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  1. don't see the point when imgur is such an easy and simple website to use anyway
  2. Vader

    My facebook account got hacked, please help!

    if you don't even have access to your email then the account is pretty much long gone
  3. Vader

    GTA V giveaway!

  4. Because the line between what counts as general and what counts as exotics is so stupidly thin and unclear that they don't even know themselves which side of the line some cars go
  5. Vader

    [BLOG] CPQL Theft & Political Fraud!

    Name: B.M Comment: fucking hell go to bed
  6. Vader

    [BLOG] CPQL Theft & Political Fraud!

    Name: B.M Comment: shut up you mouthy bastards it's christmas for god's sake
  7. Vader

    SOLD - 2006 Ford GT [ENDS: 29/12/2018]

    Name: Hopkins Comment: Has it been resprayed recently? I believe I saw a blue GT driving around just a few hours ago.
  8. Name: EH Comment: Ethan Hopkins, if it makes you feel better.
  9. Name: EH Comment: When you cheap out on the car with the argument that it is being passed around like a whore but then you put it up on auction two days later. No offense but you are quite a sad individual, although I respect the hustle.
  10. happy birthday, my mate. what do you want as your gift?

    1. Vader


      thanks mate ive got no clue

  11. Name: EH Bid: $26,008
  12. Vader

    farewell nick howard

  13. Vader

    Alternatives to the Google Play Store

    this just Google "*insert literally any app ever created here* apk" and you'll 99% of the times find what you are looking for. I'm not really a fan of any of the "play store alternatives" if I'm going to be completely honest
  14. Vader

    Bank Loans

    which is why you sign contracts and drag their asses right to court if it's not paid back, just as you do in real life.

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