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  1. Rauf

    Robocops vs Robocriminals

    Illegal RP has evolved a lot from before. It has changed. I don't see factions that have good roleplayers do what you have stated when you talked about 'Robocriminals'. Most people that do that disrespect stuff are either acting alone or are loosely affiliated with gangs. Hence, I don't think it is fair these people are counted to be in the same domain as the true illegal roleplayers. Moving on. Every other person in PD does nothing but log on, go on-duty and that's all. When people (especially illegal RP'ers) talk about robocops, I think that this is what they mean. Obviously, illegal RP involved a high about of criminal activities and all, however, as I've stated above, times are changing and illegal rp'ers have gotten really smart. Obviously, illegal stuff is carried out however, along with that, a big proportion of true illegal rpers indulge in roleplay such as, parties, social events and what not. However, what they term as 'robocops', do one thing. Log on, get on duty, get off and that's pretty much it. TLDR, robocops or robocriminals, in my opinion, cannot be compared on the same scale.
  2. Rauf

    Character Kill Appeal - Bobby Woodrow

    I'm going to tag @SjoerdPSV here. Who was one of the people who responded to the scene of the shooting.
  3. Rauf

    Character Kill Appeal - Bobby Woodrow

    The shop in which your IC nephew worked, that was literally the one outside which you got shot. I'm sorry, correct me if I'm not understanding this statement right. What characters life were you going to save? The robber was already outside? Are you implying that you were going to save PD's life with your own gun?
  4. Rauf

    Character Kill Appeal - Bobby Woodrow

    I just made a part of your text bold. You said you had 4 cops behind you when he shot, yourself. Now, if I recall correctly, both of you agreed to the fact that you pulled a gun at him and aimed. Now, let's say, the cops are behind you, they're armed, why do you aim at him? Because yes. You play the cop yourself and that's disregard of life because you should've let the cops standing behind you the job rather than taking matters in your hand. Plus, if you were IC'ly so worried about your nephew, you wouldn't have walked out and called the police. If you were standing your ground, you would've stayed inside and THEN used force. Whatever the case, with police beside you, like you yourself stated, you aimed at him. This doesn't count as 'Stand your ground act' in my view since the cops were behind you, yet you decided to go with it yourself. P.S. You don't need to have the aggressive tone while we solve this. Cheers. Tagging @WickJeffe here to solve this.
  5. I am still failing to see how this should be a unCK. 'Forcing people to give their keys' is a separate discussion. From what I've read, the basis of this CK was mostly Koji taking the gun to his head very lightly and rather challenging the person who had it aimed and daring him to shoot it or so on. If I'm wrong please correct me. @[email protected]
  6. I am pretty sure the logs must be there for you in your MTA file. I'd be more than glad if you could get them and paste them here.
  7. @Notorious Your opinion here would be lovely.
  8. @Koji So they basically asked you to give them your house keys and when you didn't give it to them they CK'ed you?
  9. @shadowhelmet @Lyov That's not how un-CK works. Now moving on. @Koji Are you going to be providing me with a narrative about the event?
  10. Rauf

    Grupa Baltija

  11. Hello. I'll handle this CK appeal. @Koji The detail provided in your CK appeal is insufficient and does not at all give me a view of what happened. Please describe the situation in a detailed way. Do so by addressing what happened, how it happened and why you think it shouldn't be a CK.
  12. I'm all in for this idea but I would like to point out that a lot of other factors are going to be linked with being an immigrant, a illegal one. Like, you wouldn't obviously be able to have a driving license or a bank account. Their name wouldn't show up in the MDC or so and stuff like that.
  13. First of all - Let's say it was completely justified for you to jump in. Am I contending that fact? I am not. I am contending the simple thing that you were shot 20 hours ago and 20 hours later you're behaving as nothing happened. You're driving normal, you're being part of situations which involves shooting like if nothing ever happened. This is wrong and this is not how things go. Secondly, let's move on to your injuries part. Sure, people don't RP injuries in real time. But I'm pretty sure your rank here is an Admin, you should be leading by example, you shouldn't be following other people but other people should be following you but even if you choose not to lead by example.. I think that everyone here knows that it's pretty rare for someone to be involved in a high adrenaline situation 2o hours later. It's possible to drive after being shot in the shoulder or wherever you choose to RP it - it is. I just don't think it's possible for you to drive a car so soon after being shot. I also want to contend on the fact that it was not an entire OOC day ago. An OOC day compromises of 24 hours and I'm pretty sure the time was less than that. Injuries don't heal faster in-game we just simulate time to be faster. This is no excuse in saying that there'd be no restrictions on your activity a day later. You'd be feeling pain in your body, it doesn't heal that fast as I know it. I agree. There are no rules against it. But I'm pretty sure there are rules against how soon you can return to them with a new alt because if this happens than no one would care for losing their alts, they'll just keep dying and say, oh we can always come back with a new alt, can we not? So, that's a very lame excuse and doesn't take you anywhere.
  14. Wrong. Mihkel was turning the bike and trying to escape. scarlxd makes the point here that he mistakenly crashed and that it was our fault. However, his friend Aman says something completely different here. As you can see, he replied to being rammed. There's a clear difference in collision and ramming. He got player killed yesterday. Means he got riddled with bullets until he lost awareness. So, I'll ask your common sense to answer your claim here. But, thinking again, you stated that he's okay with RPing pain the shoulder. Yeah, no. Doesn't work like this. There's also one other thing to note, he got shot when... uhm.. 20 hours before? 20 hours later, Vlademir decided to get in a high adrenaline situation, ram a person and very easily be driving a car for some long time. Also, there's something to be noted here and I will prove it with logs if necessary and if they fail to recognize it. scarlxd says this as if Aman willfully RP'ed that. I would like to make it utter clear that whilst there was talks going on with the handling admin at scene, Mihkel Tamm brought up the point that Aman didn't RP his injuries or so and even after, he RP'ed just pain in his shoulder? What nonsense. He says it does not matter who was driving the car. Hello? How does it not? How can you be certain that the same stuff would happen? So, every PG'er in the server should go unpunished because something else was bound to happen? Utterly false. Now, thanks for replying @scarlxd, I now remember one other point I'd like to bring up. Now, please note that Vladimir, Niko and Boris (sclarxd's alt that we CK'ed - this CK took place the same day when Aman took the PK) are IC friends. Now, they use to roam together and obviously when we CK'ed Boris, Vlademir was there too. Now, surprisingly, the next day, 20 hours later, scarlxd makes a new alt, Marat something and is hanging around with these people again. He clearly just swapped alts and came back to his friends. He had around 15 hours at the time this event took place. Now, I'm pretty sure he got those 15 hours from GCs and I think this can be confirmed via logs as well. Hence, you know he made a new character, joined his old friends and then got involved in a situation with the same people. Here on, scarlxd will make a point that ''he was dragged into the situation" sure was but the question is why was he roaming with his friends a day later after he got CK'ed on a different alt? @Mogs

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