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  1. The choice has been made by the community, the gamemode that we will be hosting on Saturday is Prop Hunt. I've noticed that people have become a lot more inquisitive with the other gamemodes Garrysmod has to offer, so it's more than likely that we'll be hosting another Garrysmod event quite soon after this one. If you have any questions about the Prop Hunt gamemode please feel free to tag or quote me, I've provided a video below to give a visual summarization of what Prop Hunt exactly is. (Sorry for the loud as fuck commentary, that's pretty much any Garrysmod lets play on YouTube these days)
  2. Event Date: 30/05/20 Event Time: 6:45 PM (GMT+1) Yeah we're going to host another Garrysmod event, if you remember back to our occasional Game Nights, Trouble In Terrorist Town was a popular choice. This time however we're going to give you the choice that you didn't clearly have presented to you before, you can choose any of the gamemodes that you think you'd enjoy. Considering the circumstances we're unfortunately facing right now with COVID-19, I have done away with voting for the date and time as I can only assume that everybody is more available than ever. For those still working in these circumstances, I have chose Saturday just to make sure I have y'all covered. The poll will end 27/05/20 giving the Game Cave team enough time to set up and optimze the server so that it's ready for event day. It's a multi-choice poll so feel free to pick multiple gamemodes you like, you're really spoilt for choice with all those iconic gamemodes. If you have any gamemodes suggestions that aren't on the poll, go ahead and tag me with an explanation of the gamemode. You can buy Garrysmod here for £6.99 if you don't currently own it, the game can also be found for even cheaper prices on CD key websites. UPDATE: Winning Gamemode Is Prop Hunt
  3. happy birthday greg joplin, the courts are but a hollow shell without your presence.

  4. happy birthday fella i'll buy you a pint of fosters down at the pub later

  5. Welcome back homie, shouldn't need luck for this.
  6. a lot of people ate some ass tonight that's for sure
  7. Name: xX-Ubermensch-Xx Comment: When's this shit on Netflix?
  8. As long as it's not in the form of a GPS route, location sharing is only an icon or a blip.
  9. Current ticket system is botched, it needs to mimic what we already had set up on MTA +1
  10. It's a lot of work for something that isn't really that broken, in my opinion it was more broken on MTA by having stupidly fast cars as a result of the vehicle handling system. In the end with MTA, modified cars were so over the top that they didn't suit the environment anymore because the roads were too small. GTA V is huge in scale and can allow these fast cars that can pull of these big turns and top speed sprints for prolonged periods. Anyways there's already an overhaul planned on the car modification system that will allow a hell of a lot more variety on car handling in the future, I'd much prefer that over a vehicle handling system because it will still give players the variety while enforcing a consistant handling cap so that cars don't get unrealistic again. Overall If you allow players to moderate car handling again, it's already been proven that it's an arbitrary and inconsistant system. It's why I said we don't need a vehicle team anymore.
  11. As long as it doesn't bring back the vehicle team.
  12. This is why if you're a dedicated Owl Gamer you would've already bought a Razer Orbweaver by now for your 100+ binds. support + i don't have one
  13. I could cry, finally my MTA reflexes won't be punished by a performance capture.
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