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  1. Okay so considering that as of right now there's not much discussion going on with Minecraft in this thread, we've decided to take the initiative in teasing a direction that we feel you would all like. We've chosen this map here in hopes of having a survival RPG theme going on, the map is absolutely huge and beautifully made offering a variety of fantasy landscapes. There is an actual lore behind this map with the amount of scripts it has behind it. In addition to the map we would like to implement the economy plugin that also comes with the ability to trade and make stores too, this should create a sense of community and give purpose to farming and general craftsmanship. Lastly we will also have a faction plugin, the map is so huge that it can easily host a large amount of them. Thoughts?
  2. In order to celebrate our latest server announcement, we're hosting a giveaway to prepare 3 lucky individuals for our server launch. The keys provided by @Jer are going towards people who don't already own a Minecraft account, please don't take advantage of this by taking part while already in possession of a Minecraft account. In order to take part, simply comment below that you'd like to be counted in and that will make you eligable for random selection. The keys include Bedrock Edition, this will allow you to play on a variety of platforms with the same account. Ends: 10/04/20 - 5:00 PM BST Go Here For Minecraft Server Suggestions & Discussions!
  3. Tournament Results Team Make A Wish Round 5 Team Leggo Squad Round 28 Team Leggo Squad Are The Winners! Stream Replays
  4. Event is in 3 hours and 20 minutes, this is your last chance to sign up your team or join one and to take part!
  5. It is a valid point, it's a considerable download if the mods alone are five gigabyte in total. However if more people are in favour of downloading a mod pack regardless of the size, I'd be willing to side with that and say it's in the interest of the community as a whole. Ultimately though, I'd appreciate it if we kept to constructive discussions instead of turning this into a debate. The mod pack was referred to, not the DZSA launcher.
  6. Free Until 9th Of April Free Until 9th Of April Free Until 8th Of April
  7. Personally I don't have any experience playing between the original and bedrock, only difference I've heard so far is that the redstone system is horrible on bedrock?
  8. Forgot to mention that we've decided on using Minecraft Bedrock, this allows anyone from any platform to join the server. It should increase the interest in our server once we advertise it as multi-platform friendly. All the popular plugins still work, just plenty more accessibility with that version of Minecraft.
  9. Next Server Results (28/03/20) Well that concludes our first ever 'next server poll' which had an outstanding response from the community, with the amount of people that voted it provided us with a much clearer perspective on what you're all looking for from the Game Cave project. For a few days the leading vote was at a deadlock between Minecraft and DayZ however Minecraft took the number one vote on the final days of the poll. While this was happening, the gamemasters discussed between the two games and we've come to the decision to start working on providing servers for both Minecraft and DayZ immediately with huge input coming from the community as we develop them. I've created this announcement and specifically posted it in the suggestions section because this is where we're asking for all of your input yet again in coming to a conclusion for what we're wanting out of these two servers. What are we looking for from you? Ideas of themes or mods to use, plugins you want included etcetera. We want to make the servers as bespoke as we can for the community, continue helping us in providing some of your valuable feedback. I'll start off the discussion by throwing ideas around like DayZ Roleplay either Vanilla or Stalker, Minecraft RPG with a Hypixel-esque twist or just a sandbox? Let's start discussing!
  10. One last day left to claim this game completely for free, we're having a tournament event here and the game is hella fun!
  11. Poll has now closed, I will be locking the thread and creating an announcement thread soon to discuss the results and our plans!
  12. Date and time for the event has been decided, it will be held on Friday 3rd April - 6:45 PM (GMT+0).
  13. Team Make A Wish @ResidentPeach @Jer @Unitts @Nachtfalke
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