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  1. Cant agree more to the eating bit. Making all kinds of gains.
  2. Thank you for the kind words. My left leg completely gave in during army physical. I was 5km into a run when my left leg went completely numb. Surgeon confirmed a crushed nerve. Anyhow, see you ingame
  3. Heyo fellas. Got a honorable discharge from the army due to an injury, im now working as a full time mechanic repairing common-rail fuel pumps. I barely have anything to do at the pc, so what better way to spend my time than return here? I intend to continue from where I left off - build unique rides, hopefully.
  4. I find it fucking catastrophicaly sad that community members are still up the ass of Invicto for no fucking reason at all. During my stint it was the same. I suggest all you haters back the fuck off and let them do their thing. Please, with a sugar on the top. Let this develop. Cant believe people are still using the term ricer with no valid explanation. Regardless of the retards, I wish you all the best with this and im looking forwards of meeting yall ingame through my contacts. Cheers.
  5. A heavy snowstorm. Regular cars with FWD / RWD that arent raised rendered useless. Bicycles useless. only people capable of moving about are with pickup trucks, trucks and such. This goes for the PD aswell. Snowstorms usually cause the collapse of certain objects like trees. Turn it into a controled chaos. Cut powerlines in certain districts. This would also promote a very very good winter paintball event. Or skiing event maybe? The winter theme should be continued.
  6. Name: B.I Comment: 30,000$ starting bid for a 17,000$ car..
  7. Im defo interested, even in the development process. I wish I could help out but im in the learning stages of JS, HTML and CSS aswell as C++, so It sucks that I cant do much to help. This is definetly an amazing addition to GTA V.
  8. Name: Auctioneer. Comment: Lowered buyout. One day remaining.
  9. Name: Auctioneer Comment: Three days remaining. Ends at 23:59 on the 20th of October GMT +2.
  10. Name:Auctioneer Comment: Lowered buyout by a quarter of a million.
  11. Name: Auctioneer Comment : Updated description.
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