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  1. Name: Auction Creator  Comment: Congratulations you're currently leading the auction with the bid of $24,000.
  2. Name: Auction Creator  Comment: Congratulations you're currently leading the auction with the bid of $22,000.
  3. Name: Auction Creator  Comment: Congratulations you're currently leading the auction with the bid of $20,000.
  4. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 2019 Vehicle brand: Polaris Vehicle make: Ranger XP 1000 EPS NorthStar Edition VIN: 22221 Mileage: 378 Description: Serviced & DOT Inspected: 14/06/19 4-Stroke Twin Cylinder DOHC - 82 HP High Performance On-Demand True AWD/2WD/VersaTrac Turf Mode Enclosed Cabin With Heating & Entertainment Systems Titled For Public Road Use In San Andreas Top Speed: 145 KM/H - 90 MPH Comes With: Polaris Lock & Ride Cargo Bed Enclosure System Polaris Glacier Pro HD Plow Hydraulic System & Blade Polaris Pro HD 6,000 LB Winch Polaris Lock & Ride Chainsaw Mount Polaris Lock & Ride Gun Rack 6 (Not Installed) Polaris Pro Armor Wheel & Tire Set: Combat Accent & Dual Threat (Not Installed) BlackVue DR750S-2CH IR Dash Camera's (Not Installed) Images Starting bid: $20,000 Minimum increase: $2,000 Buyout: $40,000 Auction end date: 5:00PM - 16/06/19 Contact details: 839155
  5. To try and encourage people not to make suggestions like these which only impacts a small group of people in the server, it was recently bumped.
  6. This is hardly priority, out of everything that the community as a whole could need right now. Everybody on the thread so far has been biased because obviously LEO roleplayers are here en masse, and as always it's going to look bad if LEO were to get yet another custom modification. Like the already 'necessary' Bearcat or the 'necessary' HSIU Buffalo. Big difference between need, and want.
  7. happy birthday big man, we're missing you here at Owl x

  8. Apparently you know me better than myself, a very autistic trait indeed.
  9. So you're saying that the group left its native country to operate in Los Santos instead of just sending a sub-set there like it has done with other countries around the world? Doesn't make any sense, nor is claiming your characters founded the 14K Triad when it was founded in 1945. Needs a lot more research instead of just Wikipedia, if you put the effort in and make it a little more credible you'll have my support.
  10. Either a virtual market system for farming didn't exist or it did make your mind up. I created the system and it was fine for some time in regards to monetary payments, I understand it was eventually stopped for some time however it doesn't mean the faction team have ever shy'd away from supporting it. Just for some further clarification, you can currently earn money from farming and it has been like that since the last faction team update as I've quoted below. All you need to do is just have evidence of your roleplay sent via a public contact and it's all handled from there.
  11. Exemptions need to be made, perhaps this can also go into another suggestion surrounding the inactivity protection as a whole for when it's prohibiting people from actively using the properties for roleplay.
  12. Because there are plenty already as long as they're fairly handed out to people instead of left to be turned into residential conversions to store cars and host family parties at every blue moon. I noticed that one and it should've been restored by now so perhaps that's another thing MT can check out. What's your definition of working hard? If it employs sitting in a faction and farming paychecks, or selling a bunch of overvalued cars then I don't consider that hard work and instead awful development. That's a majority of arable crops partially covered, it certainly is affordable especially if you're willing to take out a loan that you don't have to pay back after a while. Not entirely true and I say that because it's possible but it just takes a little longer, plenty of lone farmers in the real world because they can't afford to employ a part time farm hand.
  13. Name: Auction Creator  Comment: Congratulations you have won the auction with the bid of $80,000, please transfer the amount to the 'Blueberry Truck Plaza' account at the Bank of Los Santos and then contact us via our website or on 839155.
  14. Modern equipment/vehicles without a doubt, however the older stuff which does just as good of a job is very affordable. But you're right along with what Mogs has touched on, you have to be someone who has a specific interest in it. Or perhaps for free considering the actual work that would go into the roleplay would warrant it. Good idea though mate, at least some team needs to have some consistant oversight on these kind of properties.
  15. Don't be a pantomath, just admit that you missed the point of the thread, I'll say it for the third and last time now. The thread is meant to encourage and bring about change.
  16. Norm don't be retard, I've made the thread for a reason.
  17. Rule Discussion Subject: Agricultural Farms Immersion I want to...: Discuss Elaboration: I'll be brief as possible about this topic considering it's been spoken about so many times by now. Today out of interest I checked around all of the notable farms in Whetstone and Los Santos, and it's actually pretty horrible to see that some of them are still being treat like conversion projects considering the limited amount of farms available. Just below is an example of the one in front of RS Haul, everything was obviously inactive as the argument in the past is that people just kept these as highly valued assets overall prohibiting anybody with agriculture in mind of their character from having a place to operate unless if they were willing to pay out on average around 500k+ for said property if the owner was to ever get bored of the place. As you can see in the screenshots above, the barn is now a private pool of some kind. The rest is of the actual farmhouse which is somewhat fair in resemblance to any generic farmhouse however you can just easily recognize what the previous owner wanted the property for if you keep in mind the private pool in the barn and the fact this property is heavily inactive. This is just one of a few, most of them tend to be gated off so obviously this was the easiest of example for me to provide. I figure that mapping team should encourage some sort of immersion rule for farming properties, or perhaps business interiors in general if you want to broaden it. What I mean by that is it enforces people to use these properties specifically for their purpose, this farm is surrounded by crop fields so obviously it's meant for arable farming and not what it's currently being used for. There's a virtual market for farming and what's the point of it existing when nobody can find a place to take advantage of the system? What's the point in people trying to encourage these roleplay ventures if people are just going to clutch onto these farms? Go ahead and continue discussing, I just wanted to lay down the specifics and evidence.
  18. Name: James Sullivan Comment: I used to ride one of these bad boys flat out around the Nürburgring, broke a few records back in the day. Anyways enough about the back to back Moto GP Grand Prix winner, you can buy a brand new two thousand and nineteen Hayabusa for $14,799 MSRP so this is a bit of a stretch fella.
  19. Name: Auction Creator  Comment: Congratulations you're currently leading the auction with the bid of $80,000.
  20. Name: Auction Creator  Comment: Congratulations you're currently leading the auction with the bid of $60,000.
  21. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 2007 Vehicle brand: Toyota Vehicle make: Tundra Limited 4x4 VIN: 25897 Mileage: 115,189 Description: Serviced & DOT Inspected: 16/05/19 3UR-FE V8 Dual VVT-i - 381 HP @ 5600 RPM 4-Wheel Drive - AB60E/F 6-Speed Automatic - Tracker Installed Mileage: 115,189 Towing Capacity: 10,000 lbs Being Sold For: Auction - Test Drives Available 2015 Northwood Arctic Fox 1150 Camper Installed Images Starting bid: $60,000 Minimum increase: $5,000 Auction end date: 5:00PM - 07/06/19 Contact details: 839155
  22. Genuinely convinced by now that you have special needs.
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