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  1. Mogs

    farewell nick howard

    link me
  2. Mogs

    farewell nick howard

    Zebulon - 12/01/2016 Hey random question! Im going to be downtown today for a meeting this mornjng lol just tossing this out there but would happily meet for lunch or something 😛 always cool to meet new people Zebulon - 12/01/2016 Hey ^^^ @Antonia lol Antonia - 12/01/2016 Wha Zebulon - 12/01/2016 Look above Im downtown Want to do lunch lol Antonia - 12/01/2016 I'm at work Zebulon - 12/01/2016 Balls! Or tits In your case Lol Antonia - 12/01/2016 Lol Zebulon - 12/01/2016 Another time perhaps lol you tried mate 😰
  3. Mogs

    farewell nick howard

    hey connor mate hows it going yeah you know me just your typical business man
  4. Mogs

    farewell nick howard

    werent that you in your discord after losing your district looooool
  5. Mogs

    Spotify Wrapped 2018

  6. Name: Craig Comment: get rid of that fat cunt looool
  7. Mogs

    Character Kill Appeal - Diaz Viceroy

    Hello, After reviewing the CK appeal, I've decided that I will be refusing this CK. By running away from the officers, Diaz posed no threat to any of the officers and to shoot in that situation was not warranted, and should not have lead to a CK. If he originally run toward the officer then I can a CK being valid, however as there is no proof of this I cannot uphold the CK on this reason. I don't believe Vubstersmurf acted maliciously in this case, there was a lot of conflicting information at the time which caused confused. However, as you were currently wanted by the police you'll have to be arrested and the appropriate charges should be laid on you. I'll unCK you sometime today and I will /arrest your character with the charges. @Shekelberg
  8. Mogs

    Character Kill Appeal - Diaz Viceroy

    Hello. I'll be handling this CK appeal. I'll read the narratives and evidence and will reach a decision shortly.
  9. **Huw Edward enters the room, as he takes a seat at the plaintiff's desk**
  10. Mogs

    Forums took a shit for me

    I cleared them, and I could view the chatbox when logged out but as soon as I logged in it buggd out again.
  11. Mogs

    Forums took a shit for me

    My shoutbox only works if I type in it. I'm on firefox, been like this for months and haven't really found a fix.
  12. Mogs

    Appreciate a Staff Member!

    peace agreement is over
  13. Mogs

    Future of Dinoco & Situation with Gov

    Name: Edwards Comment: Go back to school.
  14. Mogs

    Future of Dinoco & Situation with Gov

    Name: H. Edwards Comment: @Big Brother Relevance?
  15. Mogs

    Future of Dinoco & Situation with Gov

    Name: H. Edwards Comment: I strongly believe in the freedom to vote for whoever I wish. The current government is poorly run, and I feel the need as a citizen of Los Santos to express my professional opinion on the matter. The county commissioner and the government shouldn't be so petty, pathetic and butthurt to cancel a contract which we've worked hard to fulfill. Nicholas Howard is using the government and its powers to get back at the hard-working citizens who oppose him. First by canceling a government contract, to now attempting to seize Dinoco's assets with unjustified reasoning. The government is putting revenge before the interests of its city. If Nicholas Howard is trying his hardest to kill a large corporation which pays a hefty amount to the government through corporate tax, then I really see no reason to stick around if he wins in the upcoming election. Get him out.

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