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    Ok. 110% V is better. If you have ever tried playing any other roleplay servers on RageMP, you'd know what a blessing OwlV is (even at its Beta stage). It's a thousand times better than other roleplay servers. It's not only the quality of the roleplay that this community has to offer but the scripts as well. We have to recognize the fact that these scripts have been worked from the ground up. There existed no such scripts before (on rage), @Chaos & @Daniels wrote everything from ground up and hence what we have now as the beta - is actually real great work from their sides. Also, things are getting stable with time. It's been what, 24 hours? It's not their official version, It's a beta, it's meant to be buggy, it's meant to lack features. They will get added with time. And keeping in mind the time it took Daniels and Chaos to fix a lot of bugs after release, I'd say that OwlV is going to be really great, really soon!
  2. My mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

  3. hey mate - been a looooooooooooooooong time
  4. Ok, here's my suggestion regarding this. Instead of just completely abolishing privately owned car selling business because of no custom vehicles, there's something else that can be done. Firstly, it doesn't really make a lot of sense of having all the cars present at a single dealership. You could as well divide the total inventory into 2 or 4 dealerships (can be debated on). Furthermore, it would be much much much better if in OwlV, the car shops could be owned by players instead. I think this wouldn't require MUCH oversight. The prices could be fixed and with little to no oversight of the FT/VT/Admin Team, this could work. Applications for the ownership of such dealerships could be opened as for the import dealerships we have now.
  5. That is not true. RP servers (of all kind) in RAGE:MP have a lot of player, some exceeding 300 and more. So, saying that RAGE only allows 64 people max isn't true.
  6. Person who's going to DM around and revive all the time won't really care about the monetary value in the first place.
  7. name: 12 comment: hopefully this is the end of mongs puttig up ads of wanting to buy a truck
  8. sad cunt

    1. Rauf


      thx mate

  9. hbd jew

  10. Not entirely true. Speaking from experience, I've come across an instance where this didn't really happen, the matter was fully listened to by him and he didn't choose sides and listened to the other person more (which was kind of a surprise tbh). I agree with the other stuff but y'know just wanted to point this out
  11. meet and greet with rose moreno will make her kill herself
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