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  1. name: raise car driver bid: no i got buyouted comment: dam man tbh thas prety gangasta hahah thats how mafi work!!!
  2. name: raise car driver bid: $10,000 comment: lol ur syin rs haul gay but lok how much $ i hav lol uv been ashemd by rs haul drivr hahaha this gonna be such god raise car haha @ChrisOrLC
  3. Name: race car driver Bid: $3551 Comment: iv ben rs haul for this all day im buy this and turning in raise car
  4. Name: Leen Comment: The buyout is normally a price higher than it should be in case the auction escalates to that point, and should be high because it allows people who don't have spare money to spend to bid and generally participate, too. How about you stop judging on stuff you've got no idea about? Do something productive or at least don't be a pain in the ass. Fix your life up.
  5. thanks for the love <3 note: my name is Juan in real life so it's not racist if I'm ranting myself
  6. thank god!!!! I have done a favor to the community
  7. I think so. If you hit shift and enter at the same time it opens a super high-tech menu. There's a car category, fiddle with that a little bit and don't forget to apply the changes afterward.
  8. i hope it does Enjoy and send screenies. :]
  9. So a lot (I mean a lot) of people have been asking me which ENB I use. I get it really, the truth is, it really does look like a completely different game. However, most of em don't know how to install it, and I don't mind helping - But I thought... What if I just make a topic about it? And boom, here. I am. Here are some screenshots I took with this ENB. If your PC isn't the best, don't worry. I used the highest configs but there's lower, too. I don't know the minimum requirements or anything like that, by the way. Let's move on to the installation: Enjoy. Also, feel more than free to drop your screenshots on the comments.
  10. Your bid has been acknowledged. Congratulations! The time is over and you were the highest bidder. You have won the auction! Contact details will be forwarded soon.
  11. (( @RayPayne @BoBMaRL3Yigh. I'm sorry - This form is still buggy I guess, let me fix it. edit: turns out the starting and whatnot is inside the spoiler, lmao)) Your bid has been acknowledged. Congratulations! You are now leading the auction.
  12. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 1971 Vehicle brand: Nissan Vehicle make: Skyline "Hakosuka" Skyline 2000 GT-R KPGC10 VIN: Hidden. Mileage: 40,073. Description: Go back to 1971 with this piece of artwork with wheels! This Hakosuka is fully stock and surprisingly fully working. With only 40 thousand miles, it still runs like a charm! Images Starting Bid: $48,000 Minimum Increase: $500 Buyout: $80,000
  13. Name: Val Comment: Oh for God's sake, not another one of these... Eugh. I'm willing to make a starting if you un-rice the shit out of it.
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