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  1. You are aware I'm in like one clip and I'm not even doing anything? Lol.
  2. Mogs


    @Script https://forums.owlgaming.net/forum/1395-federal-task-force/ need access to this please boss
  3. Hello, I believe there is lacking reason to warrant for a CK on Katerine Morris. Although she parked up next to you and provoked, it was 213H who escalated the scene and turned it into a larger problem by scratching the vehicle. Katerine Morris didn't run Tasheka over, she actually stopped her car completely for her to move out the way to get through. That can be seen below: https://gyazo.com/99a2af9d533529738009da8e6e9b48e9 Furthermore CKs in these situation generally come as form of a continuing act whereby if a person is disregarding then it's handled there and then, rather than shooting them after the situation has already died down and after the fact. Essentially with the lack of reasoning and timeframe, @BusterAces shooting Katerine in this situation is more deathmatching than a valid CK. In light of this, Katerine Morris will be un-ck'd but the shooting and the situation will remain and she would instead be PK'd. Therefore @Nikkehd you will have to properly roleplay two bullets to your back, and one bullet to your shoulder. Failure to RP this properly will result in punishment.
  4. No further comments unless you're asked to give your side of the story.
  5. I'll be handling this CK appeal. I'll read the evidence shortly and post a reply.
  6. Stock market as a script won't work. Factions are encouraged to sell shares and do their own RP with that, but we cannot force them to do so. Most companies are privately owned therefore don't require shares to be sold.
  7. that was bryns fair and square
  8. The fix makes it so everyone can see the posts in full from what I know. Would cause mass spam if we did that across the board. Would be nice to get a permanent fix.
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