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  1. Scarlet

    Gov perms

    much obliged, thanks!!
  2. Scarlet

    Gov perms

    Need licensing units perms as well @Unitts
  3. Scarlet

    Gov perms

    Need access to gov forums, am ESOC. @DylanW for confirming
  4. **Sara Queen enters through the door of the courtroom, seating herself in the front observer bench.**
  5. Buyout's reset @Bacon . You should know that lowering them is not allowed.
  6. You are not allowed to end auctions until at least 3 days of nobody bidding for them, mind you. Keep it open.
  7. "The paramedic has to interact with someone who has zero interest in their roleplay and the person behind the wheel doesn't care for what the paramedic is doing and is going to roleplay as little as possible." It is exactly what you said right there. What happens IG should be RPed. If you crash at 20 MPH you won't be very hurt, mostly shaken and probably a good bit disturbed. No need to RP severe injuries. But it should still properly be roleplayed. If one or multiple person/people saw the RP happen and they want to be RPing it then so be it. The rules clearly state you're only allowed to void if ALL involved parties agree to it, or an administrator makes a decision voiding RP.
  8. So, you're saying that if you get shot in the crossfire of a police situation that you will not RP it because you don't want to? Whenever somebody ICly robs you, you void the RP because you don't feel like losing your money and items. That's what you're saying.
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