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  1. Idea 2 of course, if your employee isn't selling jack shit then they're not deserving a wage.
  2. ResidentPeach

    gov shit plese

    i'm in counsil can confirm : )
  3. Name: Hector Aguilar Quintana Comment: Congratulations to all the newly appointed staff. I also have to thank absolutely everyone who took part in both elections this December. If it wasn't for the voters, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to bring around progressive change to my district. Lastly I'd like to thank Zinvor Razmik for bringing the best out of me as a competitor, that's why you got my vote.
  4. ResidentPeach

    Robocops vs Robocriminals

    Well somebody had to nominate themselves as the example here fair play.
  5. ResidentPeach

    Robocops vs Robocriminals

    Both sentences that I highlighted contradict each other for a start. Using the same old 'back in the days' card to try and create a comparison is only done by players who're too uninformed because they either wasn't too involved during the time, or never were around and as a result copy what everybody else says via sheep syndrome. My point is that back then and now there's no difference whatsoever in the dynamic, you'll always have people who'll have different perceptions on illegal roleplay as to how it should be portrayed and as to how ficticious it can be. There is no way to provide a remedy to this without creating serious limitations that'll upset lots of casual players who're just here for the things roleplayers don't like too much of. If there was a way, it would've already been implemented by now because this has been a problem for years and will never stop being discussed even if it's the same arguments being used.
  6. ResidentPeach

    Spotify Wrapped 2018

  7. ResidentPeach

    Audio enhancement software

    this hits me in the feels, 2007 style tutorial back when the grind was real on Counter Strike Source.
  8. Name: Hector Aguilar Quintana Comment: That's far from the truth, instead I see this as a baseless assumption that doesn't substantiate the criticisms being shared. I'm a proud American like each and everybody else, however like anywhere else in the world I find that there are flaws that can be provided a remedy through the implementation of a hard worker. Please don't pick on the campaign logo for your criticisms either, there's only so much space in my name to support so many flags that are there to make a generalised point.
  9. Name: Hector Aguilar Quintana Comment: The demeanor of this carelessly boasted response speaks for itself. The entirety of it filled with hyperboles as you overpreportioned each of your counter-points, I suppose you're right. I no longer can call you Low Energy Razmik since you've finally only just learnt how to finally turn off power saving mode, that's what healthy competition should influence right? All friendly banter aside, I also wish you the best of luck without having to instigate an inappropriate debate/argument on the fellow competitors comment board.
  10. I'm Héctor Aguilar Quintana, a Latin-American Catholic at 56 years of age majority of them spent learning and understanding a multitude of different insights from a large variety of people in all working classes gained through a thorough background in entrepreneurship and innovation throughout Mexico's 31 federated states in which have all been touched by my fruitful business ventures as I invest in shares. Being that I'm the first generation of Latin-American in my family lineage to have legally gained permanent residence, I understand the familiar struggles that I find multiple ethnicities endure during the emigration process even if you are of an older generation all the way to a newer generation. With my own personal experiences gained through my residence in District 2 in mind, I plan to use my found knowledge to bolster the fortifications on what I personally believe is one of if not the most culturally rich district in the entire city and rather than be belittled must instead be celebrated as a product of the United States freedom and democracy working at its best. Our District 2 boasts the biggest mixture of ethnicity in comparison to any other district statistically, however through frequent incidents of discrimination and racial profiling it has lead our district into becoming the biggest stereotype for anarchy in Los Santos. Only agreeing with that stereotype, along with making it a focal point in your campaign would be extremely counter-productive as you're not putting any trust or enthusiasm to the very people you're claiming to give a voice to. Now that isn't to say that crime isn't at all an issue within the district, I personally believe that this problem is widely spread amongst all districts; One particular crime that has never receded in Los Santos being petty theft. My aim is to banish the negative stereotype surrounding our district, and to bring prosperity to our culturally rich district and to better yet celebrate it in order to unite our conflicted district once more. This is never going to happen with a councilman who has only through time seemingly served himself, and has only acted upon being challenged for his seat with a quick face play that isn't to everybody's taste; The price you pay for not accommodating your entire district, and pandering to a select community out of racial favoritism. Due to the lack of vitality and vision from our current councilman and prior, public security has been left neglected over the years and as a result I'm choosing to work on discussing with the different communities an efficient solution in which isn't being completely intrusive but an effective enough of a solution that it provides a valuable safeguard to those who feel the government isn't taking their public safety into regard especially when we're a developed city. The solution could either be a neighborhood watch program which is voluntarily established within the multiple communities, or it could be a public surveillance project in which your taxation goes into erecting new high quality devices in areas of significant conflict. Overall this is ensuring that we can all feel safe again in our district that unfortunately has to deal with a high rate of petty theft crime all usually contributed to malfunctioning or vandalized devices, or just 'blackout spots' that're just areas that've been left clean of surveillance devices. The communities in our district from what I've understood from open public discussions in the past, feel unwelcome in their own neighborhoods due to a select few unprecedented actions of the Police Department that has lasted through time, be it particular moments of arrogance to pure recklessness from individuals in the department who are working for themselves. I plan to have much more insight on the matter, and to provide a fair honest opinion in regards to how they're portraying themselves when coming to operate in a district that is already in a poor relation with the very service the community are depending on for their well-being and safety. I will overall act as the liaison to bring a mutual understanding to both the Police Department, and the community of District 2 so we can create a District that we can all appreciate and call ours in full confidence. With my planned requests, this will come to fruition in the form of open days where the Police Department may provide their model employees for a Q&A session in the different communities and perhaps an Internal Affairs representative who could allow people to come and speak to them in confidence about any concerns. I look to correlate the various communities together and to fulfill the goals of completely breaking down racial discrimination, racial profiling and domestic violence. Not enough communities of the district are given a chance to be listened to and are usually only limited to the governments public Q&A events which are hosted by the County Commissioner; A vote for Hector will bring for once a councilman who is willing to host these Q&A events himself to hear of any concerns that particular communities have cherished for a large period of time. In order to support my statement I made above on the districts cultures and ethnicities, I plan to look into establishing government funded culture events that will be hosted throughout the district many different communities to help bring awareness to tradition, values and diversity. All of our communities will have a chance to shine as they celebrate their heritage with the entire city and in effect these days will bring support and recognition to the local businesses and help unify those who hold a stereotype over one another. Let's show the rest of Los Santos that we're a district with plenty to offer over the rest!
  11. ResidentPeach

    OwlGaming - Snow Wars

    Guarantee you there will be at least one instance of the snowball being used around illegal roleplayers that'll end with a shooting.
  12. ResidentPeach

    Covington Trucking LLC

  13. ResidentPeach

    Covington Trucking LLC

  14. ResidentPeach

    Require A Thread Locking

    Wagwan pretty straight fandabidozied like, need this thread locking so nonces and bowl headed helmets like joe @unitt don't comment with trash tier joes about his ingrowing toe nails the grebby prick. cheers x

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