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  1. Nice content, I personally like cinematic photography and it's fair to say some if not all of your shots have the same essence. Posted below an Instagram account I follow that spits out a lot of cinematic shots, I'll throw you a follow too. https://www.instagram.com/thinkveryl/
  2. The starter pack has been offered for quite a while now, yet is being brought to a discussion that is about providing a remedy for completely different issue. The starter packs are a remedy for the financial barrier, now what's the remedy for the chain reaction we're suffering from right now that stems from a lack of businesses opening in the server? The chain reaction being that players struggle to find a social space to congregate at which contributes to social interaction and organic roleplay. The amount of denial I've seen surrounding this issue is quite honestly getting on my nerves and isn't solving anything in the long run. It was the same issue during the last active moments of MTA which had people aimlessly driving around looking for things to do, everybody inevitably ended up at Pizza Stack which spent most of its time as an NPC run business.
  3. Why are they different compared to current player owned businesses? Well right now I think there's only 2 active establishments owned by players, one of which only opens up when advertised. Two of these establishments are bars, leaving next to no variety in what you're having to engage in for social interaction. The NPC owned establishments are useful in that they can be used to temporarily patch up the areas of business players haven't covered yet, with this suggestion in effect I can almost guarantee you'll have players appreciating that they're not having to wait on the rest of the playerbase to provide them social spaces to congregate for roleplay. This can't be done on already existing player owned establishments because most of them tend to be locked when not in use, there's plenty of different reasons for this. The faction/owner of said establishment is still developing the place, they're keeping it locked to prevent vandalism or theft, they're not consistantly active. Why should players have to wait around for these people when a substitute NPC owning a business open 24/7 is the obvious remedy. This is what will encourage players who are looking for business ventures, there can be a lot of people who are hesistant on putting their money into a business because they're not certain it will attract anyone. If they can rely on being able to scout around NPC owned businesses, checking out what people are actually interested in and what places actually work, for sure giving them the option to take it over is a must. I've played the server long enough to have figured out that when people are aimlessly driving around all the time exactly like how they did on MTA, it's because they've got nowhere to go nor anything to involve themselves in. I'm not calling this suggestion a complete fix, but it's much more than just a step in the right direction that's for sure.
  4. What he said, it's already a weather feature that you can select through a /setw command. There's even a blizzard setting so there's intense fog as well as the snow.
  5. I'm just going to end it here really, you're not reading anything that people are responding to you with. People including myself have spent their time in here trying to explain every single question you've asked, and you've not given a single minute of your own time to read them. This isn't going to be implemented, please appreciate that people here want to roleplay instead of rely on a script doing it for them.
  6. You're not even meant to copy and paste roleplay logs. Anyways, the biggest difference is the demand for roleplay, a script would do the roleplay for you enabling absolutely anybody to pick a lock for the very first time without any prior research and have a chance at managing to pick a lock. Without a script, you're expected to do the research and to then take the time to display your knowledge in front of an administrator who can also attribute factors such as if police need to be called, alarms need to be set off etcetera. We're not an RPG server, I don't know why you're arguing so much against roleplay a lot of people here are willing to do.
  7. It's a suggestion, get used to people posting constructive critcism and don't take it so personally. You report for an administrator once you've passively roleplayed buying your tools and equipment. You then provide articulate /me's and /do's along with /luck and /chance's in order to keep it fair. The part about being articulate is to really show that you've done your research and have learnt how to pick a lock. That's just an example, a rushed one if anything because I don't know a whole lot about lockpicking. But the point is that the time it takes for all of that to be written, is realistically enough time it takes to pick a lock.
  8. So what you're saying is that you're expecting a script to do the roleplay for you because you don't exactly know how to pick a lock yourself? A realistic learning curve means a period of time it's going to take for you to gradually learn something, in this case how you're going to pick a lock. Lockpicking is a real profession that takes time and practice.
  9. This suggestion isn't really necessary as this is definitely going to be implemented like it was in our MTA server from the beginning. I'm still commenting though in order to persist that we need it now more than ever because of the lack of properties for any recently created characters. I'd go on to also say that eighty percent of the players who own properties on Owl V don't even play anymore.
  10. Skill based roleplay will always need to be supervised in order to maintain realistic learning curves and the effort of high quality roleplay and character development. If this wasn't the case, you would soon complain about the lack of immersion as everybodies able to suddenly lockpick; Not only that, would complain twice more if the induvidual didn't provide sufficient enough roleplay if any at all. Not sure if you've played on our MTA server, but lockpicking or breaking into anything had so many different stipulations for a more immersive experience. Security installations, the type of equipment being used, sufficient enough roleplay etcetera. This isn't going to be implemented unless if we're turning into an RPG server, and the last I've heard is that it's not.
  11. I don't think you quite understood the concept of this suggestion. Players who own establishments aren't always online or available to open these places up, the NPC owned establishments doesn't have that limitation. You're suggesting that this takes away the social interaction when it's the complete opposite effect when you've got locations for people to meet and congregate open 24/7. I'm just trying to have a laugh, don't take it too seriously. Overall it was just a suggestion up for discussion, like I said in a prior post it has both its pros and cons.
  12. ben sign my  profile?

    1. ResidentPeach


      ruined your chances by having blocked status' on your profile

  13. I forgot to mention that while I was writing my essay. It's perfectly fine as long as the motive isn't about owning the asset. The whole point of these locations to begin with will be to encourage activity and social interaction.
  14. Votes open to absolutely anyone can't be biased. Now speaking of actual bias.. The whole point of NPC social spots is that they're the alternative option, you get less of an experience from an NPC social spot than you would get compared to a player run social spot. A player ran bar, you will have a bespoke experience usually because of an actual player stepping in for bartending while at an NPC ran bar you're obviously having to passively roleplay with yourself or relying on a script. As a result it's not really impeding the Longhouse as the given example, nor would everybody want to go to the Longhouse for developmental reasons. Understandably so which is why I made it a separate suggestion, it has both its pros and cons. However to suggest that it couldn't potentially work is a very unfair assumption, we had the same system on Owl MTA with City Hall and it worked perfectly fine.
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