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  1. Did he really? That's crazy. He was the chief when I was in PD at the time.
  2. Craig Jackson. I was in LSPD with both Yields (Anthony and Sophia) for the longest time.
  3. Haha. Definitely remember the name. I'm still in contact with Brenda btw. Sophia Yields.
  4. Username:B Ticket number (1-25): 4
  5. +1 Already got my hobo character waiting for this
  6. Not even involved a little bit but as a LEO, there would be absolutely -no fucking way- I would've stood there for more than 30 seconds. You're asking for trouble. You may not be "surrounded" in the sense that everyone has formed a circle around you but you are in a mexican territory talking to mexican individuals about drug trafficking. Dude, that was a bad situation and you should've gotten out right when you got in. Once again, not involved but common sense has to be a part of an officer's toolkit.
  7. Ey where yo' at bruh

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