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  1. If you have the bag on you, you'd be wearing it, no?
  2. Starting Bid: $70,000 Minimum Increase: $2,000 Buyout: $95,000 Ends on the 23rd of February
  3. *Nicholas Pratt peers over at John, looking down at the McDonalds, speaking quietly to John* [English] Nicholas Pratt says: Can I have a fry? (( @DrJoseEviI ))
  4. *Nicholas Pratt enters the court room, peering at the empty judge's stand, then taking a seat next to Steven, whispering to him.* [English] Nicholas Pratt whispers: Who the hell is he talking to?
  5. Name: NP Bid: Buyout on the RV
  6. Haaai

    Wasn’t one in the first place xx
  7. VT NPC Dealerships

    Can we suggest rays removal
  8. The only thing that gives PD a chance against heavily modified vehicles is the HSIU which is still slower than some heavily modded cars. The patrol cars have a small increase in top speed so they can somewhat keep up with something like a Dodge Charger on a highway stretch. It’s a hardly noticeable difference, and definitely not something to complain about because you want your modified car to go faster. Just another reason why this thread has gone off topic.
  9. Dunno how this thread went from suggesting the vehicle inertia rule is removed to claiming that PD, UAT and GAT abuse their vehicles for their own gain. Gone Off-Topic and it’s kinda sad to watch these replies supported with no evidence. VT explained why the inertia rule was added, and as to why it’s not being removed. My vehicles were affected by it, and many others were too. Overall, it makes it more realistic and somewhat more enjoyable. If you want to go 0-60 in one second, build a car that can do it but like Peach said, you will end up having no plates. No reason for you to be going that fast on the road, anyway. Just because things clearly didn’t go your way on the thread, or anyone else who is “supporting” it, doesn’t mean you should start making claims that admins purposely abuse their vehicles for their gain. Think logically, what would they possibly get from that? Nothing. There’s no gain, and no reason for them to do that, and most importantly, no supported evidence. Just cut it out, this thread has gotten out of hand.
  10. Experienced Mechanics Required [Salaried]

    ur hired
  11. 5, Palin Street

  12. 5, Palin Street

  13. 5, Palin Street

    Starting bid lowered to $875,000.
  14. Script has a large head

    1. Script



    2. Lartsa


      very mich true


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