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  1. *Eileen Woodvine enters, sitting at the witness stand once more.* (( @Zebulon ))
  2. "The dashcam provided doesn't show any reckless driving or excessive force, so no I do not believe that the policies were broken at that time. Furthermore, it doesn't seem as though any person was injured during this pursuit, and there was no sign of visual damage when the vehicle was moved out of the fleet." (( @Restrepo ))
  3. "The vehicle was approved for use at that time, yes. I recall informing you on the day, which was April 27th, that you were able to use the vehicle. The vehicle then subsequently joined the HSIU fleet, before being removed shortly after." (( @Restrepo ))
  4. "No, it is not. However, an officer still has a job to do. A ride-along shouldn't prevent an officer from doing anything they would otherwise do on a standard Lincoln patrol." (( @Zebulon ))
  5. Imports will carry on as usual mates : )
  6. "Vehicle pursuits are often unpredictable and therefore can cause issues. However if an officer becomes overly aggressive in pursuits then internal punishment will follow, and that's how it's been done in the past. If officers stick to the policies and follow the procedures then they shouldn't become overly aggressive, and shouldn't take unnecessary risk. However, it ultimately falls under the officer's decision at the time as decisions in pursuits, such as whether to continue or not to continue for example, is at the officer's discretion. To answer your question, not necessarily. If officers did everything according to the document, then there shouldn't be any major issues." @Zebulon
  7. Majority of large farms are used for family RPers. The large farms up in the hill have inactivity protection on them all the time, meaning that players cannot make use of that particular plot. I know that cliff town had interest in one property for farming and such and tried to go about getting the property ICly, but the player never logged on and it still has activity protection till this day. Properties such as that should be realistic, and shouldn't be used for private pools and such. Not many people have gone into agriculture RP though and typically give up. However there is a niche who do want to do it, but cannot due to these ints being hoarded. Certain large farms however, to keep with immersion, could perhaps be monitored and controlled by FT to ensure that only players who wish to RP that sort of thing can make use of it.
  8. Archiving as the property was force-sold.
  9. "The main goal of the pursuit policies was to iron out all the problems we had at the time. We had a lot of damages reported on our vehicles as a result of aggressive ramming. We had a vehicle completely destroyed as a result of an officer driving it on train tracks. Furthermore, we had an abundance of unmarked units taking part, and taking lead in pursuits. Our policies in regards to pursuits prior to this document were broad and lacked detail and instruction. I felt, at the time, that detailed policies and procedures needed to be put in place to avoid reports about officers becoming overly aggressive and eager in pursuits." @Zebulon
  10. **Eileen Woodvine stands up, stepping up to the witness stand**
  11. Name: Bryn Comment: I hope that there's going to be some compensation for those affected by this.
  12. Name: Bryn Cartwright Comment: Hey Klaus. When can we expect a bigger focus on state benefits for those who cannot work due to disabilities x
  13. Hello, After speaking to Unitts, we decided that I'll be handling this CK appeal instead. So after running logs, and reading through everything on this thread it appears that the actual CK reasoning is perfectly valid. DrJoseEvil summed it up nicely, and I'll add the specific part to reiterate my point: Regardless of anything you may have said, such as changing your mind ICly due to what Rose or Sean said, Earl Irwin took what was said prior ICly and you were seen as a liability. He was not aware of your changed intentions, so he acted off what he knew ICly and that was that you had threatened to kill him. Regardless of the fact, you were always going to be seen as a liability the moment you said those words. In regards to any discrepancies to the execution of the CK itself, I believe most of them have been cleared up. Earl Irwin had come up behind you @DarkGlasses and saw you in the bush, exactly where you were hiding. He backed off and got some distance. I'm not sure if you were AFK at this time or what, but that's what essentially happened. As he knew you exact position, he was able to shoot multiple rounds in your general direction and obviously since you hadn't moved, you were killed as a result. As for Salsa switching alts, I've run the logs and I don't really see it as much of an issue. He had switched alts and was discussing a merger with you over PMs, and presumably that was the reason why he switched. He was siding with the Jackals originally, but when there was word of a PD investigation which was instigated presumably by you, he acted on that information ICly. There is no evidence of metagaming from either sides. I also do not believe that Salsa switching character was an issue, as everything he done was IC and had IC justification from what I've been told. if you do still have concerns, I suggest you take it to a staff report rather than it being handled here as I don't see it having much of a bearing on the CK itself. In my opinion, a situation such as this is bordering between a PK and a CK. However, I believe that the IC information that Earl had, and the evidence he had given to support this was enough to tip the scales in favour of a CK. Mainly because he offered you guys a deal, you disrespected him. Later on when the situation most mostly cleared up, you also had said that you had intent to kill him. The reasoning is pretty simple, he killed you before you would kill him.
  14. This is already being discussed, and Unitts will post him verdict and speak to any involved players when he can. For the time being, any further comments will be removed as its toxic rather than constructive. If you have issues with each other, take it to PMs. Cheers x
  15. **Eileen Woodvine enters the court room, sitting in the gallery**
  16. Actually a good idea. Some type of disaster which is the main server event, then some sort of charity event to follow. Best of both worlds.
  17. I agree. As I said, if there's development behind it, should be all gucci. Usually it's just a quick flood and that's it.
  18. The music event would probably be the most time consuming to prepare for, and would probably have the worst pay-off and probably won't extend to the whole playerbase. This is something that can be done by players also, I know that @QueenC had something similar planned as a player-ran event, likely through Dinoco so I don't believe it's needed. In terms of choosing who players want there, it'll be a full line-up I assume to showcase each genre but it needs to be somewhat realistic too. I'd like to see something new, as all of the listed events have been done in the past. I enjoy the floods, but it's usually over within a few hours and the aftermath stuff is usually more of an annoyance than enjoyable RP. The past terrorist event which players voted on was never finished as far as I'm aware too so there's not much point doing something like that again, because there was obviously a lack of interest. With the terrorist event though, there was a lot of build up which was nice, and it kept things fresh so I'd like to see more development with whatever event we choose to do.
  19. LSPD currently run the paintball arena. We'll likely be opening it a lot more once activity picks back up.
  20. only for a bit isnt it
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