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  1. What a fun time it has been. For me, Owlgaming was the reason I ran from school to home everyday during my teenage years. I had a surgery in 2015 which gave a lot of spare time, Streamer DatGuyLirik streamed this and I joined, and never stopped. This thing named Owlgaming was one of the reasons I broke up with my first girlfriend because I played too much. Yeah.. by 2019, I was farewell. 4 Years of my teen years was spent on Owlgaming. My English became excellent because of my high standard roleplay. My creative acting skills really were on-point. For example, speaking to a crowd filled with people, I spoke as if I was roleplaying a character. It made me an amazing speaker as I was focused on my body language and speech pauses instead of how many people there were -- no stress to speech. If I saw somebody bullying a guy, i'd step in because that's what my character would do on Owlgaming. It's with nostalgia and happiness that I thank you; staff, members and community for the changes you've brought in my life. Farewell to you all, Francis Beliveau (Genocide)
  2. hbd buddy

    1. Genocide


      thanks m8, one love

      no homo


  4. @SjoerdPSV for being such a chill human being. props for that mate. @Wright for being french canadian, Nous aimons tous la bonne poutine. @Antonia fuck off being so nice with people ur not even canadian
  5. my grand father passed away and i'm taking a break, stay safe

    1. PoisonStream


      Sorry to hear mate. Best wishes to you and I hope it doesn't fully blow the holidays for you. Stay safe yourself and have a Merry Christmas.

    2. Novanard


      May he rest in peace, sorry to hear that buddy.

    3. Genocide


      Thank you guys for the kind thoughts. Extremely nice from yous.

  6. Been temporary banned for two weeks, i'll be back soon y'all.

  7. @Jokerr - For being never mentioned <33<<3<3 @Resident - For buying 1g of marijuanna instead of 20g and being realistic @Jokerr - also for being patient, but u suck anyways @Resident - also one of the first admins %100 for illegal roleplay.
  8. Where's our priest for some religious roleplay, father jones?

  9. Will be off until Friday and will spontaneously check up the forums!  Private Message me if anything.

    See you Friday!

  10. "The world is my Country. All mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion."

  11. "If you want to go somewhere you like but no one else wants to, go by yourself. You'll meet people with similar interests as you."

  12. "Surround yourself with the ones that makes you happy."

  13. I like the fact that three days ago, no one actually gave attention to gay rights, and then one morning, they wake up, see lesbian cops on a video game, and act like they were for gay rights for their whole damn life.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Poffy


      gay rights hahahahahahaah good one

    3. Kevin


      there's always been a massive gay sub-community in owlgaming. people just got mad that every person that RP's a female is a lesbian or bisexual. that's not actually a problem though, just an observation about how people like to rp.

    4. Goodfella


      someone who rps a female is transexual xexexe thats the right word

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