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  1. O-man, always wanted to be the first.




  2. Jamie

    Missing the streams.

  3. If a player knows there's less than 3 cops on, it'll be smart for them to do risky things such as a gang shooting, or kidnapping and whatnot. It's OOC knowledge influencing IC action. No.
  4. Mandatory Weather RP has been an annual event on Owl so far, however it's normally only a few weeks long and runs from Mid/Late December to Early January. That weather box thing is a tool admins used to inform players what weather they're supposed to be RPing so they don't say they didnt know what the weather was.
  5. yo checkout my instagram nadrsgymspam
    bully me and call me names, i luv it. hows the server btw?

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    2. Melly


      They found a replacement for you called Swanker. Real shame. How are you doing though, Nadr?

    3. maramizo


      swanker is doing a pretty good job. i've never seen gat be that active and that quick at handling responses.

    4. Nadr


      Swanker was a mate, pretty sure he was UAT/ SA at my time. Was best for everyone, including me that I left. I was too busy caught up with the gym, school and work. It's going pretty well for me.

  6. Nadr

    Owl's starting to look pretty great again (add thumbs up emoticon)

    1. Manjot


      (Add Punjabi nationalist emoticon here)

    2. Chaos
  7. Everyone brings Joy to our Administration Team. Some when they join, others when they leave. It's been a good one ;)

  8. http://puu.sh/n83fv/c57ffd8d5a.png the rise of the players
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    2. Deuce


      The planet of the players

    3. Simonman80


      wtf why arn't ppl liking my shit i guess im popular but undercover ;-)

    4. Strickland
  9. Nadr

    Show yourself!

    father, is that you?
  10. When you get mad props for posts but no likes :((

  11. Nadr

    Show yourself!

    nudes (only open if you're 12 or under )'>
  12. So this is a really crazy concept, but bare with me here. Supposedly.. OwlGaming is an RP server, like shocking right?

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