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  1. Be careful, you might break a nail. Maybe you should use that money you make from dropping off packages to take some English classes on how to spell your fucking name correctly.
  2. How about next time I see you I clock you and we can call it a day.
  3. heard u got a dog that true

    1. JohnM


      your mates not giving you attention or wha


    2. tornstatue



    3. JohnM


      username change 

  4. Listen up here, missy. I'm not cleaning any fucking truck for your whiny libtard three eyed tentacle armed faggot ass. I enjoyed that turkey sandwich. Bring one tomorrow. - Howard Abrams Fucking Sweeney
  5. bum and dxrk are psychopathic pedophiles

  6. hey gamers i was trying to install sound mods the other day and then my game kept fucking corrupting so i looked it up and found this nice video that tells you how to install siren mods without corrupting your game. the guy makes it pretty simple and it takes a solid 5 mins, you just need to have open IV. have a nice day gamer squad
  7. i wouldnt know im not a scripter lol, its just what i heard from someone who probably doesnt even know for sure maybe another script suggestion
  8. i dont think liveries will be possible til rage 1.1
  9. Not asking for all undercover vehicles, it just allows for more variety rather than using up memory by requesting more vehicle mods. The more mods added, the worse server performance for some players (like me and my laptop ). Like for example, we have a couple cars in CTSOB like an armored huntley and caracara which would be useful if they had lights and sirens, but obviously dont have them. It makes them ineffective emergency vehicles. Factions like Public Works could use this as well, as in adding lights for pickup trucks and vans for road work.
  10. JohnM

    JW Outdoors

    JW Outdoors was founded in 2008 by John Wilkinson in Tucson, Arizona. After retiring from the Pima County Sheriff's Department, John Wilkinson found himself bored most days, and would often venture outside, repeating the same hobbies every day. John has always been a fan of the outdoors, and decided to create a business, in order to share his enjoyment with others. A few years later, the business was finally off of its feet. John found that the business was thriving, and continued to expand throughout the state. John's son, Kyle Wilkinson had recently moved out of state in order to pursue a law enforcement career in San Andreas. John saw this as another opportunity to expand, and get his son involved as well. After settling into San Andreas and a lot of debating, Kyle decided to take on the task of expanding JW Outdoors into San Andreas. ______________________________________________ JW Outdoors primarily focuses on outdoor activities of a large range. The company holds events such as hunting, offroading, and even small rally events. The company was originally created in order to allow customers to enjoy their time outdoors, over making a major profit. JW Outdoors continues to run by this philosophy today.
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