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  1. Spectremotorsports, would like to bring you the service you've always been waiting for! Want a high Horsepower car? Want a nice low car? Don't have the mechanical skills to take on the task? That's what we're here for! There is no task that is too big to take on here at spectre motorsports, we're willing to give everything ago! Myself James Nat, has a very large portfolio of the cars I have built in my time, this including high HP drag cars to, cars specially built for drifting. Here is a few to show the work I've done in the past. 200SX S14 - 1987 Nissan Skyline R31 Estate GXE - And many many more! Built RB26DET Built 1JZ-GTE Hollinger transmission Enjuku Racing top mount manifold 69mm Garret turbocharger 94mm Turbocharger from precision turbo Z1 Platinum drive shaft Spec E Upgraded clutch Fully stainless exhaust system. Platinum 1-piece drive-shaft BC Racing coilovers. Haltech Elite 2500 Are you wanting the car of your dreams then? Fill out a application below, and send it over to [email protected]((Forum PM @Frankie)) Name: Age: Vehicle you're planning the work on: Parts list you're wanting: Would you like to supply the parts, or would you like us to?
  2. Name: James Nat Age: 24 Vehicle: 1995 Nissan 240SX S14 Team: Spectre Motorsports
  3. D1SA - ROUND 1 Brought to you by Spectre Motorsports & Greggs Motorsport Park! This series will contain four rounds of exciting and thrilling drifting for you, all hosted at the amazing Greggs Motorsport park, each round will contain a different section of the track, to test your vehicles and your driving talents, just remember HP isn't everything in drifting! Especially around them tight corners. There will be two people judging on the day myself James Nat, and the owner of Greggs Motorsport park, Robert West. Judging is marked on three things. Speed, Line, Style. All competitors vehicles will be checked prior to the event to make sure they meet the regulations, to compete. Please contact myself James Nat, via email [email protected] or Robert west via email [email protected]((Forum PM @Frankie @EPICxNUTS)) when your vehicle is ready for it's inspection, you will not fully be entered into the competition until this is complete. Round 1 Starts in two weeks time, this giving you all enough time to prepare your vehicles for the event, or it's time to start slaving in the garage for a couple of hours! DATE FOR ROUND 1 - June the 7th @6PM, Practice will start @4:30PM RULES - You can have as much HP as you want, but as said earlier it isn't everything! You need to have at least a 6-point bolt in cage to participate. You'll need to have at least a 6-point Harness. A mounted fire extinguisher in the vehicle. Simple rules, for a fun time right?! If you're wanting to join in the fun, there is a $5000 sign up fee, which will be collected when we come to inspect your vehicle, this covers all four rounds of drifting, small price for a lot of fun! Sign up form below - Name : Age : Vehicle : Team :
  4. Due to the winner not contacting me, the auction is back up. If you're still willing to place the bid of $120,000, you're currently winning. @EPICxNUTS
  5. Congratulations, you've won this auction. Please contact me at 846496 to arrange the payment and collection of the car. @connorada
  6. It'd have to be a fucking mad car.
  7. Los Santos Auction House - Vehicle Year: 1996 Make: Nissan Model: 200SX S14 Zenki VIN: ------- Mileage: 2633 + Description: This vehicle is extremely modified by myself, professional mechanic James Nat. It's currently running a forged RB26DET rocking a 69mm Turbo, pushing around 900BHP. This vehicle has a rough top speed of 260 KM/H, tested on the drag-strip. I've owned this vehicle for quite some time, I've been using it as a daily until now, as it's just gathering dust in the garage I'd rather sell it to some-one that's going to use it to it's full potential. This S14 could easily be turned into a drift car, as it's already got the power and correct suspension set-up, all it would need is a steering lock kit, with some knuckles. Here is a full parts list - Built RB26DET Holinger Transmission 69MM Garret Turbo. Z1 Sports 1-Piece Platinum Drive-Shaft. Fully Stainless Exhaust system. BC Racing Coilovers. Images https://i.imgur.com/4iCp6q6.jpg Starting Bid: $50,000 Minimum Increase: $5,000 Buyout $150,000 Auction ends: 6/12/2016 Contact Information: 846497
  8. Name: Jey. Comment: This thing was a monster when I built it, I'll list the parts when I built it below. 1JZ-GTE VVTi Forged cams, pistons, rods etc. EnjukuRacing Race top mount manifold. 94mm Turbo by Precision Turbo. Spec E Upgraded Clutch. Platinum 1-Piece drive-shaft. Driftworks Intercooler kit. Haltech Elite 2500. BC Racing Knuckles. Fully stripped out interior, rocking 4 Red Bride ZETA III'S w/ 4 Green Takata Harness. Probably well over $100,000 alone in parts in this thing, amazing vehicle.
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