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  1. DxRK

    how are the kids john

  2. Loving the new picture mate really brings out your inner self.


    Hope you have a good christmas this year.


    Love Junitt

    1. JohnM


      shut the fuck up

  3. Mogs

    come back johnanthan

  4. theyve been there since like 2017 loool
  5. Like he said about the classic cars like the GTO and the Nova, I don't think those should be there either. I agree with you though, there really doesn't have to be much of a change. Honestly I barely see people with dealership cars unless they're new players and its usually shit, and then they just import a vehicle once they figure out the system exists.
  6. Player made dealerships aren't reliable from the get go. You can't rely on smaller non-import dealerships because they aren't consistently open, unlike scripted dealers which are open 24/7 and are meant to be accessible by new players. You also can't force everyone to import cars because they will have to wait 15 days to actually get their first car. I feel like you could suggest to remove rare cars from the dealers and minimize the types of vehicles they sell, and keep it to cheap used cars instead of exclusive ones.
  7. my dogs gone off the fucking rails please help
  8. no offense mate but you share too much with owl lol
  9. howard will gladly sponsor this event
  10. *Howard Abrams Fucking Sweeney posted on his story*
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