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  1. @FAILCAKEZ can i put ur video in my skin texturing guide
  2. @Cross125 Thank you for the mention and just overall such a pleasant text. For your information, you are the main cause of Alexandra MacKenzie's application for the Police Department in Los Santos after the videos you showcased on youtube. Your humorous videos and constant effort of showcasing the Police Department made me thrive for creating a new character and a completely new story. Without you, all of this would of never had taken place.
  3. ** Alexandra MacKenzie would enter the court room, large under-eye sacks with a coffee mug, casually sipping, as she takes a seat while nodding with a conscripted smile to her fellow Law Enforcement Officers. **
  4. Nobody looks up at an officer and is like "omg i want to be an asshole like him". A true leader doesn't apply all the rules by the hand, a real Leader is a gentleman who inspires everyone to do good, and you don't inspire people by applying all the consequences for every action that can have consequences to.

  5. Los Santos Auction House - Residential Property Type: Residential Address: #05 - Glendale Street (w/ garage&yard) Description: I had this house for a while now. Bought it for 55,000 and i'm selling it for 30,000 Includes a garage, a white door to a custom room you can create, huge rooms. Includes a very big yard and a garage. Exterior Images: Interior Images: Starting Bid: 30,000 Minimum Increase: 1500 Buyout: 39,000 Auction ends: March 23rd, 2018 Contact Information: [email protected] ((forum PMs))
  6. Hey, You could improve the inventory system by adding sub-files. Here's a few pictures to improve what i'm trying to say. As you can see in the following image, half of my entire screen is covered by my inventory when i open my Backpack file. (which reasonably contains backpack material and is not abused) To understand what i'm trying to say, here is an image that indicates what are "files". Now, i want it to make it possible to create sub-files and drag the objects into them. To create a sub-file you could right-click on the file you'd like to create a sub-file in. A list of actions you could do would open up such as "create a sub-file". If you would click add sub-file, you would have a panel which would open up with details of 1. The name of your subfile 2. idk the background color of the sub-file? At some point, once you click on "Create sub-file" it would create a sub-file which you can drag items into that. This will largely reduce my inventory taking my entire screen for a backpack that contains little objects. I'd like to add another suggestion with this, the "dutybelt system". Once you /duty it would create a file with the dutybelt image and this will contain all of the duty objects instead of placing them in the "backpack" file, which as a LEO officer, you dont carry your radio,flashlight, body armour etc in a backpack, it's near the dutybelt. Thanks ! Genocide (If required, here is the images on imgur for reference. https://imgur.com/a/mvBRe )
  7. DM = OOC guns = IC guns used to DM (hence, IC objects used for OOC) = OOC so technically, those guns were not " IC consequences for OOC actions" but OOC consequences for OOC actions. The rule should remain the same imo but the weapons should be given back if good reasoning is provided and approved by the UCP report carer
  8. I don't understand the script suggestion itself but after thoroughly investigating the reply section, i'll give it a yes and for the following reasons: you seem desperate 2 admins (i genuinely i look up to) said yes the point of Restreopo saying "F1 and report and admins will deal with it" doesn't work because of reason 2 less OOC interference, more roleplay (F1 is an OOC interference) i love you keep offering script suggestions and creating discussions, you're doing good man
  9. My main point being; OOC information should always remain available even if metagaming is a risk, administrators will gladly intervene.
  10. Absolutely not. This will not reduce metagaming, this will encourage powergaming. If some masked player NON-rply steals my bike with a mask on, i don't know his ID or his name, which will be a hastle while reporting.it can easily be abused by non-roleplayers. It will make things worst. OOC information should always remain available even if metagaming is a risk. Leave everything as is. Although, quote me if i'm not getting this suggestion right.
  11. This will cause a lot of rules to be changed. for the better As usually JameZ, you have my support.
  12. you stole the words out of my mouth.
  13. Fuck the scripts, we want roleplay. We want interaction. We want hard work and dedication for a well paid-off reward. The less scripts, the better roleplay quality. Yes there would be able to see a line drawn as it will be told to the people. I don't mind to do a guide on how to Virtual Market and lay out the rules i simply asked in a "General Questions" report. Complaints (with a strong community feedback) are made for adjustments for a better environment. The aim is not to make money, the aim is to have more roleplay. Virtual Market is essentially a population. It is strongly unrealistic to have the whole Virtual Market population of San Andreas to be drug addicts. And like @BusterAces said and I said in the thread you didn't quite read, why name a Virtual Market that doesn't even cover the Virtual Market.
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