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  1. 200 Gamecoins

    if i dont win i'll see you in court
  2. SUV - 2018 BMW X5M [ENDS: 24th of April]

    Name: Private Comment: Anything done to it? Because last time I checked they are limited to ~116 mph.
  3. Car - 2018 BMW G30 M550i xDrive [ENDS: 20/04/2018]

    Name: Mike Litt Bid: $45008
  4. Car - 2018 BMW G30 M550i xDrive [ENDS: 20/04/2018]

    Name: Scooby Comment: Do you know what the tax is on it ((@Kozinski))
  5. implement one so i can dislike this suggestion
  6. A.R.D.A - Stand up to RICERS!

    I mean, ricers are bad and all but can we just take a moment to talk about the mongoloids that sell modded cars for 400k when they are worth like 40k, and completely ruin the economy even more than ricers
  7. My chauffeur was at gun point when I called but still answered the phone and then picked me up within a few minutes. Also has a nice car. 5/5
  8. [Vehicles] - Disable Pay N Sprays!

    lmao no??? havent this been discussed 500 times already
  9. 4 YEARS AGO...

    I joined sometime in 2015 and played for a while. Then I quit for pretty much all of 2016 and I came back in early 2017.
  10. [GUI] - Better health recognision

    Hover over the heart to show the percentage But yeah, +1 to Scripts idea. Just show the percentage without having to hover over the heart.
  11. Yes if you add a timer on it so you can't instantly enter your vehicle when running away from the cops or something, and just making it harder to abuse it in general. Think it could be pretty useful considering the characters are all brain dead and never enters the right vehicle. Also add it to the menu when you right click the vehicle instead of a command. Otherwise no.
  12. World end at 24.04 or fake ?

    I've become pretty good at surviving the end of the world so I don't think it will be a problem

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