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  1. Hey cutie, looked at your profile. Wanna go out?

  2. You need a life

    1. Skully


      im sorry to notify you today that @Kalevius has passed away

    2. Kalevius


      big brother ded

    3. Machiavelli


      Requisca in pace 

  3. check ur inbox msgs buddy ;)

  4. hey tim can i be vt i'll send u bacon
  5. @Weelawn congraTSSSSSSSSSS
  6. @Portside irish fuck @SjoerdPSV actually does reports @ZythuM because u deserve more appreciation @tree this week's easter event and all continuous work within scripting team @Chaos everything you do for the community behind the big gates of uat, attempting to make server post topic on forums - though it didn't work out, your efforts are still appreciated and have not gone unnoticed @OhhPixelz you're a more solid guy than i initially thought but please add me back on snapchat @Color for my weekly dickpicks @Mogs all the great work and effort he puts into keeping this server alive it's actually unreal and defo appreciated
  7. Happy birthday, Mr. Green the Casino

  8. My dude. You smart. You loyal. I appreciate that. Happy birthday.


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