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  1. Baaaaap

    1. Skully


      booooop y u not discord

  2. là breithe shona duit faggot

  3. Skully

    how to change forum name

  4. Skully

    GAT Update - August 12th, 2017

    @Krakkfaen @Peaky @Reacted love all u cunts do me proud
  5. Skully

    Sound freezing in MTA

    When you launch MTA:SA, go into the sound settings and disable the audio device you're using and enable it again, after you do that relaunch MTA. If you still have the issue let me know the following: Are you using speakers, a headset or any other external audio device? Is the audio device set as the default device to output audio in the sound settings? Are you joining any servers, doing any action to trigger a specific sound? Is it specifically at 10 minutes or roughly a random time around that?
  6. Name: xyz Comment: The military is a stressful environment, combat is a stressful environment. The most recent article published by the American Psychiatric Association has stated that gender dysphoria is still qualified as a psychological disorder and the army disallows anyone with a psychological disorder to join the army - that is a line drawn which shouldn't be crossed by any means. The military has no time for social experiments, it is a tactical force. Taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for the surgery of someone who wants the world to accept them even though they couldn't accept themselves. This in no way says that transgenders can't go out there and live their life however they want, it simply says that you are not allowed to join the military. Trump may be a fucking retard but you can't spin this around to say it's being 'against' transgenders, it's a change to strengthen the armed forces.
  7. Skully

    [Disabling OOC Comments in bids.] - Discuss

    For one you can't exactly "disable" OOC comments it makes no sense, it's a IC auction so the only things you can really 'disable' are comments or anything else in the auction that are in-character. Personally I dislike people who post OOC comments in an auction because it completely ruins immersion and always results in some arguement between the auction creator and some random guy who previously owned the car saying "don't buy this car guys I sold it to him for $30k cheaper" which doesn't even matter - if someone is stupid enough to pay the raised price of a vehicle or property then that's on them. If you have something OOC to ask, PM the auction creator. There is honestly never any need to post an OOC comment in an auction. If you think they're scamming in any way, report the post and Forum Administration will look into it.
  8. Skully

    The reject reason

    Hi there! I've sent you a private message with the reasons as to why you were denied.
  9. Skully

    the admin team's favourite word

    would you rather we just clean out tell you to shut the fuck up then
  10. check ur inbox msgs buddy ;)

  11. Skully

    New to this community !

    Hey there, welcome to Owl! Enjoy your stay
  12. Skully

    Novian Byrant

    i love the detail and great story looking forward to reading more (; next time maybe make the topic when you actually have screenshots or something to post??

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