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  1. GTA V giveaway!

    second one is 5% of 1050, not 1000, so you take off 52.50 (5% of 1050) from 1050, not 50 (5% of 1000) from 1050? 2+2=4-1=3 thats quick maths
  2. and lets get rid of all the cops because they're lesbians and its nonrp to have so many lesbians you can't fix something by just removing it, that doesn't make sense
  3. yes lets shut down a quarter of the servers roleplay because some people dont like it
  4. Gurei sunēku shinjikēto

  5. Custom Interior Object Limit

    Yeah, 250 has always been a pain for me. Trying to create maps for moderate to large-sized houses often becomes a pain, because I -always- run out of objects. Those extra 150 would actually help quite a bit.
  6. Will you be there?

    be there or be square
  7. sometimes important things need to be said in /b, not sure if just switching it off entirely is practical
  8. Yet another problem with MTA

    used to happen to me too, fixed itself after a bit
  9. The developers of MTA are a Khram subfaction.

    half of them are @Lyricist , @Lewis and @Craazy
  10. The developers of MTA are a Khram subfaction.

    @Lyricist all jokes aside, someone high up in Khram told me that the chicken was a Khram subfaction
  11. The developers of MTA are a Khram subfaction.

    asf is a khram subfaction
  12. The developers of MTA are a Khram subfaction.

    @Lyricist neil a. is a anagram for alien. who's woke now

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