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  1. [Items] - Implementation of Female LEO skins

    yes to the emt & pd skins
  2. To Whom it May Concern

    you know like 400 people play on a single English server right?
  3. DPS perms.

  4. DPS apps will be looked at throughout the week!

    1. Lartsa


      Just bring the whole pack back, nobody cares about the beef between franco and bartman.

    2. JameZ


      sad nigger

    3. ititan
  5. Press Release | Employee Arrested As of today, the 6th of February of 2018, one of our general members of the department was arrested by the Los Santos State Police. This members, who we will not name for legal issues, has been terminated from the department. Furthermore, their EMT certifications has been noted by the Office of the Medical Director. We would like to thank the Los Santos Police Department and the officers involved with how they handled the situation. We hope we can further prevent these kinds of incidents from occurring from our members. This member went against everything that the department stands for. One of our main goals is to be more transparent with the public. We hope that, with this public release, that we have answered any questions the public may of had about the employment status of the individual. Again, we cannot release a name due to legality. Ethan O'Flynn EMS Chief
  6. DPS Perms needed

  7. DPS Perms

  8. DPS perms

  9. LSDPS Perms

  10. Application Requirements

    Employment Application Requirements In order to be considered for employment at the Department of Public Safety, ensure you meet the following requirements: Applicant is over, or is over, eighteen (18) years of age, however is not more than thirty five (35) years of age; Applicant posses a GED or greater; Applicant posses a valid San Andreas Drivers License; Applicant posses the ability to speak fluent English; Applicant has a positive out-look on the department; Applicant is both mentally and physically fit; Applicant is willing to learn; Applicant has no extensive criminal record. (( Furthermore, to be considered for employment, ensure you meet the following OOC requirements: Must speak fluent English; Must not have an extensive administrative background. ))
  11. As of January 30th, 2018, the Department of Public Safety will be publishing its pay-scale with every offered employment position under §1. General Provisions of the Sunshine Law of 2015. Below, you will find the aforementioned pay wages we offer for each employee in the department.
  12. Department of Public Safety Department Publication - 1/30/2018 Ever since the conception of the Department of Public Safety, the merger of all EMS providers and the Fire Department, the city has seen some of the worst response times. This has been contributed to many reasons, such as lack of leadership, lack of general members, and improper training of members who are still currently with the department. We have heard your complaints and we are taking action. As of today, already, we have gained a new EMS Captain and EMS Lieutenant which are going to be handling our recruitment and training procedures. Furthermore, we also have plans to ensure that we continue to expand in the right direction, as listed below, Keep the recruitment process open all the time, with no closings. We already do this, however we want to make clear that you can apply at any time. Make our recruitment process more transparent and known. Re-make our training material to reflect updated statewide EMT/Paramedic protocols. Remove lame duck command and general members. You can always apply for general membership here. One of our command members will get back to you as soon as possible. If you have any other concerns, criticism, or complaints, please don't hesitate to contact our command staff.
  13. Forum Perms - DPS

  14. yea but can the current emergency vehicles be skinned even? if they can then im not gonna pressure it (not like i'd get anywhere by bitching)
  15. my point exactly, the current ambulance/police vehicles aren't to die for tbh, there are better non-ELS ones on LCPDFR/whatever you want

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