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  1. maramizo

    [STATE] The People v. Martin Cunningham [11/05]

    "The evidence is incomplete. This is an objection to the nature of admissibility of the material evidence presented, being the service mandate. This service mandate, which the plaintiff acknowledged as the basic requirements, has been stripped out of the context that it was only set into motion after Fredich Alpers was allegedly hired. Even if my client had legally hired Fredich Alpers, there is no contract that effectively obligated my client to specifically avoid hiring felons, in contrast to the out of context evidence." (( @ThatGuy @EvilScotsman ))
  2. maramizo

    [STATE] The People v. Martin Cunningham [11/05]

    "Objection, your honor. The plaintiff is misleading the court by claiming that these requirements were active when the defense had started hiring mister Alpers. These requirements were only ever posted after mister Alpers was hired." (( @ThatGuy @EvilScotsman ))
  3. First of all Hello and after greetings, I'd like to tell you that I want to make a request to remove my ban.
    First, the reason for the ban is multiple accounts, but when I did two accounts, I didn't know very well. Rules of the Rolla play this was a long time ago, and in the meantime, two accounts were created without the knowledge of the multiple accounts rule and now I've learned all the rules and I want to apply I learned lesson from mistakes, please help me with that. Thank.

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    2. Plurfect
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    4. EDR


      Greetings, as the handling administrator I declare this ban appeal denied, in addition you have the biggest gay.


      Kind regards,

      Your dad

  4. maramizo

    [STATE] The People v. Martin Cunningham [11/05]

    (( Bail has been posted. ))
  5. maramizo

    [STATE] The People v. Martin Cunningham [11/05]

    "Defense pleads not guilty to all charges, your honor."
  6. maramizo

    [STATE] The People v. Martin Cunningham [11/05]

    "Defense is present, your honor."
  7. maramizo

    [STATE] The People v. Martin Cunningham [11/05]

    (( @Urshankov @ThatGuy @bartman ))
  8. maramizo

    [STATE] The People v. Martin Cunningham [11/05]

    ** Martin Zackary walks into the defense's bench, and sits. He awaits the justice. **
  9. depends on the car ot: you can report people if you think their roleplay is unrealistic
  10. maramizo

    Almqvist Estates vs. Rashard Powell

    (( I don't think he has logged in in a while. ))
  11. katherine wants some she called you fabulous 

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      OH. RIP Nolan

    3. JameZ


      What happens behind those chambers? 😏

    4. Urshankov


      What happens in the chambers stays in the chambers.

  12. maramizo

    How to deal with SAMP people

  13. "The operation was never shut down. The shops are on hiatus until they have the required licenses. Let it be noted that even when the shops were not allowed to legally operate, the defendant still sold the supplies in order to maximize the revenues for the duration. If it was the intent of my client to defraud the business, the supplies could have been moved out, rather than sold, and once the 14-days period is over, he could sell the supplies. Instead, my client sold the supplies, shut down the shops, requested a business license and now waits on the license to be acquired. The defense pleads that the actions taken by miss Fuller during two days from the signing of the contract were unreasonable, as no major changes have occurred that would imply that the business is fraudulent in nature." (( @Zebulon @JameZ ))
  14. "The plaintiff mentions the email that, itself says, 'the contract cannot be canceled'. Miss Veronica's 'supervisory' position is under-ranked by the owners of Tupan's Superstore. She held a minor share, and, contractually, she was expected to take part in the advertising and hiring processes. If Miss Veronica had the legal right to be in the store whenever she willed, then why did she not have a key to the store? Lacking such an item, and that she's never asked for one, show that there was no expectancy for store management." "Again, your honor, if the plaintiff cannot pinpoint as to how the defendant had breached the contract, then the defense asks for a motion to dismiss the asset returns." (( @Zebulon @JameZ ))
  15. "Your honor, the store belongs to Tupan's Superstores. The defense was in their capacity to lock, unlock, or even order the plaintiff to leave the perimeter. Unless if the plaintiff can specifically state as to how the contract was breached on mister Cunningham's part, then it hasn't. Also note that the contract had clearly stated that if the company is not shut down within fourteen days, she would then be entitled to 35% of the profit. The plaintiff had no right to be in the store as the fourteen days had not yet passed. I'm quoting miss Lawrence's original claim pursuing this court; 'The contract disallowed miss Fuller from receiving her share, since it requires the business to be successful for atleast 14 days." "That is the plaintiff's attorney's statement. It shows how clear the contract is, that the plaintiff should not and could not attempt to legally pursue revenues or profits under fourteen days. The store, belonging to Tupan's Superstores, even after the fourteen days, could still be locked as it is owned by Tupan's Superstores, and not the plaintiff. The plaintiff could simply ask, after the fourteen days are over, for the profit from the defense. Instead, the plaintiff, wishing for a change of heart, to attempt to defraud a legally operating business in order to re-acquire non-refundable assets traded for shares." (( @Zebulon @JameZ ))

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