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  1. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Player Description Accent Function What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- GUI What is the suggestion?- Even though we have what some people consider more than enough options on the player description GUI, myself and I can also imagine plenty of other people are a bit bored trying to decipher what autistic players (Plenty around here, have a bowl cut or a thumb head, even a diamond pickaxe chin then here's your answer.) perceive as an accent as they're trying to type out how they think it actually sounded like. Thought it would be pretty class and almost effortless to just have an extra entry allowing an accent to be displayed, so whenever we're spotting people speaking just little differently we can quickly just see what they're trying to go for. If you want an example, I think the Red County Mob had plenty during the back when times when apparently trying to understand a redneck was now suddenly hieroglyphics which obviously was just a cliché. What are the advantages?- - Stops mongs from overexaggerating their accent in order to establish their origins/background. - Brings more variety to characters from countries with variable accents, imagine how fun and unique it will be again to have an American character. - Topic of conversation, helps add more to social interaction in Owl which is obviously struggling. - Influences more fleshed out characters, no more generic Mexicano who has a Spanish accent unless if you're a low energy bellend. What are the disadvantages?- - Metagame if perhaps somebody uses it to distinguish your origins/background without even having talked to your character. - Might incite people on here who react to racial stereotyping, how dare you make fun of my native Swazilandian tongue see you on the UCP. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- I can give @Swanker the 619 for motivational support. How would you go about implementing this idea?- Copy and paste.
  2. ResidentPeach

    VT Update - June 2018

    i'll go back and lead under a single conditional offer @Mogs and @Bum are my supervisors and thats it no questions asked
  3. ResidentPeach

    VT Update - June 2018

  4. ResidentPeach

    VT Update - June 2018

  5. ResidentPeach

    VT Update - June 2018

  6. ResidentPeach

    [General] - Knockout stage before respawn option.

    spits of player battle grounds arseholes i'd say
  7. ResidentPeach

    My GAT Experience

    i pay amazon prime for this?
  8. ResidentPeach

    [General] - dynamic weather script

    grow up doesn't read though does he
  9. ResidentPeach

    [General] - dynamic weather script

    Read before you post, this is literally what you're looking for and it's already getting processed I believe.
  10. ResidentPeach

    GAT Update - June 12th, 2018

    absolutely buzzing where is @Mogs you twats?
  11. i'll spinning back fist the prick
  12. Not really suprised that you've said that lol, not many people are a fan of my brutally honest constructive criticism that hits right in the feels.
  13. Apps are always open for more responsibility free people like yourself. If you're asking me a question as to why the team has problems as opposed to any other teams, well why don't we start with the amount of entitlement some people have here in the community with cars? If you're how I think you are with your stance on this thread, then I can honestly tell you that you're causing your own fustration and by that philosophy I mean that you're partly the reason why people in the team are slowly chipping away to the point of where they don't honestly care anymore about your concerns or demands. The whole point in my argument is that if the team received recognition in the same way it received misinformed incited criticism, it would perform probably much more robust as a result being that the team wouldn't just feel like a set of tools. And additionally to that, the same people who insinuate a demand for perfection should go ahead and join the team, and if they aren't well it honestly ratifies anything I'm saying in this thread.
  14. Now for my actual contribution to this thread, VT already do spawn vehicles before the requisition date. However you've failed to accomodate a social life within your apparent choice of allowed exceptions you have there in my quote. Now I understand you'll quote me and probably claim this to be a common excuse, however that'll only highlight how much you'd value the efforts made by voluntary staff members who spend their free time creating an experience for other players. Be careful to remain fair, because I feel this thread already insinuates entitlement.

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