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  1. Whole F3 should be reworked, but this would be nice to see added.
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    nice pictures
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    game is shit i wasted 20 quid on this
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    give him the dinoco group so he can view everything @Heaton
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    hi twat here can confirm x
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    as long as they dont smell out the vans
  8. Dinoco perms

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  10. "Logistics through innovation, dedication, and commitment" Dinoco Ltd is pleased to announce the opening of a new department within the company, officially called “Dinoco Cargo Services”. The decision to open this department was made by management and directors in the hope that it can effectively enter the market with relative ease and establish themselves with quality services and low prices. What you can expect: Affordable Prices: Dinoco have always been known for its low prices, and this is no different. With a delivery cost of just $50 per order, and no hidden fees on the items you import it’s a no brainer to import your goods with us. With our price guarantee, if you can prove that we’re not cheaper than SL Distribution or JGC Logistics then we’ll knock 10% off of your order, and ensure our prices are changed. Quality Service: We will always provide our customers with the best service you can get in San Andreas. We have responsive support staff, and hands-on executives who are willing to give their all to providing quality and satisfactory services. Guaranteed Next-day Delivery: From this moment on we are promising our customers that all of your orders will be delivered on the next working day from when the order was created. If this is not met then we will refund your order, and deliver your items. Collections: Customers will be able to choose from a range of collection locations where you are able to pick up your items at your convenience at any time of the day. For items dropped off at a collection point, your delivery fee is only at $25. Business Accounts: For those who receive parcels weekly and operate a business within the San Andreas, we will offer a special account whereas you’d be able to benefit from savings on future deliveries as well as flexible and swift delivery times. Loyalty Rewards: For active, loyal customers we will offer you discounted deliveries, imports and insurance plans. For more information please head over to our Frequently Asked Questions page or alternatively jump right in and make your first order with us here!
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    1. JohnM


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  12. Roleplay Recognition Thread

    @craig good roleplayer
  13. "Logistics through innovation, dedication, and commitment" How To Order?- In order to submit an order through DCS, all you will have to do is click onto the order button below. Once you've done this you will have to fill out the appropriate information ensuring it meets our requirements. We would love if your order was detailed and the information entered is correct and up to date. What happens after you submit the order?- Now your order is going to be processed by our excellent and experienced members of staff which will begin working on it right away. This involves pricing your order up and informing you of the amount. You are then expected to pay said amount with proof of payment, receipts and bank statements are accepted. When and how will I receive my order?- Depending on which method you chose on your order form. If you've chosen next day delivery your items will be bagged up and sent to one of our couriers who will deliver your items to the stated address. If you wish to collect your items you will be required to head down to your collection point located in Blueberry where your items will be stored safely and securely. Please ensure you pick your order up within a week, otherwise your items will automatically be delivered to the stated address. Where is the collection point?- Below is a map which shows the general location of our collection point and headquarters. For further information regarding the location of our headquarters please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions. Here you will find a more detailed explanation of our location with street names and more vital information. How to contact us?- Dinoco Cargo Services is going to run through the Dinoco Ltd hotlines so you can call us for any inquiries or issues you have with your order on our hotline, #5500. Alternatively, you can come the DCS Headquarters or Dinoco Ltd's Headquarters beside the DMV.
  14. DCS - F.A.Q

    "Logistics through innovation, dedication, and commitment" F.A.Q About Us- Dinoco Cargo Services is one of San Andreas' up and coming distribution companies with flawless results, it is a daughter company of Dinoco Ltd. A company that is renowned for its excellent service throughout Los Santos. This business is ran successfully by Huw Edwards and Isaac Hartmann. Alongside us we have high quality support members who are dedicated to providing customers with high quality support, created to ensure that customers get the best services possible. We satisfy all customer distribution needs, with the fastest delivery times by far and the cheapest prices around. Here at Dinoco we have established distribution channels and a dedicated workforce who are hired to provide guaranteed next-day deliveries with loyalty benefits to all customers. Not to mention we provide extensive options for customers which provides flexibility at no extra costs; from pick-up centers to in-person deliveries. We aim to have the most up to date and efficient fleet possible as we believe this improves the productivity of our business, which ultimately decreases the time from sending your order to retrieving your item. Where are you located?- We are located in the small town of Blueberry, which resides beside Fern Ridge. Our address is 24 W.Main Street, the most northern point of the street. As seen below here is a photo marked with the location, here you will find our headquarters and our collection point. What vehicles do you have in your fleet?- As stated above we aim to have the most efficient vehicles in order to keep our employees and customers happy. That is why we have invested a large sum of money to use some of the best vehicles out. We currently have two different vehicles both dramatically different in size. First we have a 2018 Nissan NV3500 Cargo which allows us to do quick smaller orders fast. It's extremely reliable and rather quick. Then we have the 2010 Workhorse Commercial W62 Step Van's, this is the larger truck we have and is used for when we receive large orders or the items ordered are too large to fit in the faster smaller vans. How do I obtain a business/loyalty account?- In order to receive a this feature you must be a loyal customer of Dinoco Cargo Service. This meaning you are frequently purchasing from us and spending relatively large sums of money each purchase. Once meeting our requirements and depending on what requirements you have met, you will be given a tier. Each tier is different as we have our very own unique reward like system, you will receive discounts on any of your orders dependent on the account you have. What's the difference between business and loyalty?- The difference is simple, if you are a business buying stock for your shop, i.e. helmets for sale. You will be given an account under the name of your business and will be used only for business purposes and business personnel only. The loyalty card is for repeat customers who use our services personally, this being for an individual not a business. Each will receive discounts accordingly depending on their tier.
  15. dinoco perms

    can confirm

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