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  1. You're a legend. +100 for this.
  2. Poll added. I will soon make change to the topic considering what other people might have to say.
  3. Still need to change that in the topic.
  4. True. We could rather make a company that controls all the gas stations and hence delivers supplies as well.
  5. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- fuel-system What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- General What is the suggestion?- So the basic idea is to bring the current system close to what we have in real life. Gas Stations sometimes run out of fuel, they need to be re-supplied, this is done of course by using Oil Tankers to deliver the fuel. What I'm suggesting here is simple, currently, none of the gas stations in OwlGaming ever run out of supplies, what I'm proposing is a change to that. How this would work is simple, basically, what I'm saying here is that gas stations SHOULD run out of fuel and should require to be re-supplied. I'll get to the point how they'll be resupplied later. How this would work is basically simple maths. Let's say a Gas Stations can hold around 50,000 liters of Petrol. Each time a person refuels their car, the amount of the fuel inputted in the car is subtracted from the total supply that the gas station currently has and for-example when the supply reaches say 30,000, the gas station has to be re-supplied. Basically, how they're going to be re-supplied is rather simple. We can simply give the job to RS Haul, however, this time adding Road Trains to their fleets and the oil tankers. They fill their tankers from the depot they've got, and then they head to the gas station where fuel is required and then complete the resupplying phase. Rather pipes could be added at every gas station, where a marker could be made, that would be visible to the RS Haul drivers only. Once a gas stations requires additional supply, a blip could be sent on the map, same like the sytem we've pretty much got for RS Haul right now. What are the advantages?- - More realism. - More jobs to do. What are the disadvantages?- - I don't see any. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- Nops. How would you go about implementing this idea?- Read above. I will be making amends to the suggestion dependent on the feedback I'll get you from you guys!
  6. @einschtein MVP
  7. Hey. Welcome to OwlGaming!
  8. This is going to be cool. Good luck guys! EDIT: Would be rather even more interesting if you guys like add stuff like forgeries and all to what you're gonna do. It'll definitely be even better.
  9. LSIA Flight School - License Application Contact information Full name: Roman Stakic Gender: Male Suffix: [X] Mr [ ] Mrs [ ] Ms Age, date of birth: 12/04/1993 Phone: (555) 462-695 Address: East Los Santos, Los Santos. Background information Any criminal record (if yes, list what)?: No. Reference: LSPD [CTSOB C/O Lieutenant Laura Ashcroft] Licenses Set an X in the fields of the licenses you are applying for. [X] SER [X] ROT [ ] MER [ ] TER [ ] CPL Typeratings List the typerating(s) you are applying for. TF417, T497, T563, T469, T460 Reason for applying (at least 100 words): Required for performing duties within the Air Support Division of the LSPD. And yes, I've always had interest in flying and all, that has led my path within the ASD. Any remark(s)?: __ By filing this application, I agree to always abide by the current laws and instructions of aviation, as given by authorities and LSIA. I understand that my license may get revoked if abused. I understand and agree to that LSIA may access my background information from instances such as the police and medical institutions. I confirm that all information in my application are correct, and that providing false or misleading information is punishable by law. Signature: R. Stakic ((OOC: Timezone: +5 (GMT/Zulu, for us to estimate lesson times) )) WITHDRAWN
  10. Good luck.
  11. Being a PD member. I can assure the fact that yes this does happen and at all occasions such people are usually told to not mention any OOC information and yes. It happens rarely that the PD themselves uses OOC information for IC purposes. And tbh, any person in PD would be stupid to do this anyways, because; if they get punished; they're immediately kicked from the faction for two whole months and cannot re-instate in that time-frame.
  12. I was personally myself present at the scene when this happened. Considering from a LEO point of view. I would have done exactly the same as LcLaSouljah is saying. That is what you do. If you see in the screenshots, you're covered by the mexicans all around yourself. Other than that, you then choose to park your cruiser to the right later. Which is clear that you were trying to act tough and this is what sometimes tough guys get. As for your back-up call. It isn't that you always get the whole PD to respond to your 10-12. It's common sense that if there were about 2-3 officers present there, these people would've been less tempted to pull that trigger. You also had a option to go around the block, park up and wait for re-inforcements and then come back but you chose something else so yeah. Again. It happens.
  13. Yeah and it's funny how always 2 of the three for PD is Russian and Spanish.
  14. Hey, welcome. Hope you enjoy your stay here.