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  1. It's getting there, you might have me back on making an effort again.
  2. RRRRRRRRRRRRRRAaaaaaaaaaaaaaauh i'm ready
  3. We're coming to the end of the year so everybody will naturally have more free time, nothing wrong with having a few more game nights.
  4. What's your bbm pin

  5. Garry's Mod Flood, Sled Build or Jailbreak. It's something much different compared to the back to back TTT nights we've had, equally as entertaining. If not Garry's Mod then a Minecraft Hunger Games, or Bed Wars. Both games can have a lot of us playing at the same time, nobody will be left out and it's also really simple to set up and host if it's prepared early. EDIT: Or a one off rp_downtown_v4c_v4 dark rp night.
  6. The group of people who still believed in Owl's MTA server moved elsewhere, dissatisfied with the lack of initiative from the staff team as well as their lack of enthusiasm. The MTA server offers a serious roleplay script and ruleset dictating that almost every single practical situation needs some form of staff supervision and oversight. Living or surviving in a broken society requires a lot of practical activities, the aforementioned players did their part by consistantly playing almost every day in a four week period from when the server started to change through their own efforts and initiative to show interest; The problem as I've already highlighted was that the majority of the staff team didn't reward them with their presence even when frequently tagged on Discord. Reason I'm saying that, and in this thread is to further advocate that the Owl MTA server cannot co-exist with Owl V due to how the community stands right now with a growing number of fustrated players. The staff that didn't help out with the recent demand on MTA were most likely those who are more focused on the world of Owl V and will continue to keep their full attention on what interests them. Nobody in the staff team is going to choose playing on an empty MTA server over an empty V server which offers more playability when nobodies around for roleplay. Focus on encouraging people to play the platform that's obviously receiving all of the attention and effort right now, there's absolutely no reason to spread the playerbase thin between two platforms.
  7. Great to see the final product finally in the game @Yannick
  8. When are we getting a little more transparency on who administrates on either platform if not both? It's one of the few reasons that caused a lot of people to leave the whole MTA development behind in the last couple of weeks, can't be having administrators flip flopping onto either one of the platforms during its least demanding times being a placeholder. P.S - Just so I'm not offending the few people who did make the effort on MTA, you know who you are and it's not about you.
  9. Great start, gradually making things more automated will attract people again. It solves the dilemma of a lacking staff team on MTA.
  10. sadly not this is the only pitcher i have of a car that James owned good memories as well as Los Santos' smallest ever cop that had no headshot detection
  11. Well, at least it lasted a couple of weeks without any help.
  12. There's having obligations every now and again, and then there's obligations being used at every given opportunity as an excuse. If an administrator isn't able to uphold their responsibilities in a voluntary role, or is even worse.. becoming a placeholder then they should be relieved of their neglected staff duties and return back to being a normal player in order to open the role up for people who are more suitable. The role of an administrator has lost its original purpose and meaning to a lot of people posting here, originally it was for people who were sure that they had the spare time to give back to the community and to be rewarded in the form of certain perks. Another problem we're having is the lack of transparency at the minute. Concurrent MTA players have no idea who to go to or who to report for inactivity in a staff role, they're being told that either GAT as a whole are obligated to any platform of their choosing meaning they're specifically administrating for Owl V or MTA, and then there's other people claiming that they're obligated to administrate on both platforms. So overall, you can't blame players for trying to point out that there's a distinct lack of motivation and initiative in the staff team right now.
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