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  1. Rauf

    Developer Diary #8 - Major Milestone

    selling beta access 🤯
  2. I don't see the point behind this. It's useless. It's not like imgur is paid or something, it's totally free so shouldn't be much of a problem.
  3. Rauf

    Character Kill Appeal - Koji Takamato

    To be unCKed. L&A.
  4. Rauf

    Character Kill Appeal - Koji Takamato

    That's been done and the fact that one of them disregarded has been established. As you can read from my last response here, I do not believe anything here requires further provision of logs from either side. Other than that, as for the second part, I find it confusing how they thought it should be a CK then but a week or so later they're saying it's not. This wasn't forced upon them, one side got the other CK'ed. Anyways, I will be talking with the both the sides and finalizing it. Apologies for it to have been pending for this much time.
  5. So you mean VM for vehicles? Yeah.. no.
  6. Rauf

    Robocops vs Robocriminals

    Illegal RP has evolved a lot from before. It has changed. I don't see factions that have good roleplayers do what you have stated when you talked about 'Robocriminals'. Most people that do that disrespect stuff are either acting alone or are loosely affiliated with gangs. Hence, I don't think it is fair these people are counted to be in the same domain as the true illegal roleplayers. Moving on. Every other person in PD does nothing but log on, go on-duty and that's all. When people (especially illegal RP'ers) talk about robocops, I think that this is what they mean. Obviously, illegal RP involved a high about of criminal activities and all, however, as I've stated above, times are changing and illegal rp'ers have gotten really smart. Obviously, illegal stuff is carried out however, along with that, a big proportion of true illegal rpers indulge in roleplay such as, parties, social events and what not. However, what they term as 'robocops', do one thing. Log on, get on duty, get off and that's pretty much it. TLDR, robocops or robocriminals, in my opinion, cannot be compared on the same scale.
  7. Rauf

    Character Kill Appeal - Bobby Woodrow

    I'm going to tag @SjoerdPSV here. Who was one of the people who responded to the scene of the shooting.
  8. Rauf

    Character Kill Appeal - Bobby Woodrow

    The shop in which your IC nephew worked, that was literally the one outside which you got shot. I'm sorry, correct me if I'm not understanding this statement right. What characters life were you going to save? The robber was already outside? Are you implying that you were going to save PD's life with your own gun?
  9. Rauf

    Character Kill Appeal - Bobby Woodrow

    I just made a part of your text bold. You said you had 4 cops behind you when he shot, yourself. Now, if I recall correctly, both of you agreed to the fact that you pulled a gun at him and aimed. Now, let's say, the cops are behind you, they're armed, why do you aim at him? Because yes. You play the cop yourself and that's disregard of life because you should've let the cops standing behind you the job rather than taking matters in your hand. Plus, if you were IC'ly so worried about your nephew, you wouldn't have walked out and called the police. If you were standing your ground, you would've stayed inside and THEN used force. Whatever the case, with police beside you, like you yourself stated, you aimed at him. This doesn't count as 'Stand your ground act' in my view since the cops were behind you, yet you decided to go with it yourself. P.S. You don't need to have the aggressive tone while we solve this. Cheers. Tagging @WickJeffe here to solve this.
  10. Rauf

    Character Kill Appeal - Koji Takamato

    I am still failing to see how this should be a unCK. 'Forcing people to give their keys' is a separate discussion. From what I've read, the basis of this CK was mostly Koji taking the gun to his head very lightly and rather challenging the person who had it aimed and daring him to shoot it or so on. If I'm wrong please correct me. @[email protected]
  11. Rauf

    Character Kill Appeal - Koji Takamato

    I am pretty sure the logs must be there for you in your MTA file. I'd be more than glad if you could get them and paste them here.
  12. Rauf

    Character Kill Appeal - Koji Takamato

    @Notorious Your opinion here would be lovely.
  13. Rauf

    Character Kill Appeal - Koji Takamato

    @Koji So they basically asked you to give them your house keys and when you didn't give it to them they CK'ed you?

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