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  1. Name : WhyNoT Bid : 2.000 $
  2. Name : Idk Bid : 4.000$
  3. was expecting the sultan aswell :l. Anyways have truck loads of thanks.
  4. Name : whyNot Bid : 9.500 dollarydoos
  5. Name : Why not Bid : 15.000 Name : Why not Bid : 15.000
  6. Name : WhyNot Bid : 7.500
  7. Name : WhyNot Bid : 5.500
  8. Name : E.H Bid : 5.000$
  9. Welcome. Braliukas.
  10. Shiet great work dude! I hope that you will release a pack of the cars!
  11. Name : E.D Bid : 10.001
  12. Thank you guys for your replies, found out how to do it.
  13. Hey so I decided that I want to learn to make paintjobs for the motorcycles such as Sanchez, PCJ and etc. Could anybody help me out? Like write a small guide or something. Thank you for reading this.
  14. Name: V.D Comment: I never have understood why does people like to overpay a lot of money for a simple christmas hat, which was probably made in china for 0.50 cents..
  15. rip that RP is kinda old.