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  1. Vader

    Unitts on his daily walk

    learn how to meme properly you mong
  2. Vader

    Asherat Al-Muslimon

  3. Vader

    Dinoco perms

    it's a no from me im afraid
  4. Vader

    Damn, It's been awhile....

    rule suggestion;: disallow anime pitchers! πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž πŸ‘Ž πŸ‘Ž
  5. feeling ill and hve a stuffed nose probably have meningitis or aids please call an ambulanceΒ πŸ€§πŸš‘
    #sick #ill #aids #meningitis #ambulance

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    2. iii
    3. Awesome


      get well soon pal

    4. Mogs


      think you've got a cold mate


      drama queen

  6. Vader

    Correct technique?

    what a retard just asking for 10 grand
  7. are these available on owl as well because I want to hit them fat dabs
  8. Vader

    GAT Recruitment Opening

  9. Vader

    Abu's Fast Food

    saudis out september πŸ‘‰πŸšͺ
  10. Vader

    Legal RP

    How do you think DCS managed to beat all of its competitors to become the largest logistics company in San Andreas? Dinoco already had a massive reputation in Los Santos before DCS and on top of that, we offered the cheapest and the fastest services which made it an easy choice for the people. You can't create a faction and expect to become a real competitor within a week if your company doesn't already have a good reputation or if you don't have anything that differs yourself from the current factions that offer the same services.
  11. Dinoco recently took over JGC, which is why they have multiple dealerships they also import boats and planes i believe
  12. @disappoint mind adding a comment regarding this? or even discussing this further with your team and then creating a new topic that goes into detail regarding this question to make it clearer not only for me but for the rest of the server as well as the general/exotic dealership employees
  13. where exactly do you draw the line between general and exotic vehicles because it seems like kind of a gray area at the moment

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