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  1. Thursday, May 7, 2020 POINT OF CONTACT: Chief of Police Devin Altman - [email protected] (( @Mogs )), Lieutenant Richard Bankfield - [email protected] (( @Express )) LSPD Investigating Two Linked Homicides At 10PM on Tuesday the 28TH of April, the Los Santos Police Department received a 9-1-1 call regarding a body found in Sandy Shores. Officers responded to the scene and discovered the body of a female which was found stored in a large wooden box along side Joshua Road. The victim was identified on the scene, and her steps were subsequently retraced by a d
  2. Most people are not going to log in game when there is nothing to do just to wait for others to get online. We need something that's going to get players engaged and in game regardless of the player count. i.e more features, more roleplay opportunities etc. Can't just blame it completely on the current community for not logging in.
  3. I still believe we can do more in terms of outreach to newer players. I understand that we've recently had a trailer made, but this needs to be spread to people who would actually be interested in joining t the server. GTA/RP forums are a great way to do this, for example. The server needs to be new player friendly too. We have the tutorial already in place, but joining the server is a bit of a dive. It's extremely difficult to actually build up money and get anywhere currently. If a player wants a nice car & house then it is a serious grind. The faction choices are limited too
  4. I don't think that LSPD skins were a priority when moving to LS so were left out. I'm sure @Daniels will add the vanilla LSPD skins in the near future considering there is interest and use in having them implemented. I'm all for them though, and/or custom skins if the files aren't too large.
  5. never seen you about but welcome to owlgaming
  6. I think gmod is easier to do and more accessible to people. Just vary the gamemode. Start off with classic TTT, and then we can do sled building, flood, prop hunt, death run depending on what people want.
  7. Option 3 means the whole map is open. I don’t see how it’s better than 1. People are obviously going to buy property in LS so it will just split the playerbase, meaning both areas will be completely abandoned.
  8. @GioSerpo If we were to move to LS then everything would be moved over, even your business I assume. I personally prefer LS as an RP zone as it provides more opportunity, but I think that RP and factions should try to concentrate on one area instead of spreading everything across the entire city.
  9. Name: Steph Comment: I cannot support myself without my disability allowance. Do you plan on cutting it off?
  10. Mogs


    Admins typically scrutinise roleplay such as lockpicking, and ensure it meets the server's standard of roleplay. Back and forth arguing isn't really going anywhere though. People have put their opinions very clearly so rather than derailing the entire suggestion, it is probably best to end this particular discussion.
  11. you having a PJ day with the niece and nephew like me

    1. Enzooo


      nah hes having a pj day with ur mum


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