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  1. Name - Jay I won? (( @BusterAces ))
  2. Names - Jay Vehicle - Ford Mustang GT350 Bid - Starting
  3. Looking to purchase classic muscle cars, dodge chargers, nova's etc. Please hit me in the email. [email protected] (( Forum PM @Frankie ))
  4. Looking for a new look on life, bored of your current position? Have the motivation and energy to make a difference in peoples lifes, wanting to make them smile? This could be the chance you're looking for! Are you wanting to work for the highest horespower, highest reputation shop in Los Santos, then look no further! We're currently looking for a few positions to be filled including - - Event Organiser -Mechanics No matter the skill level, only the willing to learn -Texture Designer Please send in your application in the format below, please send it over to [email protected] ((Forum PM @Frankie)) Name- Age- Position you're wanting to fill- Education- Why you're wanting to work for us- ((OOC Hours - )) ((SS Of admin history - ))
  5. Looks good, hope it goes far.
  6. Spectremotorsports, would like to bring you the service you've always been waiting for! Want a high Horsepower car? Want a nice low car? Don't have the mechanical skills to take on the task? That's what we're here for! There is no task that is too big to take on here at spectre motorsports, we're willing to give everything ago! Myself James Nat, has a very large portfolio of the cars I have built in my time, this including high HP drag cars to, cars specially built for drifting. Here is a few to show the work I've done in the past. 200SX S14 - 1987 Nissan Skyline R31 Estate GXE - And many many more! Built RB26DET Built 1JZ-GTE Hollinger transmission Enjuku Racing top mount manifold 69mm Garret turbocharger 94mm Turbocharger from precision turbo Z1 Platinum drive shaft Spec E Upgraded clutch Fully stainless exhaust system. Platinum 1-piece drive-shaft BC Racing coilovers. Haltech Elite 2500 Are you wanting the car of your dreams then? Fill out a application below, and send it over to [email protected]((Forum PM @Frankie)) Name: Age: Vehicle you're planning the work on: Parts list you're wanting: Would you like to supply the parts, or would you like us to?
  7. Name: James Nat Age: 24 Vehicle: 1995 Nissan 240SX S14 Team: Spectre Motorsports
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