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  1. new year new me

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    Legion of Chaos

    Have fun with it homie x
  3. I need all my Game Cave permissions and the group removing please.
  4. This update for me exemplifies the direction that Owl is heading in right now, there's been certain moments in the past few months that've convinced me that this isn't really anything new and innovative anymore because we're still experiencing problematic/questionable decision making that mirrors Owl of the past. I can't expect any progress or improvement on this matter when the Upper Administration team continues to grow into a literal echo chamber. Respectful friends before and after with the lack of enthusiasm or care to be truly critical of the server/community, respectful friends before a
  5. It was a fun evening of Prop Hunt despite the Dragon Crew rescheduled launch overlapping our event. We hosted a variety of entertaining custom maps and playermodels as well as offered a unique Prop Hunt experience with the Prop Hunt Enhanced gamemode. I'd like to specifically thank the people who voted, as well as took some of their time to come onto the server following their vote in order to reinforce the admiration for events like these in which the Game Cave Gamemasters spend plenty of their own time and effort in preparing these events for your enjoyment.
  6. The choice has been made by the community, the gamemode that we will be hosting on Saturday is Prop Hunt. I've noticed that people have become a lot more inquisitive with the other gamemodes Garrysmod has to offer, so it's more than likely that we'll be hosting another Garrysmod event quite soon after this one. If you have any questions about the Prop Hunt gamemode please feel free to tag or quote me, I've provided a video below to give a visual summarization of what Prop Hunt exactly is. (Sorry for the loud as fuck commentary, that's pretty much any Garrysmod lets play on YouTube these days)
  7. Event Date: 30/05/20 Event Time: 6:45 PM (GMT+1) Yeah we're going to host another Garrysmod event, if you remember back to our occasional Game Nights, Trouble In Terrorist Town was a popular choice. This time however we're going to give you the choice that you didn't clearly have presented to you before, you can choose any of the gamemodes that you think you'd enjoy. Considering the circumstances we're unfortunately facing right now with COVID-19, I have done away with voting for the date and time as I can only assume that everybody is more available than ever. For those still working in
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