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  1. Flluroz

    Spotify Wrapped 2018

  2. Flluroz

    S/S Asian Boyz 1226

    Need more factions like this. Shit is rad.
  3. Flluroz

    Morra Organized Crime Group

    Joey Spardello, 20 years of age. Joey, a young Italian-Irish from South East Los Santos gets a job in town at the Trinity Lounge, and begins to get to know the owners in his day to day tasks of bar tending. He's a troubled youth with a criminal history of simple drug charges, and weapons charges, who with this new job is attempting to make a new life for himself.
  4. Flluroz

    [Script] Graffiti System

    +1 to this, but I think administration should be involved in the creation and production of tags anywhere, just to make sure it's not "FUCK NIGGERS" or some shit like that. This can easily be misused without administration supervision.
  5. Flluroz

    Beverly Avenue Gang

  6. Flluroz

    Mercedes-Benz of San Andreas

    gimme free car or ddos
  7. Flluroz

    Departure - Croozerdog

    aww. the lesbian rpers lost their champion.
  8. Flluroz

    [General] - Immigration Status Script

    Then you take it to the UCP with proof and get that person removed from PD.
  9. Flluroz

    [General] - Immigration Status Script

    scooter dropping that good good

    @Serx is rock @Flluroz is dot

  11. Flluroz

    Raphael Valenti

    Bro I fucking know smfh

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