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  1. ((Two hours from your last Two hours comment))
  2. Name:Layla Comment: Can i get it just now or shall we wait for the auction to end? Huh?.. (( @TheNeonGuy ))
  3. Name:layla Comment: what is the max speed? (( @TheNeonGuy ))
  4. Looks quite perfect Good job!
  5. Not really i remember that on jan 2015 server current player base was about +200 I still remember it reached 250 players that Maxime made an announce "Thanks for reaching 250 players"
  6. Owner was Maxime And it wasn't the first RP server was launched after Valhalla gaming which launched on 2006 i guess then closed on 2012 I think then OWL was launched on 2014, Owner created it because Valhalla was down and Valhalla was the only serious RP server back hen. Purpose if to enjoy roleplaying with other players also as a project as any server creation for fun. And i guess you should remove that second server name because you might get banned for server advertisement Also that other server is totally nothing compared to OWL if you're looking for quality roleplay and unique scripting
  7. Name: Layla Comment: Do you accept delivery on that number?
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