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  1. bro the server shut down? RIP fr. With a better laptop and more time on my hands, I def would've rejoined yall
  2. where the heck is everybody https://youtu.be/WKmoplUAMPU
  3. wait are you guys still watching these
  4. I think this ones about PacMan
  5. 3 uploads in one month, I'm gonna sleep til next month
  6. can't stop, won't stop, stay safe and at home
  7. Fuck, I didn't expect to cry today
  8. K so Wonder Woman was pretty awesome

    1. Error404


      Can't wait to see it.

  9. MFW my WiFi is so bad, I lose an ESL match I was actually doing well in


  10. My dude. You smart. You loyal. I appreciate that. Happy birthday.


  11. Brian. Would you still like my Corvette?

    1. KillerBoy
    2. einschtein


      I thought Christmas was over? :o

    3. KillerBoy


      idk, it is but idk sitll xD

  12. aw man i JUST saw your departure thread


    Peace out

  13. o thanks for the sub

    1. TheNeonGuy


      hhhhh np bud, hf making videos you should cut them a bit more... They are too long, and you are sometimes vague, and start speaking about random things, i mean... some people dont really want to know about your life... it's a fact, try and keep it interesting.


      If you read youtube comments, make them happen, dont tell people that you read them (atleast to the point of responding fully on a video)

    2. AccurateGunn3r


      Got it man. Thanks for the advice :)

  14. Anyone wanna redo a house int for some in-game cash?

  15. #LeaveCaptainAmericaAlone

  16. (in response to the latest Flash episode) TELL ME THAT YOU GUYS SAW THAT. TELL ME. OH CHRIST. OOOOHHHHHH GOOOOOOD

  17. I finally joined the cool kids and bought an Xbox One

    1. Gilgamesh


      Actually, PC users are the cool kids, not the console plebs.

    2. Theno


      Congrats of becoming a member of "Club Autist".  Like ruMpel said, PC master race is the cool kids club.

  18. Captain America: Civil War.


    Best MCU film ever. DC, take notes. THIS is how you make a good superhero film.

  19. Wait a sec...did IV7z get banned? Why?

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