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  1. I've already said that I support the original suggestion. Can I make it any easier?
  2. I did. But go ahead and just read the parts that you want to read, eh?
  3. You did a great job over-exaggerating and not understanding my point before you decided to go all out with the robocop memes. Obviously no cops on here should have bugatti's or x-ray vision, nor do the majority of Police Departments in the United States. It's very unlikely that we'd even have one of the extremely rare and expensive things that you just mentioned, so I'm not really sure how you reached that conclusion. The point I made was that if it's very easy to look up license plates for LEO's in real life, we shouldn't have a system that makes it hard for us to actually look up plates. All we want is a script that levels the playing field. Have you ever actually seen what our MDC looks like? In order to look up a license plate, we have to: If we're alone, come to a safe stop [impossible to look up plates of a moving vehicle if you're by yourself unless you have someone in your channel that's free to look it up for you] Remember a 7-digit license plate in our head, since we cant look back at it once the interface is up [our info doesn't save if we close it] Click on a small button on the bottom right corner of our screen which opens up the MDC interface [This takes up about 75% of our screen, at this point we can barely see anything that's around us or our cruisers] Click on a search button inside of the interface Select license plate from a drop down menu and then type in said 7-digit license plate Once we're at the vehicle's screen we can look up if the vehicle's stolen, or we can look up the person's credentials and check if they have a warrant or any priors by clicking on their name Remember whatever info that we need to use in our heads, and if we're interacting with said individual and we have to look something up we have to go through the process again and put ourselves at risk. All we'd like is a command where we can type in /lookupplate [digits] in order to skip 5 useless steps that don't let us to see what's going on near us. No real LEO's have to run a risk of being completely visually occupied because they have to type 7 numbers into a keyboard. The point I made was that if most cops in the US can look it up automatically, we should at least have a system that makes it a normal difficulty to look them up. I'm not sure how you managed to relate any of this to having x-ray vision technology, but each to their own eh? Just another excuse for illegal RP to continue being crappy. You'd think most people roleplaying as criminals would be smart enough to not use an unregistered or stolen car to commit crimes.
  4. I was just waiting to hear "but this is unfair for illegal roleplay!!" If you're that shitty of an illegal roleplayer where a cop looking up your license plate by typing it in destroys your whole operation you probably deserve to get caught in the first place. If real LEO's have technology that allows them to scan license plates automatically, then why shouldn't the SD have technology that at least makes it so that looking up someone's plate doesn't put them at a disadvantage. Currently the MDC that the SD uses takes up about 75% of their screen, mind you only leaving out the borders and corners of their display.
  5. Well the problem I have with that is that I wasn't hit before I withdrew my firearm, so is there anyway that you guys could check if the 'Peter Pawlack's left leg was hit' log came after the bind of me withdrawing my duty weapon? @HumanRevolution
  6. I'm a little dissatisfied for the result. Is there any way you can pull up damage logs/chat logs HR? @HumanRevolution
  7. First of all, I carry a glock on duty and not a H&K Second of all, I roleplayed the injuries after the gunfight, and I was on medical leave for 2 days. Third of all, let's wait for what the admin has to say about the /ame logs.
  8. Not only is that untrue, but after I pulled my gun and shot at you the only arm that was shot was my left one. I'm sure you're familiar with how the server's scripting works. If you're shot in the right arm, your character won't be able to shoot a gun. If you're shot in the left arm, your crosshair disappears. At least that's how I think it works.
  9. @Darkness now how exactly did I unrply take a gun out, if you don't mind me asking? I pulled out my gun by means of /ame before taking any damage - and you aimed at Baker first. I'd appreciate it if an admin could pull up the logs of when I pulled out my gun, and whether or not I got hit before it.
  10. Personally I believed my actions were roleplayed realistically. I'm not sure if you expect me to type out a /me while I'm getting shot in order to get killed, but as soon as you shot Baker who was on the ground I stood up and returned fire. Although my crosshair went away halfway through the gunfight, I continued shooting and happened to hit you to the point where your character died. The fact of the matter is, you shot my partner, I shot back and we engaged in a gunfight. You died while I continued shooting you when you decided to run away after you took shots to your own limbs as well. How do I know you ran on foot after being shot? Take a look at this screenshot and notice that your character was facing away from the gunfight. I'm not one for pointing fingers, but that was totally UN-RP. And frankly, I don't even remember you roleplaying a single line other than pulling your gun out and shooting at us.
  11. me and my bud hangin out at a rally
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