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  1. Not entirely true. Speaking from experience, I've come across an instance where this didn't really happen, the matter was fully listened to by him and he didn't choose sides and listened to the other person more (which was kind of a surprise tbh). I agree with the other stuff but y'know just wanted to point this out
  2. meet and greet with rose moreno will make her kill herself
  3. Rauf

    Admin Ixosis

    im sorry for the jets i know youre ngry about them
  4. Rauf

    Admin Ixosis

    shes engaged sicko
  5. I don't see the point behind this. It's useless. It's not like imgur is paid or something, it's totally free so shouldn't be much of a problem.
  6. That's been done and the fact that one of them disregarded has been established. As you can read from my last response here, I do not believe anything here requires further provision of logs from either side. Other than that, as for the second part, I find it confusing how they thought it should be a CK then but a week or so later they're saying it's not. This wasn't forced upon them, one side got the other CK'ed. Anyways, I will be talking with the both the sides and finalizing it. Apologies for it to have been pending for this much time.
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