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  1. Stepanov Law

    Name: James Sullivan Comment: I'd like to issue a civil suit with a 'Markus Downer' for the charges of 'Being an absolute utter twat' if possible please?
  2. Dinoco Racing is looking to acquire the services of a seasoned motor technician willing to invest their time into Dinoco's official racing vehicle. This particular vehicle is as of this moment of stock performance, and is requiring a thorough amount of work so it can sustain professional performances and displays. More details of the vehicle can be found once in contact through the methods provided below. Parts are not going to be under the expenditure of the motor technician, however if said technician recommends more specific parts for the process to be much more prompt, then it will certainly be dealt with very quickly. Payment is extremely flexible depending on the quality and time, the generous amount isn't disclosed until contact is made and if we're happy to be working with whoever contacts us. All details for contact is provided below, if you need any more details then please do request so in your private message or email to us. Contact: [email protected] (( @ResidentPeach )) 319324
  3. Juana Rodriguez v. Charlie Peters

    Juana Rodriguez shakes her head from side to side, emitting a soft sigh. "I'm quite sorry your honor, but I-I would be unable.. to come to any agreement with someone who f-finds this entertaining." (( @Zebulon @LeonShaw ))
  4. Yakuza Yamaguchi-Gumi

    Love the enthusiasm, something the past 6-8 Asian groups never had which lasted at most a week each. Keep this going because I can absolutely imagine this being here to stay for a while, best of luck!
  5. Le Meridien Los Santos

    Depends on how much effort you put into things, this clearly didn't have any because it's a pre-purchased interior and a whole load of copy and paste. With KFC and Starbucks, I saw at least their own literature, external mapping and eye for quality by making it feel more authentic in the server and that to me is effort that justifies.
  6. Le Meridien Los Santos

    Absolutely unoriginal and it's a shame really, thought you'd have more originality than to rip off a hotel chain of their logo and literature.
  7. Palomino Community Center

    You better have enjoyed it, got warned for allowing that shit.
  8. Why OwlGaming!?

    Needs more drone footage.
  9. Politics? Anyone's reaction to the California Lawsuit?

    Understandable from that point of view even though I didn't diminish the intent of this thread whatsoever, however my observation like many of the reviews in here from a variety of members, was that it already became heated within the first couple of comments. I like to at least try and be an arbitrator in such discussions and I suppose I have this expectation for everybody else too even if I'm not contributing, or at least for people to transcribe their opinion without it getting heated. I feel a political discussion is lost when somebodies feelings comes into play, because it then renders it biased and you're unable to mediate in this situation which again I feel is absolutely necessary to understand a multitude of point of views. TL;DR: Sorry for the jimmy rustling, just shared my thoughts.
  10. Politics? Anyone's reaction to the California Lawsuit?

    This thread is a prime example in as to why politics is too mature of a topic for anyone to debate or discuss here.
  11. [Character Kills > Disregard For Life] - Revise

    In order for a cop to even have the ability to use their firearm on legal grounds, the person on the receiving end has had to disregard their life by comitting such crimes. I don't get how this can at all be contested. If it's an argument that not enough officers get caught risking their lives, I almost got clocked the other day for rushing into a store without realizing our suspecting was armed, a snakecam was done before but I was impatient and could've easily died.. but I didn't because the guy didn't lay a single shot on me. Multiply that by like god knows how many times, because I can assure you from an unbiased standpoint as I roleplay within both the legal and illegal universe that many law enforcement officers on this server disregard in plenty of scenarios, it's up to the criminal to expose that and take advantage and if you can't then it shouldn't be rewarded with another try because of some silly rule that's in the name of bringing back "good old illegal roleplay" lol.
  12. Juana Rodriguez v. Charlie Peters

    Juana Rodriguez clears her throat while still appearing to have her eyes glued to the table. Her voice would sound raspy as she'd struggle to address everything out loud. Obviously in terror with being feet away from Charlie, taking up all of her willpower to appear in the courtroom. "T-Thank you, your honor. My case as it stands, demands.. a temporary restraining order against mister p-Peters.. for the aforementioned charge in my petition. Stalking w-which to a huge degree.. mister Peters has commited. Evidence for the accusation.. i-it stands in the form of su-surveillance footage as I've provided, two files.. two evenings with t-the same form of harassment each time your honor." Juana Rodriguez takes a deep breath, exhaling slowly before she'd swallow. "I don't want ma-mister.. Peters charged for anything more than this, but rest assured these co-confrontations cannot continue, sorry.. if you couldn't un-understand the majority of that your honor. I-It's taking my best at the moment just to be here today." Juana Rodriguez lets out a soft sigh as she'd shake her head, thinking of herself as rather stupid for being in this state despite her vunerabilities reinforcing her belief that her phobia is becoming a serious issue. (( @Zebulon @LeonShaw ))
  13. Juana Rodriguez v. Charlie Peters

    Juana Rodriguez heart races and suddenly she's only confining her line of vision strictly to her leather conference folder which she'd proceed to unzip and open, burying her head inside as she'd pretend to be reading her notes while Charlie would be moving around the courtroom. (( @Zebulon @LeonShaw ))
  14. Juana Rodriguez v. Charlie Peters

    Juana Rodriguez walks through the courtroom doors, heading down the aisle wearing a formal getup consisting of a white short sleeved blouse and waistline pencil skirt with a thin leather dress belt. She'd frantically look around the vicinity of her table in the distance, hoping to not catch sight of Charlie just in case he's there as she'd make her way to it. She'd arrive to her table placing her leather conference folder down on the table top as she'd then seat herself, letting out a sigh of relief as she'd peer up to Justice Ross with a frightened expression. (( @Zebulon ))
  15. Juana Rodriguez v. Charlie Peters

    SUPERIOR COURT OF SAN ANDREAS Civil Petition Court of San Andreas, District of Los Santos Juana Rodriguez Versus Charlie Peters Subpart 1. Accusation. In the matter of this civil petition, Juana Rodriguez on the March 8th, 2018, accuses Charlie Peters of: MO016 - Stalking Subpart 2. Demands. The plaintiff, Juana Rodriguez demands the following: Temporary Restraining Order Subpart 3. Narrative. I've considered this petition for many reasons, primarily because as of late my coulrophobia has heightened or fairly put re-emerged with the apperance of a disturbing clown figure that started appearing in Idlewood the past few nights. I've come to learn of his name being Charlie Peters, a disgruntled looking character however playing in my eyes as the facade of something completely unbearable to witness and that's of course down to my phobia. Each time he has visited the area, he chooses to solely pick on me as he finds satisfaction out of the sheer terror I have of him, the sickening smiles and eerie laughs adding up to his sycophant persona. I always find myself in that area because of my active duty requirements in law enforcement, or when I'm out of hours and shifting paperwork in my business of Casa Tijuana; or even again just spending time around the area where I often socialize. I can't seem to find myself having to stay away from the area just because of this one figure who appears during late hours of the night, seemingly adding much more mystery to his appearances, as to why he's doing this so late at night. This is why I chose to pursue a temporary restraining order, temporary only because I'm choosing to undergo cognitive behavioural therapy at Saint Ernest Medical Center so I can have gone with this phobia once and for all as it's a demon of my childhood that's literally holding my emotions hostage at the moment. Subpart 4. Evidence. Exhibit 1. Exhibit 2. Subpart 6. Ancillary Information. Defendant Legal Representation: N/A Plaintiff Legal Representation: Herself. Contact Information: 327264 - [email protected] (( @ResidentPeach )) Presiding Judge: X Subpart 7. Declaration. I, Juana Rodriguez, affirm that the foregoing is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge and belief. (( @Zebulon @ThatGuy @LeonShaw ))

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