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  1. good work laura ashcroft
  2. Appreciate a Staff Member!

    slide into my dms at discord sometime
  3. Appreciate a Staff Member!

    @QueenC probably the worst intake for this update. @Script & @Mowafy top lads
  4. Fletcher Crew

    What I love in this faction is the development that went in. From making a MC to this. Good luck, failcakez.
  5. Upper Administration

    As an admin. I personally think that currently UAT is actually doing what it can for the server, that is pretty much inaccurate. I don't know why but always everyone has to be contacting the highest part of the foodchain. The UAT has much bigger tasks then the normal admins, it should not be expected of them to actually perform what admins do, although, they do their fair share of it. Like I said, they've got bigger problems to handle. There are a lot of problems kinda everyday, not every problem is disclosed the community. So I don't know why the Upper Administration is being blamed here, what I can say, as a individual is, that yes, admins have been slow. I personally have at time be lacking. I agree with a lot of people here, though. About the Faction Team. It's not something new, I think it's rather time when Owl makes up a strong Faction team.

  7. The Santera Crime Family

    We won't be posting screenshots as actively as before because of the holidays, our members are with their families and hopefully enjoying their time. After all, family is to be given more priority over a game. We'll pick back activity after the holidays.
  8. Not the place for such stuff. Try hiring a scripter on mtasa.com /locked
  9. Next Server Event?

    For realism, riots shouldn't just happen. There must be a reason. I stick with the hanging of dykes.
  10. Next Server Event?

    Public hanging of dykes?
  11. Happy birthday. <3

  12. 616 Seville Boulevard Savages

    Take it far.
  13. [Staff Loyalty] - New Rule

    @tree - Like they say, common sense is not that common. Yep.
  14. 2006 Chevrolet Corvette

    Auction suspended until the user who originally posted the auction goes through the regulations, listed here: As a result. The auctioneer will have to either remove Buyout bids completely OR will have to set a definite buyout. Until then, this auction will remain suspended. (( @aceboieh ))
  15. (( I hope you're RPing your IP traces. ))

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