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  1. 15 and we have a deal
  2. What kind of cash amount would it be?
  3. Name: WhyNot Bid: Interested in trading into a 1970 Plymouth Road Runner?
  4. These parts were bought for a Toyota Supra, but could not get my hands on one so I'm going to sell them. Parts list : TOYO Tires RA-1 Performance Radial Tire x2 Hoosier DOT Drag Radial x2 K&N 57 FIPK Air Intake x1 210LB 2200CC Fuel Injector x1 VMAXX Adjustable Height Coilover Kit x1 1JZ GTE Top Mount Single T3 Turbo Manifold x1 Price - 1.800$ Email @ Shawy99@Owl.sa (( Forum PM ))
  5. Name : WhyNot Bid : 2.200
  6. Name: WhyNot Bid: $1.400
  7. (( I'm guessing all of this is in romanian ))
  8. Name: WhyNot Bid: Buyout.
  9. Name : WhyNot Bid : $3000
  10. Selling two Jeeps. One is 1998 Jeep Chereokee V6 ( $9.000 ) and Jeep Wrangler with custom offroad wheels, GoPro and a car alarm system ( $7.500 ). If buying both of them the price will be $14.500. Contact me at DopeBat@santos.sa if interested. (( Forum PM ))
  11. Name: Why not Bid: 13.500
  12. Name : WhyNoT Bid : 2.000 $
  13. Name : Idk Bid : 4.000$