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  1. happy BERTFDAI nibba

    1. Novanard


      Lovely, cheers lad!

  2. [Properties] - Price Mark

    i like this if you don't understand it, he wants adjustable markup prices for npc shops because a burger in idlewood won't cost as much as a burger in rodeo etc.
  3. Law

    who tf doesnt know law already
  4. [Auction House Rules] - Discuss

    if you wanna work around this, just host your auction out of the auction house. i'm pretty sure that there are no rules against that, but the auction just won't be governed by regular auction rules (besides the ooc ones that protect against scamming etc.). what i mean by this, is that you use an ic blog or whatever - not sure if it's allowed, but it'll give you far more freedom
  5. pickle rick

    1. Gazzeh
    2. Jokerr


      wubba lubba dub dub hahahahaha

    3. Gazzeh


      :D we can talk about it if you want.

  6. meme owl video :)

    lmfaoo this is brillaint, more pls
  7. 200 Gamecoins

    c a p i t a l i s m
  8. comin to visit next year

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. MissWonder


      hunting some wild animals on his way there tbh 

    3. Jokerr


      yall wildin

    4. Chillz


      hey joker can i join on my camel pls i supply u with water and food

  9. MTA on laptop??

    i've been gaming on a laptop for my whole life, just make sure you always have a charger with you, because gaming drains your battery rq
  10. [Faction] - Alias/disguise.

    or just remove their names from the member list on the pd forums, why you gotta be so complex
  11. Why do you spam "RP it"?

    what becomes annoying is when you do hit a pole by mistake, and fully intend to roleplay it, but you get a horde of people who can't resist throwing in a 'roleplay please' or 'rp that.' milliseconds after the crash occurs. i can understand that some people may not roleplay it, but it doesn't give anyone else the right to completely 'ruin the immersion' of other roleplayers ( i don't care much for that, but if this server is as 'heavy' as you make it out to be, i'm sure people do). for me, i play on owlgaming to relax, the atmosphere created by people bearing down on you the entirety of your roleplay experience isn't pleasant, to say the least. i suggest, to the people that truly find fault with other people not roleplaying crashes, just report them. there's no need to quip about anything, and there's no need to threaten people if you don't even know if they've done something wrong. n stop bitching about stuff that don't concern you either, jesus
  12. GAT Update - September 8th, 2017

    @Reacted @Law the server is going to shit wtf nah i kid, couldn't have expected a better update than this, congrats lads

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