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  1. We hear you. Here's what's changing.

    You don't quite know what you're on about John yet again, and are causing backlash as a result. That's why you didn't make the cut, along with the fact you so obviously strive for authority the entire time you was doing anything with your internship. I mean for christ sake you chased people around in a personal undercover car for breaking municipal law just to warn and threaten them with the LSPD, why on earth would you ever be suitable for what is considered the highest prestige in law enforcement? People don't have to orientate themselves around your delusional standards and opinions, so stop calling bias or unprofessionalism each time you didn't get what you want because you're just talking absolute nonsense now.
  2. We hear you. Here's what's changing.

    Or perhaps they've been reinstated, because you know a reinstatement appears to be more resourceful than somebody as critical as you always are?

    I've always guaranteed that the few autistic members of Owl are quick on running a joke dry, and voila they've done it again.
  4. [KHRAM] Community Q&A

    Beyond a joke that a faction even has to have one of these, mind you we do have a large count of twats about and that's genuinely gathered intel from a member of the no twats aloud club.
  5. What is the one thing missing from our codebase?

    It'd be interesting to have more features focused towards the sea that'd influence players to actually travel out there and create roleplay. Probably being too optimistic here, but perhaps something like a new fishing system catered towards commercial fishermen or even a system that spawned an aquatic ecosystem so people can make use out of the diving suit and actually be psyched to see an actual fish or mammal etcetera that'd spawn at specific locations but also change at random intervals. Very complex suggestion but you asked for potentially game changing ideas. It'd save administrators from having to spawn these things themselves and planting them around everywhere.
  6. Can We Stop This Needless Witch-Hunt?

    white knight
  7. Rant I guess

    Why does this sound like the plot line for Wolfenstein 2? Spot on if you ask me.
  8. Recent negative threads regarding Owl

    hey man im proper sick of owl too arent you, yeah i fort so. come join me at my immersive mta roleplay server at jonjogaming.weebly.com
  9. Recent negative threads regarding Owl

    you dirty little grass
  10. Who Remembers Adalina Santos?

    lock the thread and then delete it @Tailor mate this is proper full on buzzing
  11. Character Kill Appeal - Alexander Urbanski

    @Law can this be confirmed, because he just goes ahead with making shit up now. He doesn't actually care the scrag.
  12. Character Kill Appeal - Alexander Urbanski

    I've never ever met someone so stupidly negligent, I'm sorry but it justifies when you're being this ignorant to every valid point put against you in this thread. Can you even provide evidence or an analogy of Willow Davenport and Ruben Sawyer both being 'throwaway' characters or is that baseless like every post you've given besides the original appeal? To move on from that point no I'm not leaving because I'm not exactly along with OhhPixelz, the person in this thread who has resorted to clutching at straws that involved accusing one of said people of mental illness because they've not agreed with your points. I mean how pathetic can you look trying to use your moral compass now as a last resort when it's just pure hypocrisy?
  13. Character Kill Appeal - Alexander Urbanski

    So you're openly contradicting yourself on this thread and yet are completely incapable of owning up to it despite me having to go to such lengths to have you do so? Grow up and learn that just shamelessly posting nonsense just for filler isn't going to at all change the direction of this appeal. As for your second allegation, you're just deciding to try and change the subject because you again can't come to terms with owning up for an argument that completely disproves your statement. Work on your fallacies because believe it or not, you're just looking like a nonce each time you continue to post on this thread. The roleplay was there, the quality isn't up to yourself to judge and nor do you have the full perspective before that screenshot which showed our entire build up to this scenario. So end it, please.
  14. Character Kill Appeal - Alexander Urbanski

    No worries on my end it's all good debate with genuine concerns in question that can only be answered by administrators who've had their judgements brought into question.

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