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  1. Better not be E-rping with that Mosin Nagant Novanard
  2. I'm no grass, toss him my disc ill get him in. We need more drifters
  3. I agree, it should be a video of you guys shooting someone with them to some random rap song, that's how it's suppose to be done.
  4. Just by your replies, I bet you either RP a lesbian or a ricer
  5. 100% agree with this, it's so frustrating when people ask if their actions succeeded or failed in /do, it's as if they've no patience to wait to see the outcome. Asking S/F in /do personally interferes with my immersion, rather than letting the actions and reactions flow naturally. There's enough /b already on the server with people constantly using ooc, using Pms instead would benefit everyone involved and not cluster up the log screen imo.
  6. For god and ulster, no surrender
  7. Always find myself coming back to the forums just to see the screenshots on this thread, so fucking good.
  8. hbd stabbie !!

  9. Typical fenian getting banned @Brandon
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