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  2. "The defense has no more witnesses to call." (( @ThatGuy ))
  3. Restore your windows or fix it using a disk/usb boot. That should allow you to run a valid version of windows without having to reformat your partition. It sounds like your windows got corrupted during the power outage, but if that doesn't work then you might want to check up your RAMs and HDD. Go for the software check first, then if it doesn't work you'll have to try to replace or go to a technician to see if your hardware is fine. Edit: Even if your HDD has corrupted segments, a restoration should override and not use said segments (always has for me).
  4. "Objection your honor, the prosecution is badgering the witness over an already answered question. He's already stated that Mr. Alpers was never an employee and that him getting to the armory wasn't his mistake." (( @Wright @BremboBG @ThatGuy ))
  5. "Still, why hire a known felon?" (( After you answer that, I'll say: )) "The defense has no more questions your honor." (( @BremboBG @Wright ))
  6. "Did you know that Mr. Alpers was a felon?" "Mr. Cunningham, can you please elaborate on how and the reasons behind picking a felon such as Mr. Alpers?" "Has Mr. Alpers been contractually signed and given authority by you to acquire the sort of weaponry found on him?" "Was he at all told that he should wait, or ordered by you to perform anything you would consider out of the ordinary, that is something that a regular employee would not, reasonably deduce, that they ought to do such an action?" (( @BremboBG, the questions are separate and would be asked after you finish answering the previous ones. ))
  7. (( Had internet issues, my bad. )) "The defense finds no option but to call Martin Cunningham to the stand. "
  8. (( How it goes about IRL is that the court issues a subpoena to the person which you get through hand delivery, e-mail, or through mail. Once you get served the subpoena, you're expected to either go to court or be found in contempt of court warranting an arrest. ))
  9. "The defense calls Fredich Alpers to the stand." (( @ThatGuy @Wright ))
  10. "The defense would like to move to examination in order to call witnesses to the stand, as the only proof would be witness testimony due to the nature of the situation, your honor." (( @ThatGuy @Wright ))
  11. (( Yeah the dude's on bail so there's really no pressure. In my mind courtrooms & paperwork usually takes a LOT of time, so it's all in good heart. @ThatGuy )) "Yes, your honor. My client, Martin Cunningham, has been a respectable government employee with no history of erroneous actions or any sort of negligence within his work until this incident. On the 30th of September, of this year, my client had been in an interview with Friedrich Alpers, discussing the hiring process and placing in motion a plan to hire Friedrich Alpers. My client knew that Friedrich Alpers was a felon, and hence was going to take the necessary measures in order to prevent Friedrich Alpers from ever holding a weapon personally. The reason as to why my client specifically wanted Friedrich Alpers was due to his experience. Friedrich Alpers had paramilitary experience. He owned a serious security company named Blackhawk Tactical Solutions which ran under RPMF, and had heavy training. Friedrich Alpers was never really going to be hired to do the work himself, but instead train and give his insight to other employees." "The real issue is that within a few hours, Friedrich Alpers made his way to the lockers and acquired weapons which were already in the locker, as sort of a preset, since all employees with the rank that he was going to be would have the access. My client had no time to change said weaponry, and had specifically instructed Friedrich Alpers to wait until the paperwork is done." "That's all. Thank you, your honor."
  12. (( TBF it was painfully obvious that it's an OOC issue at heart but for the sake of good roleplay I tried my best to blend any OOC reasoning into IC reasoning. The main issue is that the dude was told OOC not to do anything until he gets his paperwork - being the duties - done and the guy whom I'm representing logs off. He logs back on to find this whole thing having taken place. I just figured I'd share this portion of information ahead so that in case you find this justified ground to consider dismissing the case, then we wouldn't have to waste time. ))
  13. "Motion to strike for redundancy, the plaintiff is repeating himself. We've already been over the badge sentence, no badge was ever produced and the defense asks for direct evidence, as the bodycam footage does not show a badge on Fredich Alpers, although he had a weapon. Fredich Alpers' existence on the database does not mean he was hired. Multiple cadets are within the Police Department's database, this does not mean they're hired. They're in their training period, as Fredich Alpers was." (( @ThatGuy ))
  14. "My client has never issued a badge to Fredich Alpers. Unless if the plaintiff may provide the badge and a testimony that my client had issued a badge to Fredich Alpers, then the defense motions to strike that statement. Fredich Alpers was still in training, with his paperwork not even finished and was told so in person by my client. My client's statement concerning 'letting anyone with a badge do so' was a generic, mocking statement, concerning how the guard's mishandled the situation." (( NPCs allow people to enter lockers simply through being in the F3. The "badge" was used here as an IC term to describe an OOC phenomena. )) "However, it still remains that mister Cunningham had clearly told Fredich Alpers not to consider himself an employee yet as he had never received training, nor was he issued a badge. The fact that Fredich Alpers decided to, nonetheless, enter the lockers and mislead the guard by withholding information is fraud through misrepresentation. My client should not be held accountable for Fredich Alpers' shenanigans." * Martin takes a few seconds, then continues. * "Mister Cunningham had also never signed any paperwork with Fredich Alpers. There was no contract of hiring Fredich Alpers at the point where he had entered the lockers. Legally speaking, Fredich Alpers was never even an employee. Mister Cunningham is being tried for hiring a felon when no hiring had contractually taken place."
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