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  1. Name: B.I Comment: 30,000$ starting bid for a 17,000$ car..
  2. smirklis

    Will you be there?

    Im defo interested, even in the development process. I wish I could help out but im in the learning stages of JS, HTML and CSS aswell as C++, so It sucks that I cant do much to help. This is definetly an amazing addition to GTA V.
  3. Name: Auctioneer. Comment: Lowered buyout. One day remaining.
  4. Name: Auctioneer Comment: Three days remaining. Ends at 23:59 on the 20th of October GMT +2.
  5. Name:Auctioneer Comment: Lowered buyout by a quarter of a million.
  6. Name: Auctioneer Comment : Updated description.
  7. Los Santos Auction House - Residential Property Type: Residential Address: Blueberry Lumberjack Farm Description: An amazing business opportunity, an amazing place of residence, great location with great views all around. Recently established ownership of the land and huge security investment.Recently installed brand new fencing all around, every building is deployed with two 1080P audio and video CCTV cameras. Properties that are currently useable, have extra security measures like keypads, smoke detectors, alarms with auto dialers. The property also has three pitbull guard dogs roaming the property looking for intruders. Moreover, the property has various hidden cameras. For the person purchasing the property - You can finish up the current structures(which already have security items installed) to have even more useable properties. Currently three properties are 100% useable. Gate or gates must be installed which is already permitted (Included in the price, of course). Exterior Images: Interior Images: Starting Bid: 100,000$ Minimum Increase: 10,000$ Buyout: 550,000$ Auction ends: 20.10.2017 Contact Information: [email protected] (( FORUM PM )) (( BOTH IC AND OOC COMMENTS ARE DISABLED , UNLESS A BID IS PLACED ))
  8. As I said. EXCEPTIONS for less valuable items are to be made. on something like 50$ items, of course you can allow 1$ increase.
  9. Rule Discussion Subject: Auction house - Minimum increase I want to...: Revise Elaboration: Basicaly, I have seen some auctions lately that have a minimum increase of 1$ from previous bid. This basicaly means unnecessary spam on forums. I believe it should be set that the next bid is at the very least 500$ more than the previous bid. I see only advantages to this. Exceptions for less valuable items is only common sense.
  10. Name: B.I Comment: You are out of your fuckin' mind if you think this is worth any more than 50,000$.
  11. @ThatGuy When will the verdict be presented? This case has just been standing still for days. Im okay if the CK gets reversed if my character gets refunded 50,000$ and his record cleaned from this charge.
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