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  1. Since when do Cops chase criminals with sticks and normal criminals are equipped with RPGs? Tired of the OP point, it's not OP, it's reality. Usually Police Departments in the world have enough assets to deal with criminals in their local area, the government funds them according to the crime rate in that specific area. (Not every police department, but we're roleplaying in US so, I guess they do that there.)
  2. Need new Form added to list.

    I will complete this in the upcoming 48 hours. VERY VERY VERY sorry for the delay. I'm currently out of city.
  3. Character Kill Appeal - Manjot Singh

    Closing this topic as I've also spoken with the person who originally made this topic. Also, I'm going to lay special emphasis on not posting on topics you're not involved in. Along with that being said, I will be issuing points to some users in the topic, for commenting and posting on the topic when their input was not needed and also to the person who thought it was smart to go around abuse people to make his point.
  4. Need new Form added to list.

    Need to make sure they still need it since ASH turned into something else. @PoisonStream?
  5. raw sauce

    The discussion of this topic is no longer seen as necessary, thus this thread has been closed from further discussion.
  6. VT Update - September 2017

    Congrats ricers
  7. Character Kill Appeal - Thomas Rocks

    The discussion of this topic is no longer seen as necessary, thus this thread has been closed from further discussion.
  8. Character Kill Appeal - Thomas Rocks

    When we arrived at Vinewood Gardens we saw one person running around inside Vinewood Gardens, armed with a shotgun. Charlie Carter drove inside the gates and I and Malcolm got out pistols and ran inside to search the place. We were looking around for people, but didn't see anyone. Alright, so the bold part of the line is basically the most important part here, yeah. As far as I'm aware you were a Cadet at this stage, this is a mistake from your side and from Malcolms. Let me tell you how you basically disregarded your life. Just basically saying exactly the same as what Heaton said, you were not a sworn in law enforcement officer meaning, you're not obliged to respond to these calls and you even went as far as to having your CCWP out. Which is surprising. You should've stayed in the car. No idea why the accompanying officer let you be, but yeah, that's an IC fault and that let you to disregard your life. Which is disregard, as your training is not complete and you're going out chasing criminals, and armed ones that is. Secondly, as I understand you used your CCWP, now, I do not think you're obliged to use your weapon permit over something that is not even a direct threat to yo. So, on these ground and the ones written above. Sorry for the late reply though, but this appeal stands denied. (@Zyph @Krakkfaen @Salsa)
  9. SAN perms

  10. Need new Form added to list.

    I have done the first one, the Emancipation one. I'll do the rest of it tomorrow. Please see if you're rather okay with that form. Somethings had to be done differently, so please post a 'test form' and tell me if it's alright. @PoisonStream
  11. SLD

    Done. @CraftyNZ - Sorry for the wait!
  12. SLA stuff

    Done. All the permissions were copied from the Import one. @Kazang
  13. Forum Perms

    In order to do this you'll have to donate or charity a minimum of 150 GCs (Gold Coins). This can be done by making a report in-game, once done, please ask the admin who accepted your report and collect screenshot on your behalf as well about the GCs.
  14. ash access

    Done. @bartman
  15. Forum Permissions.

    Done. @JustJasper010

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