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  1. where the heck is everybody https://youtu.be/WKmoplUAMPU
  2. wait are you guys still watching these
  3. I think this ones about PacMan
  4. 3 uploads in one month, I'm gonna sleep til next month
  5. can't stop, won't stop, stay safe and at home
  6. Fuck, I didn't expect to cry today
  7. *posts it 2 months late* this is how I win
  8. thanks man! really was concerned bc I felt like I TALKED more about the experience rather than show it, but it's great to see people liking it! Thanks! And LUCKY. I probably won't go for another 10 years lol
  9. trying something new just this once
  10. OneDude, you've won! Contact info will be sent shortly.
  11. Correct, my apologies, zzz. Contact info will be sent soon. ((so sorry, I though the auction ended on the eighth for some reason))
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