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  1. @MissWonder cheburek, sunflower seeds, 3 stripe adidas and ur ready to study x

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    2. Chillz


      lyricist shut up ur latvian 

    3. Lyricist


      @Chillz oh look its your house taken from Google Maps



    4. Chillz


      ummmmmmmmmmmmmm wooooooooooooooooow 

  2. Name: NedFlanders Comment: Wait, so this bitch workin FD and SD & doin dj gigs during fucking weekends at clubs? wth fuckin tony stark ass looking ass bruce wayne motherfucker. Shoulda stuck to doing 10 second wheels with Paul Walker.
  3. The Montgomery Organization

    I'll have two number nines, a number nine large, a number six with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45's, one with cheese, and a large soda. :DDDDDDDDDDD Good screens tho.
  4. Legends say that if u act like a cunt a Chef will be summoned and he'll come pistolwhip you in the middle of Rodeo.

    1. Chef


      And legend also says if you're shit head moulinyan, Sonny will appear and be pulled into a CK war with Japs.

    2. Lyricist


      *Cries in lasagna*

    3. Lyricist


      What do you call a Chef that listens to Hip Hop? Sonny Black. ;ddd

  5. Happy birthday monica.

  6. The Montgomery Organization

    Classic Endust. Good shit, good shit. Hope to see you boys around.
  7. new frag movie coming soon bb, stay tuned, i'm halfway done x

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    2. waffle


      hahahah lol, 10-4

    3. Daabas


      waffle no one wants to see ur frag movies

    4. waffle


      this is my first one, and it has some really nice shots, why so toxic, i cri every nite

  8. Musta been dope being born in the same century as Machiavelli and shit.
  9. Name: Joey Comment: Punctation, like damn, also, who was the genius behind the idea of renaming the company to "SANN" - it's almost like "San Andreas News" didn't quite cut it...
  10. woosh-you-have-smol-pener-17179368.png


    Sry fam no personal jus business.

    1. Jokerr
    2. Lyricist


      Go play under ur nans skirt bitch its Mr. Big Dick Swinger club over here. . .. . . 

  11. [STATE] The People v. Rebecca Zicardi

    *Hosea'd give a thorough look over the room following the sound of the clicking heels, noticing Eleanor before turning his focus back to the courts, exhaling profoundly.*
  12. [STATE] The People v. Rebecca Zicardi

    *Hosea would scoot himself closer to Mengele, nodding at him firmly as he'd silently offer his hand outwards for a handshake, looking him over before turning his eye to the courts.* @Wright
  13. How many motherfucking execution style gif signatures are you gonna have?


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