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  1. From what I see here from my side, you guys did not have a CK app on DeMarcus Rackinson.
  2. @Restrepo You have won the auction! Contact information will be sent to you to arrange the meeting.
  3. SAN | Los Santos, Gun Capital of San Andreas?

    Username: Ex Comment: This city is never going to change...
  4. [Command] - A special /ed for admins

    If this is to be enforced, then mechanics shouldn't have the 'repair' ability. They simply report for an admin to get the vehicle fixed after proper RP was done. About the bugs and GTA physics, I think there's something that says you should RP whatever even if was caused due to bugs/lag, not quite sure tho.
  5. [Command] - A special /ed for admins

    I like it, you've got my support on this one. This might sound mad, but getting rid of pay n spray would totally support your idea and support the decent mechanical roleplay.
  6. Leading! (( @Restrepo ))
  7. Leading. (( @Blastafary ))
  8. hello whos this

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    2. Rauf


      @Reacted let's not talk to these snakes, man.

    3. JameZ



    4. Rauf


      right off you pop mate.

  9. happy birthday you fat knob

  10. Rant I guess

    Ehhh, maybe everyone thinks Khram is invincible because Khram always tried to find proper roleplayers? I mean look at those illegal factions who were trying to take over the market or w/e, the half of them were trollers/troublemakers and the other half were good RP'ers, but they couldn't find manpower to help them with their plans. I'm not supporting Khram nor any other illegal faction that stands in its way. It's just my opinion from what I've noticed over the past few months. Khram is a quite organized illegal faction not because of their plans on Discord or because of Loki (FT member and Khram founder), but because they managed to find roleplayers who are up to illegal RP standards before anything else. Pretty sure if a faction decided to find proper illegal RP'ers around, they can take down Khram. The whole point is that the leaders of those illegal factions recruit non-trolling members for their factions, in which leads to the slowly death of their faction. Speaking about the elections, yes, everybody have the right to know the election results, but it remains IC'ly. If you want to argue about that, take it ICly. I believe there are more than ten ways at least to argue about that.
  11. Unless someone buyout!

    Apart from the "offensive" words, I like you.

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