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  1. Business - Henry Ford Business Plaza, Downtown

    @Tailor Feel like archiving this? Thanks.
  2. Ola

    United Cunts in the house.
  3. Stalkin my profile are u cunt????

  4. Custom Interior Object Limit

    I suppose this falls heavily on the word "previously", as from the several gov maps I've done in the last year only one was allowed to be above 250 objects.
  5. Custom Interior Object Limit

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, it works, except in the cases where it's a larger project, e.g. city hall, PD, FD, houses in richman, stadium, anything large scale that isn't a restaurant or a house. I've seen exceptional maps done with 20 objects, too, but that doesn't mean it speaks for the entirety of cases. Obviously some maps won't even utilize that full count, but there are a plethora of maps that fully maximize that count. Thanks for the reply, though.
  6. Lets remove San Andreas and move to tabletop roleplay bc san andreas doesnt exist so its unrealistic.
  7. Business - Henry Ford Business Plaza, Downtown

    The winner forfeited the purchase, as he was unable to read what he was bidding on, expecting something else.
  8. VCT = the people that will give you A*'s for English

    Lightning McDerpine
  9. Business - Henry Ford Business Plaza, Downtown

    Business resold back to the government for the sum of 66,000 $. Auction may be closed. @Wright
  10. VCT = the people that will give you A*'s for English

    Is that the new Zanussi dishwasher in your signature? My mom always wanted one of those for the dishes.
  11. VCT = the people that will give you A*'s for English

    /me grasps onto the socket wrench, grasping it firmly by the metallic handle as he'd interlock the lug nugs with the socket, firmly applying pressure, about 15 psi to be exact, beginning to rotate the wrench in counter clockwise direction as to undo the nuts. Note that the left bottom nut had a rust coating on it and it took 21 seconds in average for a lug nut to be unmounted. Also, the socket wrench I used had burgundy stains on it after the initial contact with my fingers, as there were partial remains on my fingertips of my meatball sub that I'd had for lunch earlier. The clock is Twenty two past two in the afternoon, Monday, 20th of November, 2017. Clear skies with low to no chance of downpour. Now that. That is how you roleplay vehicular mechanics, boys. Watch and learn.
  12. VCT = the people that will give you A*'s for English

    Go for it bro.
  13. Custom Interior Object Limit

    Idk how about @Chaos makes a guest appearance???
  14. Custom Interior Object Limit

    This isn't no fucking Commodore 64 it'll be fine x.
  15. Turbin - What's crackalacking?

    Good old times, talking with you & @Franco on mic about finger blasting bitches and falling asleep and waking up with wrinkly fingers.

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