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  1. Flluroz

    The Crazy Squirrels

    Love the name boys, I'll be keeping tabs.
  2. Name: Marco Comment: Starting.
  3. Flluroz

    Kymani Watson

    yo remember when i took advantage of this black human under the influence of multiple substances
  4. Flluroz

    Oak Ridges Playboys Sureños X3

    this sucks lol im kidding ily luppo hehe
  5. Flluroz

    [Vehicles] - /ame's for windows.

    yep. do dis shit.
  6. Flluroz

    [General] - Remove the vehicle script.

    this needs to happen but so many people play these servers just to own cool cars. seriously doubt it goes through but overall the RP quality will improve and server performance will boom.
  7. Name: Whiteman Comment: huh. go get em fellers
  8. Name: Whiteman Comment: since when does murder get you on the FBI most wanted list. i thought you had to do some gnarly shit to get their attention
  9. Flluroz

    Badgers Motorcycle Club

    don't fuck around and doom a faction for esex my guy
  10. Flluroz

    716 Peckerwood



    1. Lartsa


      so thats how much money he made with the song, cool

    2. Mogs

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