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  1. ** The page would automatically redirect you to the Department Publications area on the Los Santos Police Department website. **
  2. Theory

    Invisible objects in mta map editor

    https://forums.owlgaming.net/forum/199-technical-support/ For the future. x
  3. Name: Michael Donnelly Comment: Congratulations to Councilman Sweeney. It will be great to see Whetstone receive its well-deserved improvements and developments to reach its full potential as a peaceful, homely environment.
  4. Theory


    https://forums.owlgaming.net/forms/22-vehicle-team-member-application-ooc/ Apply and help fix it perhaps? You've practically got a response to one of the questions already.
  5. Theory

    [VT Supervised Automotive Exporting] - Discuss

    Can't see it being that bad considering the car:player ratio. Would make sense to introduce a percentage loss though so people aren't making mad $$$ easy peasy, like 20%.
  6. Theory

    Unserial ban Request

    Wrong link. https://owlgaming.net/support/new/unban-mta/
  7. Theory

    Better incentives for longer reports.

    In the past, UAT used to encourage people to screenshot the /staff list and ask them to submit a staff report if your report sits unattended to for a long time like this.
  8. Theory

    LSPD 1171 - Captain Michael Donnelly

    Ended up spending more time on my PD alt than my main character since it's not very realistic to actively patrol around as a Captain. Difficult to keep this topic active with new screenshots when I don't spend as much time on it. I'll likely end up making screenshots based around the meetings I have and the off duty roleplay. For now though, most of my screenshots from my other character end up on the SOB topic here:
  9. Theory

    LSPD Special Operations Bureau

    s/o to @Jordan, @Ron and @EDR for endlessly putting the effort in to keep the rp in sob fun and interesting

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