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  1. * You would receive an email from an official Saint Ernest Medical Center address. * "To whom it may concern, I am Calvin O'Doherty, a Captain with the Medical Center's Bureau of Emergency Medical Services. I will be representing the hospital alongside our legal team. After reviewing the requested items in your subpoena, we cannot locate any patient care report or hospital record containing the information you have requested. We, also, do not have a run report which would correlate with the time of the incident. We can only assume that we requested a neighboring department to pick the call up for us. You can reach me for any more questions at this email. Thank you, Captain Calvin O'Doherty, NRP Bureau of Emergency Medical Services Center for Emergency Medicine Saint Ernest Medical Center" (( Call must of been NPC'd. ))
  2. patrick

    public works baybee

    jon m
  3. patrick

    Jonesephine Moore - Prehospital Paramedic

    (( Can you please re-apply with your forum account and properly fill out the "Discord name" question? Discord names have a four-digit identifier at the end (such as patrick#0213) If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me (patrick#0213) or tng#5923))
  4. patrick

    semc perms (!!)

    need @Guana's perms removed need employee perms for @DaLuppo
  5. patrick

    [General] - Remove the vehicle script.

    honestly im fine with leaving custom vehicle names for public safety peeps/general pop but removing stats are fine or just reform VCT and stop allowing ricers
  6. patrick

    Owlgaming poll

    implies its a different continent
  7. patrick

    Owlgaming poll

    since when is scotland its own continent
  8. (( CPS has been closed and moved to an NPC organization. ))
  9. patrick

    SEMC forum perms

  10. patrick

    SEMC forum perm removals

    @mikesantospt @Connor and @ilux need permissions removed
  11. SAINT ERNEST MEDICAL CENTER JOB POSTING | PREHOSPITAL PARAMEDIC POSTING DESCRIPTION Saint Ernest Medical CenterÔÇÖs Bureau of Emergency Medical Services is looking for talented individuals to hire on as Prehospital Paramedics. As a Paramedic, employees will be tasked with delivering advanced life support life interventions to patients before, and during, ground transport to the Saint Ernest Medical Center, located in the Market district of Los Santos. Base wage is $70,000/Year (($850/Hour)), excluding overtime, advancement, and holiday benefits. All training is provided for. APPLICATION PREREQUISITES Must be a citizen of the United States; Must possess a high school GED or greater; Must not possess a felony criminal background, or have received a dishonorable discharge from any of the Armed Forces of the United States; Must be of good moral character and spirit; Must be willing to undergo a comprehensive background check and screening; Must possess the physical, emotional, and mental capacity expected of a public servant; Must possess a valid DriverÔÇÖs License in the state of San Andreas; AHA-BLS for Healthcare´╗┐ Providers´╗┐ and NREMT´╗┐ or state-´╗┐equivalent EMT-B ´╗┐licenses´╗┐; Applicants who possess´╗┐ their NRP must have´╗┐ valid´╗┐´╗┐ ACLS, PALS, and´╗┐ PHTLS licenses.´╗┐ Applicants will be preferred if they have prior experience in emergency medicine, and/or possess one of the following licenses: NRP, CCEMT-P, FP-C, ICS 100, 200, 700, and/or Hazmat Awareness. Please submit your applicant for employment HERE. Saint Ernest Medical Center continuously hires unless otherwise specified.
  12. patrick

    Task Force Security

    (( no major in HS FYI ))

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