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  1. ShadowNG

    [SOLD] Residential - #7 Main Street, Palomino.

    Name: Christian Comment: Uhh.. I honestly don't understand how this is not bought yet, that's a great buyout for this kind of house... I'd honestly buy it but I'm bankrupted as fuck. Buy it untill you can.. houses customly designed like that worths 100 grands
  2. ShadowNG

    Business - Garage, Beverly Avenue

    Name: Chris Offering buyout of $45.000
  3. ShadowNG

    Business - Garage, Beverly Avenue

    Name: Chris Comment: Call me urgently at 884-153, going to buy it. (( @AmericanDuck ))
  4. ShadowNG

    [SOLD] Residential - #7 Main Street, Palomino.

    Name: Hunter Comment: Hey, arrange a meeting for seeing it at 10 PM tomorrow, thanks! Phone number: 884153
  5. ShadowNG

    Kessler & Patterson

    Good luck!
  6. ShadowNG

    Residential - #4, Giggle Street [SOLD]

    Name: Hunter Comment: 884153 , call me please I wanna see it
  7. Name: Hunter Comment: Looking to offer accordingly, if I see the interior, please call me at 884-153.
  8. ShadowNG

    2017 Dodge Charger R/T

  9. ShadowNG

    [General] - Gathering real camera footage

    That's why only admins can extract them and give what they need to players.
  10. ShadowNG

    [General] - Gathering real camera footage

    The script shouldn't be open to the players, it would store the logs classified per district, I suppose. If you wanna get the logs, simply report and show the admin your RP, following to ask for the logs in the specified date you want.
  11. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Gathering real camera footage What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- General What is the suggestion?- Well, this suggestion it's about sorting logs for small districts in every part of the city, they shall be gathered from any kind of GAT member, requested after the RP is done. Well, basically now the script works like that: If you own a CCTV and a computer, you'll gonna RP taking the footage out then you got to ask a admin about finding the people who was involved in the specified situation that happend, which will take some time. If they don't manage to find it, it will be a pain in the ass checking the main server logs and so on. What are the advantages?- Easier way to gather the REAL footage What are the disadvantages?- People can't anymore lie if the footage was gathered by a player and not by a admin Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- none unfortunately, hopefully it can be done How would you go about implementing this idea?- Well, there shall be a GUI for admins with each small district, they should be able to extract the logs from that district and give it to players in pastebin format after the RP of extracting the footage has been done, and this will save up very good minutes lost or even hours. People can extract their footage daily and see what's going on around their business.
  12. Right, well.. What if your car gets randomly punched by a NON-RP'er or just miss click? What if you just turn AFK and you hit something? What if your game crashes? No.
  13. ShadowNG

    Business - Palomino Creek Gas Station + Garage (STARTING BID 1$)

    Buyout: #1 Sunset Boulevard And 6, Main Street. Perfect customly interior house in Palomino. Both properties do have custom interior by a great artist of Los Santos.

    1. Essam85




  15. ShadowNG

    [General] - Electric, water, and phone companies

    You sir have some great ideas. Well, this could be started easily, because it adding a massive addition, but this is a fucking great idea.

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