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  1. Los Santos Police Department - Vehicle Auction Year: 2017 Make: Mercedes Benz Model: G65 AMG 4MATIC Mileage: 874 Starting Bid: $220,000 Minimum Increase: $1,000 Buyout: N/A Auction Ends: 17th February 2019 Contact Info: #311 or EMAIL [email protected] (( @Mogs ))
  2. Mogs

    Car - 2016 Porsche Cayman GT4 [ENDS: 13/02/2019]

    name: barry barrington comment: you stole that car from me give it back
  3. (( People dont go to pizza stacks because of the name, its largely because of its location. Moving it to the mall wont do anything. Issue witg malls currently is that its too expensive with custom NPCs to provide decent items/furniture etc than whats provided in pre-set NPCs.))
  4. (( I'm not saying they shouldn't. They can go for it if they wish but it will never work out how they plan. It's just common knowledge that malls are not likely to work. Maybe when the player base increases, but right now there's no chance. ))
  5. (( You can't force them to do so. If the demand isn't there then its sometimes not worth pushing for it. ))
  6. (( Makes no sense for people to move RP zone when everything they want is at pizza stacks. Just doesn't work and won't ever work ))
  7. Mogs

    Appreciate a Staff Member!

    @Vubstersmurf @Almeida JOE @Unitts @Script @QueenC @Bum
  8. Name: Barry Comment: look at what youve done to my bloody shed MAN
  9. Mogs

    OwlGaming Game Night #3

    Might also be worth downloading CSS textures. https://fragboss.com/gmod-textures-fix-css-textures/ It's a small download, just need to extract the file in the .rar into steam/steamapps/garrymods/garrymods/addons You only need to download the textures, not the maps. PM me on discord if you need help downloading it.
  10. Mogs

    OwlGaming Game Night #3

    Hey team, Collection that we'll be using for Garry's Mod TTT is: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1585923010 If you want to avoid any download times, download this before hand. It's not required, just saves some time is all. Thank.
  11. "Your honor, After a simple exchange with the LSPD, I was able to retrieve the full firearm registry list which I was seeking in the subpoena, and that the district attorney could apparently not find." **Offers the document to the bailiff** "As you can see, two firearms were registered on that day. One being a rifle, and the other being a pistol. They were both processed and registered under the same serial due to a clerical error. Miss Woods had clear intention to register her firearm and should not be found guilty of the offence due to a simple mistake." (( @Zebulon @EvilScotsman ))
  12. Mogs


    *Barry Barrington walks by a poster and stops.* Guess I'm runnin low on toilet paper... *Rips the poster off the pole and keeps walking.*
  13. hopefully you can claim back your ttt gamer of the month award
  14. Name: peepee poopoo man starting on the first vehicle !

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