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  1. CAUTION | PRODUCTS ARE INTENDED FOR TOBACCO USE ONLY Located at JGC MALL, B102 B - Refers to building B 102 - Refers to store location inside the building _____________________________________________________________________________________ *We do deliveries for orders that go over 4.000$ *We also have bongs, vapes, ashtrays, lighters ZIPPO, rolling papers *At our store you can also purchase OR order, cartons if you want to purchase high amounts of cigarettes. *One carton has 10 packs of cigarettes and one pack has 20 cigarettes. A list with other products will be displayed soon _____________________________________________________________________________________ Legalizeit Order: Products: - - Address: - Phone number: - Name: -
  2. andreiwow2

    Dinoco perms

    Need Dinoco Board perms on the forums
  3. I started playing somewhere in 2014 and I know that because I have a punishment from that time idk why I didnt create a forum account till 2015
  4. My suggestion is that items should have sizes and each storage, be it a backpack, pocket or trunk should have a space, and items fill that space depending on their size, this way more items will fit in various storages, for example, phone and keys in one pocket but not a crate in a pocket. Alot of keys in a trunk but not ten big crates in a small trunk.
  5. There is a little issue but the vehicle has been sold already to the person Haze.
  6. Auction ended sorry. (( I didn't have time to add SOLD to it ))
  7. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 1972 Vehicle brand: Chevrolet Vehicle make: Nova VIN: 17663 Mileage: 14372 Description: Top is 183km/h Goes from 0 to 100 in 2.67 seconds Car is lowered, a good fit for someone who loves old vehicles. Images Starting bid: 12000 Minimum increase: 1000 Buyout: N/A Auction end date: April, 15, 21:00 Contact details: 690636
  8. Irl things don't just break in my house and need 2000$ fixing each month?
  9. bring it far maybe u have more time than me
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