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  1. Congratulations, you've one the auction, Call this number this number to contact me 437032.
  2. Los Santos Auction House - Residential https://i.imgur.com/mi3C43N.jpg Property Type: Residential Address: #1 Bush Street - East Los Santos Description: A renovated twofloor house with two bedrooms, medium sized garage, decorated rooftop and in a good neighbourhood. The house if fully furnished and it just waits for its new owner to live in it. Exterior Images: Interior Images: Starting Bid: $70,000 Minimum Increase: $500 Buyout: $110,000 Auction ends: 4/04/2019 Contact Information: Will be given to the Winner Credits for the Photo's go to Brazzers himself, thanks.
  3. I'm asking for DCS Perms so that I can could get trained as soon as possible. @Chaotropy
  4. Name: Gucci Flip Flops Bid: Buyout. Comment: I likey this 😋
  5. Name: Catalina Rodriguez Comment: I really would if I win that is, Where can I visit to see all of your recent shows?
  6. Name: Catalina Rodriguez Comment: Three million dollors is alot, never really had that much before so I hope that i'll actually win or try to. (( Still love you Piney))
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