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  1. https://plays.tv/video/57c370deb97fa283ea/when-homies-are-homies-but-frags-are-life-?from=user @Serx @Humour

  2. W'dup Lyricist?

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    2. Lyricist


      I rarely even bother checking this place, so you're in luck. Haven't roleplayed here since November/September '17. That's about it.

    3. Effect


      Well shiiiiit, focused on EFT?

    4. Lyricist


      IRL and studies more than gaming, but mainly Apex, Tark and other stuff whenever I play.

  3. I'm just gonna say these two things on this topic and then move onto the problem at hand. I do feel like I owe a public and personal appology to @LikeMike on this matter, since he practically had no participation as of late in anything and anyone can attest to him being a great guy, however the information honestly had to be conveyed to break the ice on the matter. Khram was a great faction, but strayed onto a dark path and I think that the relations between the community and the faction is what ultimately gave the faction the whole "fuck it" mentality, though the way it lately carried itself is simply disappointing and I've already explained all of those points to @Chaos. Sorry if it somehow leaves the stainful impression that I backstabbed a faction for keks, but when a whole fistful of community is flocking elsewhere and they seem to proufoundly criticize same shortcomings, then perhaps it's worth looking into. It doesn't discount that the faction had a rich history and set a few benchmarks in terms of roleplay, it just simply speaks on the matter that the community felt completely alienated and restricted by the monopoly that simply cannot be counteracted by a faction, because when that monopoly is set in place - it means that the whole community is subject to as many restrictions and problems as the leadership faction imposes on them. Gonna leave the matter on this note, as I feel it's gonna attract more opinions and emotional inputs from members. Next response is gonna be solely on the matter of what needs to be changed.
  4. how is your career going brother?



    1. Lyricist


      I understand ur obsession with bald cancer impaired scalps but nigga damn.

      Fresh prince never swore either........


      Daddy better come get his lil bitch and whoop that ass.

  6. Discussing beef steak recipes.
  7. You can get a mid 2012/2013 Gaming PC for decent money. I originally bought an Ivy back in 2013 for 1k Euros, now I built another one in summer (Kaby Lake) for 500 EUR. You don't need a GTX 1080Ti to play the latest games on good settings. I'm running R9 290's in each of the PC's on dual screens and it works. 50-60 FPS on GTA V on ultra settings.
  8. Stalkin my profile are u cunt????

  9. And bitches. HD e-sex.
  10. Rip Lil Dookie. Mans was the shit.

  11. But i wanna hear the 12 year old Pocahontas ask about the turbocharged engine under the hood. That or e-sexing with voice input. Imagine all the punjabs.
  12. @Chaos will u b there???
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