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  1. why the fuck you going to faction threads trying to start shit? shut the fuck up
  2. aren't you banned or something
  3. Hello yes can you unarchive Iron Giants Motorcycle Club please thank u <3
  4. and the only shit you spew on the forums is 2 year old memes. 50 LIKES PLEASE HAHA HILARIOUS
  5. Which beef are you referring too? Like I said, I haven't been in game for a while, so any of this new shit that's happening is beyond me. Look, I'm purely giving you guys a thumbs up saying please just develop and make a great faction, with names like Jola, Serx, and Lafuqs I don't see that being an issue. also celtics in 6 @Serx
  6. It's not just Matey, and yes he's my friend, but it's just a general stereotype for people who use binds and shoot people in the illegal scene it feels like. I've killed maybe one person in the last month, month in a half as far as I can recall, and that stigma is used against me. I think the quality of roleplay on Owl should be improved, trolling should be more harshly punished before people act like shooting is such a huge problem. Maybe I'm just seeing things from an ignorant point and I'll admit that maybe I am but I just see the stigma a lot. I mean come on you have admins fucking around on the server, like genuinely trolling, but go to the forums to complain about illegal RPers.
  7. I don't know why you tripping saying you guys when I been banned for four days. I don't know what's been happening IG, all I know is that Owl Gaming is suffering the worst RP depression I think it ever has. You can run a great faction, and we need it, all I'm saying dawg. We just need it now more then ever.
  8. Be active for more then a month and if it comes to beef slowly develop it. The server needs it after the Asian Boys dipped.
  9. We're gonna look down on people who shoot in a roleplay server but we don't have any problem with you walking around pizza stacks in a spiderman outfit saying nigger to every person in sight. Owl Gaming, your imagination your world.
  10. posted on behalf of @Matey
  11. Winning three grand on a one v one at the courts. OG showin the youngins some guns

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    2. Flluroz


      i fw your music taste heavily ramirez very underrated  

    3. eoozy
    4. Flluroz



      my favorite track from 2017 no cap

  13. "On gangsta crip my poppa was a bitch, he left me where hope just don't exist"
  14. "Still hangin with niggas who can't do nothing but cause damage"
  15. how the fuck do yall actually be roleplaying lawyers like if you roleplay a lawyer and are successful at that shit hats off. looks like from where im sitting you gotta take law school to know about this shit but yall go HAM ON THEM threads

    1. Ambidextrous



    2. Urshankov


      Cheers hun x


      (Some of us have studied law at University so that's probably why)

    3. JameZ


      Some don't know if they even have rights IRL @Urshankov 😂

  16. can't tell if sarcasm or legit but thx fam
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