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  1. Name: Steph Comment: I cannot support myself without my disability allowance. Do you plan on cutting it off?
  2. Los Santos County Sheriff's Department "A Tradition of Service" Sheriff, Devin Altman Los Santos County, 95249 #1 Paleto Boulevard, Paleto Bay Telephone, 311 Firearm License Requests The Los Santos County Sheriff's Department are now accepting firearm license requests. General information such as application requirements and process will be outlined in this post. To apply for a CCWP, please use the following link - CLICK HERE Application Requirements: Must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age or older. Must be a resident in any recognized municipality or county within the boundaries of the County of Los Santos. Must reside in a fixed address which can be subject to inspection when required. Must have spent at least ten months within the County of Los Santos at a fixed residence. Must not have a criminal record consisting of felonies or misdemeanors against property or person and may temporarily be denied for lesser misdemeanors that have been recorded in the past two years (( 2 weeks )). Must fill out all fields to the best of their abilities, failure to fill out even a single field may lead to instant denial. Must be mentally stable, and pass a mental evaluation if a previous history of mental disorders is found. (( Must have at least 10 hours on the character you're applying on. )) Application Process Deviations from this process may be taken at the discretion of the firearms licensing division without notice. A typical application will be processed in the following way, consisting of such steps: The applicant submits a firearm license application, using the appropriate format, to the licensing desk of the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department. The Los Santos County Sheriff's Department will send an acknowledgement to the applicant, informing them that their application has been received and is being processed; pending background check and preliminary investigations. NOTE: you will not be able to see your application once you post it to the licensing desk, if you have not received a response from the LSSD FLD within 3-days you may either inquire with a member of Firearms Licensing or submit another application to the desk Once the application has been processed, the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department will send a notice to the applicant on whether they have passed the background check and preliminary investigations. If they passed. At this point, the applicant will receive access to the firearm safety course and will be expected to read through the course. Once they have read through the course, the applicant may complete the examination to ensure they have read. All applicants (Tier 1 & Tier 2) have seventy-two (72) hours to revise the Firearm Information & Safety Course. After that, the applicant will be given their QAE, and will have forty-eight (48) hours to complete and hand the exam back to their handler. The examination will then be reviewed by the firearms licensing team and it will determine whether or not you're issued a firearm permit. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to submit a public contact by clicking here.
  3. Admins typically scrutinise roleplay such as lockpicking, and ensure it meets the server's standard of roleplay. Back and forth arguing isn't really going anywhere though. People have put their opinions very clearly so rather than derailing the entire suggestion, it is probably best to end this particular discussion.
  4. you having a PJ day with the niece and nephew like me

  5. You're free to use my NordVPN account. Hmu on discord Mogs#1353
  6. Because there's no variation in SD vehicles.
  7. Custom PD cruisers would be so much nicer. Currently we're having to make do with LSPD cruisers which is ugly. Other suggestions are nice. Makes the job in PD a lot nicer. Especially priors etc, pretty essential when conducting regular duties. Not true. Many of the cruisers are using the LSPD livery.
  8. Yes. Ability to delete items should also be implemented.
  9. Mogs


    There's a few admin commands which don't function properly. Believe this is being worked on as we speak and will likely be fixed very soon so the random crashing is a temporary thing fortunately.
  10. Mogs


    I think adjusting from MTA to V is difficult, because there's a lot less features. It'll probably take time for everyone to get used to it, but I've had a few niche RPs w/o any scripts and I much prefer it to MTA as it is a lot more immersive. Hopefully the crashing etc will be fixed soon and the client a lot more stable.
  11. Try remake the .txt file and delete the blob folder in the RageMP folder. Failing that, others have said that moving RageMP to a different folder solves some issues. Also, what OS are you using?
  12. VeX

    omg its mogs orite mogs

  13. There arn't any scripts rn for the legal scene I don't think. Most factions have division leaders, and a team for each. For example, Trident have a few people for each division which they solely work on. This means that you can guarantee the quality from each. Ultimately, there's nothing stopping other people from setting up in the legal scene. Whether they want to compete with current factions or start up something new, I believe it should be relatively simple to do.
  14. Why should they thought? It makes no sense to limit people when it makes financial and business sense to enter markets that are profitable. Also interest farming was stopped a long time ago and its mostly all about profits earned in that particular business area.
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