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  1. Vader

    [Show] Terry A. Davis skin

    Are you having a stroke
  2. Vader

    DCS Perms

    I need DCS Perms for @Maikeyy2 and @rasmus plz @Script
  3. Could be added in a completely reworked phone script along with other countless useful features. Owl might honestly have one of the worst and most outdated phone scripts and it really needs to be completely reworked, no offense whoever scripted it.
  4. Vader

    DCS Perms

    I need DCS Perms removed from @Peixoto, @Biggy, @Jordang & @OfficeFax plz @Script
  5. Reworked phone script, the basket thing and the wearables script I hope 🙏
  6. Name: EH 🤔 Comment: https://www.pobewatches.com/rolex-submariner-blue-tachymeter-blue-dial-en58675.html
  7. Vader

    Rate the avatar above you!

    6/10 👏 Change 👏 pitcher 👏
  8. Vader

    Vehicle finance

    There are factions that offer loans and stuff similar to what you are suggesting, and I believe Beverly Avenue Pawn & Loan is one of them.
  9. Is roleplay first report later not a thing anymore
  10. Vader

    Smiths Corporation

    what a good looking fella
  11. Vader

    Dinoco Ltd perms

    Can confirm. @Script
  12. Vader

    DCS Forum Perms

    I need @Kattalys DCS forum perms removed plz @Script
  13. Vader

    Hey It's me Banana Man

    are you alright

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