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  1. unless FMT make rules and applies them, you can't really do anything about this.
  2. Yes defenitely active, we got around 7 active members now including leaders such as @DanielV and some other dude who's forum name I don't know.
  3. 1 don’t be a party pooper 2 think of better comebacks 3 stop hopping ur superior’s __ 4 do you know Candice?
  4. Woah it’s flooding oceans here because I smell alot of salt, were you dropped as a kid or did mama say she don’t love you?
  5. Never thought ThatGuy sounds like skinny arms programmer pig lol.
  6. Wait what? You didn't respond to anything that he said, "being at the wrong place at the wrong time" is no excuse to completely obliterate the character development of somebody, even with a CK Clause. Having a CK Clause on somebody does not make you god which you yourself decide if the guy stays alive or dies even with insufficient reasoning, if so then I would make a faction with a CK Clause add around 7 members and CK them all, which is pure bullshit you know. If they were "allies" why do you have suspicioun? Doesn't make sense I'm sorry. I'm involved since I'm with the allied fac.
  7. I admire your sense of RP, but this server doesn't even going to look at this at all.
  8. Drive-by shooting script isn't Owl-made it's MTA made and Owlgaming developers can do nothing to fix it unless they remake the whole drive-by script from scratch
  9. Would be a pain in the ass if this happens. If cops are online the victim might have a chance to escape from the robbers and they get arrested, if none are online tough luck dude, you happened to get the hard end of the stick, stay careful next time and try to avoid the robbers.
  10. Name: Pussyfagshitshitfuckniggabitchcockcuntvaginapenisdicknigger Comment: stabbed in the "leg" and "left for dead".. explains why this universe doesn't make sense, so a guy gets stabbed in the leg and he's going to die but a cop gets shot in the head 5 times he somehow survives
  11. wait when did this happen? was it like the old one or is there a new one?
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