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  1. ?

    1. Script


      leave my mate alone, @JameZ

    2. JameZ


      hes my mate not yours so try again

  2. Reacted

    GAT Update - January 24th, 2018

    @Script grats ma mafakin niggaaaahhhhahaaaaaaaaa ex dees to the max @Mowafy my co-worker, together we'll build our lovely pyramid x Congratulations to those who made it!
  3. Reacted

    Character Kill Appeal - DeMarcus Rackinson

  4. Reacted

    [Poll] Server Event

    This sounds fun tbh
  5. Reacted

    Character Kill Appeal - DeMarcus Rackinson

    Right, sorry for the delay. I'm going to need some evidence from both sides, failure to do so will result in not considering what you're saying. @eoozy @jayjay
  6. Reacted

    Character Kill Appeal - DeMarcus Rackinson

    From what I see here from my side, you guys did not have a CK app on DeMarcus Rackinson.
  7. @Restrepo You have won the auction! Contact information will be sent to you to arrange the meeting.
  8. Reacted

    SAN | Los Santos, Gun Capital of San Andreas?

    Username: Ex Comment: This city is never going to change...
  9. Reacted

    [Command] - A special /ed for admins

    If this is to be enforced, then mechanics shouldn't have the 'repair' ability. They simply report for an admin to get the vehicle fixed after proper RP was done. About the bugs and GTA physics, I think there's something that says you should RP whatever even if was caused due to bugs/lag, not quite sure tho.
  10. Reacted

    [Command] - A special /ed for admins

    I like it, you've got my support on this one. This might sound mad, but getting rid of pay n spray would totally support your idea and support the decent mechanical roleplay.
  11. Leading! (( @Restrepo ))
  12. Leading. (( @Blastafary ))
  13. hello whos this

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    2. Rauf


      @Reacted let's not talk to these snakes, man.

    3. JameZ



    4. Rauf


      right off you pop mate.


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