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  1. Essentially all factions I currently have perms for. Can confirm GOV is among the roles that need removing.
  2. Buyout's reset @Bacon . You should know that lowering them is not allowed.
  3. You are not allowed to end auctions until at least 3 days of nobody bidding for them, mind you. Keep it open.
  4. The thing with RPing characters over 60 is that people don't like losing RP. Sixty-year-olds may still be as fit as they were as forty years old but the vast majority is already feeling that their aging process is beginning. They do not like RPing not being "Young, perfectly in shape and ready to take on the world." which is why they make mistakes RPing children in the first place. You need to be ready and willing to accept that you're not Mike Tyson, RPing immersively is the key to properly RPing children and/or old people but people just don't want to.
  5. That should be off-limits. RPing kids shouldn't have to be, as long as the person doing it acts realistically. Instead of a status, there should be an indicator for people under 20. This way, police can assume it's not a mature person. This changes the way they'd realistically react. This should be an icon under the name like a badge or bandana, statuses are annoying. @Zebulon
  6. Medium customizable weapons is good. (Editing caliber of bullets, turning deagles into tazers so you don't NEED to be in PD to use them, have shotguns allow admins to decide between permanently beanbag or permanently lethal for the same reason as tazer, allowing all automatic weapons to have an admin choose between 4 settings: Semi-automatic, burst-fire, full-automatic and dynamic. Dynamic meaning you can switch between the latter three.) As for having admins being allowed/able to chase gun stats, I'd say all stats should be fixated to prevent bugs. Stats CAN be edited though
  7. @Glatoosno winner. Needs to be the actual buyout, you cannot lower it or take buyout offers that are not the buyout price.
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