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  1. u alive

    1. Novanard


      been trying to contact him since march :( 

    2. Dawkins
  2. joker from star trek lol

  3. Happy birthday! Wish you a good life and everything thats good heh!Enjoy.

    1. fester


      thank you man!

  4. joker__s_birthday_party_by_craigcermak.j


    gettin closer to death tbh

    1. fester


      harleys boobs r fallin out

  5. be there or be square
  6. admins should prioritize reports how they see fit. it's not the players right/responsibility to determine what's important and what isn't, because they'll never know the context in which they're making the report (in terms of what other reports are open)
  7. i understand what you're saying, but most of the money that's pumped into the economy is countered by the fact that players go inactive and get cked (without sting) on a very regular basis. the value of good on owl has never been increasing. if you're referring to cars, the only reason that the value of certain cars are insanely high is because if the restrictions imposed on importing them by the vehicle team. the only time vehicle values actually seem to increase is when people try to match them to the real life prices, which only happens when the latest year's models are released. as for pro
  8. owl doesn't actually have any inflation, so matching the gold price to a real life one wouldn't work because it'll actually create some form of inflation in the owl economy, which im pretty sure nobody could be assed to handle right now (just too much effort, for any single person). basing the entire economy off a single asset base may work in reality, but there's no actual 'value' to gold in owl because it's basically useless. what i wouldn't mind seeing, however, is a vm for commodities supported by the faction team, to promote more investment-style roleplay
  9. The original Joker.

    1. fester


      who the fucc is this

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