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  1. Hot thread presentation, best of luck!
  2. ResidentPeach


    Welcome back, nice to see older members returning.
  3. Finally something else that's credible to freshen up the scene, good luck with the venture.
  4. Credits To @Vubstersmurf For Some Of The Photos!
  5. Fair enough, so basically this is how it goes. When you're repetatively scrutinized out of character for each induvidual interaction you have following a situation you was involved in, albeit usually a negative act towards someone else or another faction that instigated everything. Believe it or not this actually pisses people off eventually, and can also influence in-character actions if the person on the receiving end doesn't want about 6-8 people bashing them again because of the stereotype/stigma held over them. This amplifies when the rest of the faction is involved, that's clearly what happened to Khram when the problem was with a few induviduals and it somehow expanded to the entire faction being the problem. I mean don't you remember when the faction was effectively killed off for the very issues I'm bringing up? That's as brief and articulated as I can put it for you without having to write paragraphs.
  6. Read it then I'd be encouraged to respond if you still don't understand it.
  7. I wouldn't be against suggesting that a ramification should be made for factions whom encourage toxicity. I think as of late the strong amounts of leniency towards toxicity has really fustrated a few people to the point of just leaving the illegal community. I know this is yet again opening the same old can of worms so to speak, but take Khram for example which endured a stupid level of out of character expressed toxicity. All it usually takes is particular members in a faction who've had a stereotype or stigma held over them prohibiting them from actually taking part in absolutely anything unless if they were willing to receive turbo nonces having a go at them somewhere. It's not even about the roleplay anymore, it's about the people behind the characters and their reputation and that's in my opinion what has made it feel shit as of late. People can't help but look beyond the characters, and that really needs to change but it won't happen without this leniency being toned down some time soon. If people had real concerns with other factions, they'd be in reports not on the forum or general Discord and it's all to obviously provoke a reaction or to genuinely sit in an orgy. There's other issues that people will post here, but I don't personally think they're as critical as this one.
  8. Name: James Sullivan Comment: Since when did the Republican party hire pakis?
  9. Name: MIchael Strickland Ticket Number: 2
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