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  1. Name: James Sullivan Comment: This Rolf Roise has some class rims, did you nick them from a Police cruiser?
  2. ResidentPeach


  3. Obviously the previous gig didn't hold up, good luck regardless though.
  4. ResidentPeach

    OwlGaming's MTG Cards

    Fuck MTG, I play by my own rules.
  5. ResidentPeach

    Faction Team Update - February 7, 2019

    I'll get the boys to whip you up a contract 👌
  6. ResidentPeach

    Faction Team Update - February 7, 2019

    Of course you're the only person who actually sits there measuring who is more right on this community like it actually matters. Instead of salvaging whatever integrity you have, why don't you just acknowledge that my point was to stop talking in such a negative connotation and if you wanted to, then instead actually providing more than just a single sentence to back it up. I can't be the only person who completely looks at you as a bigot when it comes to any form of discussion in a thread.
  7. ResidentPeach

    Faction Team Update - February 7, 2019

    Fake news actually, don't go spreading around misinformation. The farming system was originally produced by myself back in 2016-17 when I worked with the legal faction team to bring about the first rendition of the legal virtual market. @Tidemo and I had a good working relationship as he provided plentiful amounts of evidence showcasing the quality roleplay he performed, and I quite happily provided him the support he rightfully earnt from the market at the time. I can't remember if he carried on after I left the team, however the legal virtual market was no longer active after I did but the point is, don't go talking about things you don't really know too much about if it's especially putting people in a bad light.
  8. ResidentPeach

    Faction Team Update - February 7, 2019

    Brilliant update, nice to see the legal virtual market has finally received a reincarnation. Enough of the spergs complaning about how they've never received support in the past, get on and do it now if you care so much.
  9. ResidentPeach

    [Kidnapping Rules] - Revise

    made me blush
  10. ResidentPeach

    [Kidnapping Rules] - Revise

    it was a full pizza, it was a good munch though 🌝
  11. ResidentPeach

    [Kidnapping Rules] - Revise

    Okay so I'll get straight to the point. This is obviously going to be a very heated discussion, it's two different communities in both the legal and illegal perspectives that will be clashing heads over the entirety of this suggestion. Anyways as someone who is mutual in both perspectives I partially agree with this suggestion however I find the suggested maximum duration absolutely problematic, here's why I think so.. The transparency of the maximum duration allows kidnapee's to explicitly exploit the rule by providing no roleplay for the kidnapper. Sort of like the prior point, if someone is kidnapped for the sole intent of extracting information or being demanded to do something through psychological torture then this is not possible in the space of three days; Especially if somebody as I've already said would determine their characters willpower could last three days before losing their mind. Characters have spent longer in solitary confinement without any interactions when jailed for crimes, why should a kidnapping entitle a quicker process when you're still actually receiving interactions from the kidnapper and have the ability to create roleplay with them which is what it should be all about to begin with. So my whole direction here is that we either don't have a maximum duration, or at least have it be a formidable yet fair duration of 14 days like @Diogo had already suggested. That way all the physical and psychological ramifications can apply, and kidnapee's can be guaranteed that they'll eventually be released granted that they've not got a CK application accepted against them. In addition to all of that, if there isn't any literature in the kidnapping rules stating that kidnappers must be consistantly active with their kidnapee then that should be added immediately.
  12. ResidentPeach

    F/V Explorer

    Nice to see someone else devoted to commercial fishing roleplay in Owl, wish you lots of luck with this!
  13. ResidentPeach

    [Kidnapping Rules] - Revise

    This revision most likely wouldn't pass and I will share some of my reasons as to why once I've pulled out this delicious Chicago Town pizza out from the oven and had a good scran 🍕🤤

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