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  1. When every single screenshot is you robbing people or shooting cops and you boast about CK'ing 11 people with under 100 hours on your character, you're doing something wrong.
  2. Theory

    [REL] Cholo Banger

    wouldn't be hoodlum without the teardrop
  3. IRA of San Andreas, fighting for Irish republicanism in San Andreas??
  4. Theory

    [Vehicles inside force sold interiors] - Revise

    And then you get people going around and previewing interiors, only buying the interior because there's a car abandoned inside and then stealing it to make really easy profit. Vehicles are left abandoned inside of garages too often because people don't keep their assets active and it's way too easy to abuse that to make money.
  5. Theory

    Owlgaming error

    You don't need to reinstall GTA. CEF is the Chromium framework that MTA uses for its embedded browsers. You've probably mistakenly deleted one of the files that MTA uses to make this work, so you'd only really need to reinstall MTA. EDIT: for the future, you should probably use https://forums.owlgaming.net/forum/199-technical-support/
  6. Theory

    [GUIDE] So You Want To Join?

    It's a faction guide?
  7. Adjusted my bid to the buyout.
  8. PRESS RELEASE Wednesday, November 10th, 2018 #200 Central Avenue, Los Santos Special Operations Bureau On November 9th 2018 at 19:00, Police Officers responded to a shots fired incident broadcast by an on-scene officer on Belview Road in Jefferson, Los Santos. Officers arrived on-scene as a black short-base Cadillac XT5 SUV occupied by four armed individuals fled from the scene of an orchestrated attack on a male at his home property of #4 Belview Road, Jefferson, and left the victim to die on his driveway. Officers and paramedics on-scene attempted all that they could to save the man who suffered several gunshot wounds to his torso, however he was pronounced dead on scene. The victim was identified to be Carlo Di Maggio. The Los Santos Police Department are desperately appealing to witnesses who may bear information which could be of use in the current ongoing investigation into the cold blooded attack. Those who do possess information which could be of even the slightest benefit to the investigation are heavily encouraged to reach out to the Los Santos Police Department's Special Operations Bureau HERE. END OF RELEASE. (( The comments section would not be enabled. ))
  9. (( Updated to reflect the recent turnaround on the situation. ))
  10. Rule Suggestion Subject: Disallow stat-transfers immediately after CK I want to...: Discuss Elaboration: A huge issue when investigating homicides as a Detective is that people often stat-transfer their assets immediately after being CK'd. By doing so, police cannot log their assets in the case file and file for a search warrant on the property. I believe there should be a rule that prevents people from stat-transferring until 72 hours after the actual CK itself.
  11. *Michael Donnelly enters the courtroom, seating himself in the gallery.*

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