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  1. Collis

    Viviana ''Vivi'' Fernandez

    All love for u Vivi, nice story background Sad that u didnt mention me but it's cool 🤘
  2. Good shit, too bad I gotta wait till the 19th of december to play 😪
  3. Collis

    S/S Asian Boyz 1226

    Still got love for yall niggas, hope this gets far. ✊
  4. Collis

    Car - 2007 Audi A8 L W12 [ENDS: 26/09/2018]

    Name: Gucci Flip Flops Bid: $22,000
  5. Collis

    Car - 2007 Audi A8 L W12 [ENDS: 26/09/2018]

    Name: Gucci Flip Flops Bid: $20,000
  6. Collis

    Car - 2007 Chrysler C300 [ENDS: 20.9.2018]

    Name: Gucci Flip Flops Bid: $11,500
  7. Collis

    Character Kill Appeal - Gabriela Alejandre

    Well i'll start off by saying that I never joined the somewhat newly created gang, As i was there hanging out with *Thin, the person that invited me to come to that bar and hang out with him...I was never known to any of you of joining that gang. So I don't know where your getting your information from and you could say what you want, You guys wouldn't of even knew if i joined the faction or not. All i'm saying is that i never joined that Faction and it isn't just like that you get up one day and do something like that, I went there to hang out with Thin and ended up having an IC relationship so get your facts straight. Upload it if you want.
  8. Collis

    Character Kill Appeal - Gabriela Alejandre

    I know that, i'm just saying. Didn't you CK Shorty?
  9. Character Kill Appeal In Game Account Name- Collis Character Name- Gabriela Alejandre Date of Incident- 09/11/2018 Supervising Administrator- Jayjay Narrative- Today, 11TH of September i was rping in a bar IG and then group of males from the other set of Mexican gang, came in and shot me and whoever was in the bar. At the moment I confused because seeing that *Normy* That was cked from the bikers came onto his other alt and somehow knew about every single thing, and then to Antonio that got pked the other night and was suppose to rp memory loss, i was confused because how in jesus name would they even know that i started hanging out with a new mexican group and the only reason I was there rping is because I had an IC relationship with one of the members in the newly called mexican gang. I'm actually pissed over this situation because its full of MG and Revenge basically, I was shocked because of how Normy gets on a newly Character knows about Gabriela and somehow knows that she's hanging out with some new mexican gang and how Antonio new about her hanging out with some new people, All Antonio would of known is that Gabriela probably isn't around Seville anymore and that he should of contacted her IC, plus as i said above they was pked last night and still somehow knows who attacked them????? Someone please tell me how could a guy that got pked nights ago, remember who shot at him?, My character decided to move out of Seville when Shorty died for a reason, I don't see getting cked under faction clause when i was just known as a Local around the neightborhood and i never got into any crimes or any type things to promote me in that gang, Gabriela was always known as the girl that was around, hanging out with that mexican gang as an Local and she wasn't even fit in a Crime minded state towards anyone around the neighborhood so, I don't really get how i got cked over them somehow knowing that i was hanging out with another group, All they would of assumed is that I wasn't around the neighborhood. So i'd really like my Appeal to be accepted because all of this is BS. Evidence- There isn't any because I didn't document every single thing i did through the faction, as i said never did any illegal deals or anything with them, She was known as a Local around that neighborhood or as the girl that was around before. Method of Death- Shot in her stomach and in her head. Have you attempted to resolve this already with the supervising administrator?- Yes
  10. Collis

    Character Kill Appeal - Savannah Belicia

    Rest in peace even though you got cked Brazy but still
  11. Collis

    Iron Giants MC - Publication

    Name: Gabriela Comment: Gucci Flip Flops Signature: G. Alejandre
  12. Lmao, Snazz is suppose to be leading my guy. Clearly says so right here.

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