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  1. Perhaps just to add on to your awesome suggestion as a seperate venture from the starter trucking job, you could also have different locations throughout the map that offer a variety of randomized jobs with different routes and contractual fees like how it is on Truck Simulator. Perhaps a timer could be added too that affects the contractual fee if delivered late or if the cargo is damaged. It's good to highlight that this would be quite beneficial for the server in that it provides another role that isn't dependant on the playerbase whatsoever, and it caters to people who simply enjoy driving around the scenic GTA V map as long as they have a purpose and have some monetary supplement on the side.
  2. Does this apply to helmets too? There's a few vehicles I'm going to have mandatory helmet laws on within State Parks and it would be silly to implement said laws if you can't actually be seen wearing them. I know motorcycles work, but vehicles like the Maxwell Vagrant or the Nagasaki Outlaw.
  3. Hey there, so I need a new sub-forum named 'Division of Boating & Waterways' in the San Andreas Department Of Parks & Recreation government forum. I would like for it to also have within it an 'Employees Section' alike the other sub-forums, and for the permissions to be in the same format as the others too. https://forums.owlgaming.net/forum/2303-san-andreas-department-of-parks-recreation/ cheers x
  4. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Flatbed Vehicle Attachment What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Vehicles What is the suggestion?- My suggestion is that we'll simply have a functioning MTL Flatbed that can have vehicles within a close proximity of the truck attached onto the flatbed for transportation. What are the advantages?- Another functional choice of industrial vehicle, used for extracting and transporting other vehicles around. More immersion when it comes to transporting larger vehicles. A modern, and cleaner looking alternative to the scrappy towtrucks. What are the disadvantages?- Possible synchronization issues, exactly like the towtruck Potential ninja-jacking if there's no delay on the vehicle that's teleporting onto the flatbed. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- I don't script, however I've seen a Rage forum thread where somebody wanted to do this and this wiki page was thrown around: https://wiki.rage.mp/index.php?title=Entity::attachTo How would you go about implementing this idea?- Patiently waiting for it to reach a scripters agenda.
  5. This is obviously going to be implemented, but is it important enough of an asset to be focused on right away?
  6. For the fishing suggestion, I was planning on suggesting this myself at a time that suited it and I suppose now is the time. So I'd love a system that allowed you to fish not only just commercially but also for sport and leisure too. In addition to that, icing on the cake of this potential script would involve being able to catch a variety of fish that you can store in your inventory for roleplay purposes or to sell on to an NPC for those wanting to make a career out of it. The Parks & Recreation Department will gain plenty of roleplay out of this from regulations and consistant inspections on state government owned sites, as well as people wanting a genuine pastime on the server that can be legitimate enjoyable to those who enjoy the quality scenery that GTA V offers. I was developing a fishing system back during the MTA days since the faction team was willing to check it out for the legal virtual market, it would've heavily improved the quality of the commercial fishing roleplay opportunities back during that time. I'm only mentioning this now because if a scripter is interested in picking this up, then perhaps my grid system and variety of biologically accurate fish would be of some inspiration or use. https://imgur.com/a/0kYKkpC
  7. he's a big fan of this being plastered in a sandwich by itself
  8. If it's vanilla then sure, should already be on the server.
  9. As much as we'd love to have LSPDFR content, it's absolutely massive in size and also ridiculously selfish to expect everybody to have to download it on server launch. Not only that but I do belive in order for the majority of said content to work, it requires some of the scripts that come with LSPDFR. I was looking at it myself at one point for the San Andreas Department of Parks & Recreation. Overall though sure there's plenty of other packs and skins out there that could be used, but I'd like to hope that we're not going down the same route as we did for our MTA server for custom content. The server isn't primarily just for the law enforcement organizations, and I'd like to think even the vanilla content is just about enough on GTA V. If I'm being too scrimpy, blame the fact that I came from San Andreas that didn't even have any models for female law enforcement officers, and that did not whatsoever dibilitate our roleplay.
  10. Simply enough, the MTA server should finally be closed down. It can't be reiterated much more than it already has, if there is ANY faith in Owl V then it would've been shut down by now. Show the community that you're willing to invest all of your faith and effort into the new product instead of trying to support a non-existant demand that only encourages division in the community at this point in time @Chaos.
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