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  1. Looks great!!! Although scripted store robberies do have a very RPGish feel to it ?
  2. thanks ofr the appreciation ive been wokring hard
  3. Solid idea! I mean what he means here is that it's more of a notification instead of a 'advertisement'. Because, irl, you'd know that eventually you're gonna find a cab but ig it's not so and all
  4. Completely agree. Like I have said on discord a number of times, when Owl starts getting 30 players is the time it takes off. 30 is enough to attract outsiders to owl. There is no debate on which server is 'better', quality-wise, script-wise - OwlGaming is definitely better. However, the underlying problem is in the active playerbase. Adding to what @Ivankov said, I think it is the foremost responsibility of admins to be in-game even when there are zero players. Trend I have noticed is that (except for two admins), everyone else just logs in when the PB is up to 6 or 7. Effort needed from both
  5. Seems like a neat idea, good luck!
  6. Rauf

    Odesskaya Bratstvo

    This is surely going far, good luck!
  7. It's not rlly a topic to argue. But, however, I take offense to the last part of your reply. You are not the judge or the jury, nor do you or anyone else has the right to term someones else roleplay as shitty or whatever. Let everyone enjoy their game and not compel on them the roleplay, you think is right. If someone wants their money, or a percentage of it, to be sent to them, let them make the suggestion, no idea why you have to oppose it on grounds such as it being 'shitty' in your view. : )
  8. 100% agree with this. Roleplay in MTA is almost non existent at this point. A lot of good roleplayers have shifted to GTA V for roleplay. Like we say in real life, a good investment is a investment in the future. The online multiplayer on GTA V is definitely the future. Yes, it will take some time, yes, it does not give the same experience as MTA but it will. No point in keeping MTA alive. It was dead before OwlV was released.
  9. Person who's going to DM around and revive all the time won't really care about the monetary value in the first place.
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