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  1. ResidentPeach

    Triage MC

    Little bit of censorship would be appreciated, we have baines playing here.
  2. The power of Weebly flows through Owl's veins once again.
  3. Didn't realize they taught aviation in lower class education?
  4. As long as real faceclaims are against the rules, I'd say this is eventually a nice platform for social activities.
  5. I'm going to need a 'San Andreas Department of Parks & Recreation' sub-forum creating in the link quoted above. Permissions will be strictly SADPR administrator role only, I don't want normal SADPR members having permissions to post in there.
  6. MTA made it funny, it was some good times
  7. There's a lot that I can agree with here, but partially an amount that I can also criticize for being too censorious. Ideally we're trying to create an immersive society right, however condemning a conglomerate for having a spontaenous selection of specializations should only be reserved for those that don't have the backstory that justifies and illustrates where the interest began and how it came to be a viable option for them to be involved in different markets/industries.
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