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  1. Hey cutie, looked at your profile. Wanna go out?

  2. You need a life

    1. Skully


      im sorry to notify you today that @Kalevius has passed away

    2. Kalevius


      big brother ded

    3. Machiavelli


      Requisca in pace 

  3. For one you can't exactly "disable" OOC comments it makes no sense, it's a IC auction so the only things you can really 'disable' are comments or anything else in the auction that are in-character. Personally I dislike people who post OOC comments in an auction because it completely ruins immersion and always results in some arguement between the auction creator and some random guy who previously owned the car saying "don't buy this car guys I sold it to him for $30k cheaper" which doesn't even matter - if someone is stupid enough to pay the raised price of a vehicle or property th
  4. check ur inbox msgs buddy ;)

  5. why not just remove the crosshair or just increase the recoil of standard street guns because irl none of them shoot exactly where you want the bullet to land
  6. Married couples already have their names placed on the property as both of them being the owner, this would be another good advantage.
  7. what a time to be alive
  8. Hello, I don't know why this hasn't been closed yet, it's clear as day already. You disregarded your life which has been proven already and when you got shot, you died scriptwise. Jasper stated it wouldn't be a CK starting out because he didn't have a full grasp of the situation, however later on down the line it was declared a CK when the full situation unraveled. Administrators have the power to force character kills, and in this case you did disregard your life and were killed. This clears up your argument; Regardless, you would h
  9. (( @Potato69 Until the private bidder posts on this auction and it's acknowledged that way, the auction isn't over. ))
  10. Just because you change the colour of the roleplay /ame doesn't make it any easier to read, your argument makes no sense. Making a 'quick movement' where the roleplay line doesn't have to be read and you can just shoot someone is stupid, what if they roleplay something else in /qame instead of reaching for a gun? Are you saying that the gunman shouldn't read it and just shoot them and they should be CK'd?
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