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  1. Name: Howard Sweeney Comment: what the hell
  2. happy birthday mate the big 16 x

  3. Username: Jimedy Ticket number: 18
  4. You can't blame this on the use of binds, you tried to make a bind yourself judging by the logs you posted. Regardless of whether you tried to run them over or not, or weren't given a change to run them over, you still disregarded afterwards. If you failed to run them over, and you knew they have a gun then common sense dictates that you don't chase them, and certainly do not attempt to ram them off the road. As I said, this appeal is denied. If you have any new evidence, feel free to PM me on discord.
  5. But the fact of the matter is, you didn't run them over. I don't see how your intentions to run them over is relevant here, you have to act upon it for it to be valid.
  6. Run them over? They were in the car. When the admin told you all to re-rp, you didn't once attempt to run them over.
  7. You were given a re-rp, and you acted the same way. When something doesn't go your way ICly, we don't then give you another chance to do something differently. I don't know what you're referring to, giving you chance to type in that situation wouldn't change the outcome. @7Toretto
  8. After reviewing the logs, and the following video: In the video, Lamar Smith RP'd pulling out his gun prior to leaving the scene and shouted at you to leave. Instead of leaving and contacting the police, you instead took the matter into your own hands and tried to ram the kidnappers, essentially disregarding your life. Although Lamar didn't push his bind at the time of shooting, he never RP'd putting it away so it is presumed to still be in his hand, so there was no need to roleplay it there. Unless new evidence comes to light, I'll be denying this appeal. @7Toretto
  9. Hello, I'd first like to start out by saying that your English and roleplay is truly questionable. Every situation that you're involved in that doesn't go your way, results is an OOC mess. Moving on from that, I've read through the logs of the situation. On the first occurrence, you tried to intentionally ram someone holding a gun. However, that was Re-RP'd from what I can see. The logs don't really show what happened during the Re-RP that caused the CK, the only thing I can see is your attempt to make a bind. Tagging @7Toretto and @Mahjarrat to explain the events leading to the CK, anything before that was voided or reversed is irrelevant.
  10. If I require your input on the situation, I'll tag you. Until then, please do not comment and clutter the threat.
  11. This isn't a thread for everyone to put their opinions. No further comments unless you're tagged.
  12. Hello, I'll be handling this appeal. I'll read over the narrative and speak to the handling admin and give my verdict shortly.
  13. **An announcement would be sent to all ticket holders**
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