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  1. 2016 Dodge Viper SRT

    In a hour, yes.
  2. Next Server Event?

    Did you hear the word EMP?
  3. Illegal Rp

    bruh. buying counterfit money with counterfit money. straight up ghetto.
  4. [General] - Bank Accounts System Changes

    Wasn't this already suggested? Or am I just dreaming? Anyways that's a +1 from me.
  5. Next Server Event?

    Alright, alright. Straight up to a real ass suggestion. A huge as EMP hits LS, nothing that has electronics in items work. Make it that gas pipes can not be controled because of the electronics not working and the pipe lines just give up, releasing the gas into atmosphere.
  6. Next Server Event?

    Lets hit the e-sex'ers with a mf'ing huricane. Looking at you @EKWorks
  7. 2016 Dodge Viper SRT

    Name : Vincent Offer : 2017 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Estate as an trade.
  8. Next Server Event?

    Straight up a mf'ing atomic bomb.
  9. Residential - 5.Willowfield Trailer Park

    Name : SayWhat? Comment : I don't see where in the hell it is renovated.
  10. 616 Seville Boulevard Savages

    ugh.. ughh.. I have no comments on that.
  11. 616 Seville Boulevard Savages is a set inhabited in Los Santos, San Andreas. Their activity spot is mainly based in Sun street, but also their convention of activities is widespreaded through whole area of Seville. They are identified by a black colors worn by the members, gang symbols and hand signs. Set is originally recruiting African-american teenagers at the age of 18-24, but they also seem to be recruiting the kids around the blocks (14-16 years old) for some small and part time jobs, taking them from young age and making a hard and straight people of them. They're based on making money, and their primary activity is a drug trafficking. Beides of that, they're specialized in extortion, together with other criminal activities such as murders, thefts, robberies, prostitution and vandalism. The city of Los Santos has been a hotspot for a criminal activities for a very long time. These activities included drug trades, mugging, trafficking, vandalism, etc. The clique also developed itself withing the prisons through the whole state of San Andreas. These cliques later turned into organized gangs, named Black Regents. After they got released from the prison, they started doing criminal activities in freedom, but basically, they did not have any official turf they presented, but they've been spending most of their time around Seville projects, and during the time, name was changed to Seville Boulevard Savages. Nowadays, these projects are a home to many youth, while most of them are growing up without attending school. African-american predominates the district with around 75 percent of the inhabitants. Teenagers were brought up seeing the baggies go from one hand to another, together with wads of money as an exchange to follow. Also they have observed the money flow, and how it impactfully changed the environment, they lived in the first hand. Quick adapting to the lifestyle and embracing it, they banded together to help each other with their financial needs and their status, among the locals in their community. Boys admired the respect they got from the older gangsters, and wish to imitate that fear, making others think twice on starting feuds with them. Current group leaders are Cole Meyers and Omar Arrington. Group's activities are not completely known, and all doubts about it are indications and rebounds. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -OOC RULES- Upon joining a faction we request at least normal level of common sense and roleplay experience. You must roleplay realistic things, without exaggeration and illogicalities. Upon joining, members will agree that any leader of the faction has the ability to CK a member due to whatever in-character reason. All of the information, screenshots posted on this thread is purely OOC and may not be used as IC information.
  12. Business - Old Dinoco HQ - Shine St

  13. [Items] Stolen Mark for CCWP Firearms

    It would make it wayyyyyy easier if we could just pickup the goddamned CCWP weapon ourselves after they were marked as stolen.
  14. North Town Hustlers

    Goodluck, take it far and make it go big.

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