran by Jacob Goldsmith many moons ago (Before he had a freaky smile, that is) @Exciter Club Oceana enlists a small security team and array of professional cocktail artists to run the nightclub day-in and day out Where to find us? Contact Email: [email protected] (( Forum PM Conkers )) Website: http://www.conwaycorporation.net/ (Awaiting UAT Approval)
  5. Believe I won that then @Dylanjeter1 - the two above me were late bids
  6. Which person would that have been? I was announced winner but then then kerfuffle happened and @WorthlessNights bid. I was announced winner as @AJTPI used his local time.
  7. (( If allowed, this would be my bid)) Name: Private Bid: Buyout on Lot #2
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